Brenden Fraser’s Hair Loss Attacked by Bully Reporters

Gossip rags love to nag on celebrities for any infraction against high fashion or for committing the grand sin of stepping out looking like less than a supermodel. And it doesn’t matter if they’re male or female — gossip journalists have their weapons loaded and are ready to fire off an arsenal of harsh insults.

Most online gossip articles are not what you’d call quality journalism. These pieces are peppered with misspellings and grammar errors, there is rarely a byline indicating who authored the piece, and frequently, these articles make broad (and false) assumptions.

The Insider

This site claims that Fraser has “hair plugs.”  Actually, what he’s wearing in the movies is a very natural looking lace hair system. The unknown author of the article states, “We hate to be so shallow, but we must admit that before picture really creeps us out.”

If you hate being shallow, then don’t be shallow. Instead of badgering Brendan Fraser and calling his look “creepy,” offer some support, focusing on how great he looks in his films.

In the words of one of the article’s commentators: “And WHO cares, HELLO? its Brendan Fraser, WE ALLLLLL know how hot he is.”


This site claims to be “Williamsburg hipster central.” Since when is it hip to be cruel? One post in the online forum features a series of photos showing Brendan Fraser’s hairstyles over the past decade or so with the insightful introductory text: “this dude has the worst hair styles ever.”

Ain’t it cool how on the Internet, you can make fun of other people’s hair without ever having to show your own?

Commentators in this forum go on to rant about everything they dislike about the actor, from his face and hair to the movies he’s made, and they provide even more ammunition by posting pictures of Nicholas Cage and John Travolta, pointing out those actors’ hairlines as well.

Bad Hair Day

Taking aim at celebrity hairstyles is a full time job for this site, which does nothing but shine its dull spotlight on stars whose do’s don’t pass the Bad Hair Day bar.

“What’s the surefire way to debunk rumors that you wear a hairpiece? Well according to Brendan Fraser… all you need to do is sport a hairstyle so bad there is no way anyone would pay for it.”

The piece goes on to slam Fraser every which way it can.

Comments on the article included:

• “I understand why they all wear wigs…”
• “I dont [sic] care I think he is very handsome…”
• “Not to be shallow, but this totally alters my opinion of him…”

Clearly, the public is far more empathetic than the gossip reporters.

Fame and Fallout

Hair loss is difficult and can be devastating, and the same is true for the pressure of being a celebrity, constantly scrutinized by the media and the public. Add hair loss to the stress of being a star, and it could be downright traumatic.

Brendan Fraser wears hair well. So, why are people reacting so passionately and in mean spirits against his uncontrollable condition? It’s not like he willingly plucked the hairs on his head! He has a medical condition.

Men don’t have the luxury of enhancing their natural looks with makeup, push-up bras, and fake fingernails. When men seek treatment for hair loss, we’re not trying to be fake or pretentious. We’re just trying to get back something that nature took away – our hair.

If we work harder to speak out against gossipy reporters who make false claims and do little more than fling around callous and shallow insults, maybe we can draw attention to the fact that hair loss is a misfortune and an inconvenience, and let’s just be grateful that there are effective treatments and hair replacement options that we can use to look like ourselves and feel confident.


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  • At last some common sense! I believe that the people who write such drivel about Brendan’s hair are just cowards. In their younger days they were probably school bullies. Brendan is a kind man and doesn’t deserve the abuse aimed at him frequently on the internet, where the abusers are allowed to be anonymous (and are probably no oil paintings themselves I suspect). He is a handsome man and most of his fans would still love him to bits if he had no hair at all. His appeal is not just about the way he looks. It is about personality also.
    What happened to common decency? Has mankind really degenerated to become bullying morons without the nerve to show their faces. It isn’t Brendan we should feel sorry for. It is those mindless imbeciles who abuse him who are pathetic and I can’t imagine that they are happy people.

  • Luisa

    Brendan is a real person. Only fictional characters never change or age. If you looked closer at his photos you would see beyond the superficiality of his ‘image’ . When you see past the hair and ‘hotness’ there is also kindness, a private nature and all the human qualities of a real person. Real people feel. If ever you feel you need to leave a comment about someone or something please remember that. Also remember that you reap what you sow and what you utter in criticism is usually a reflection of your own inner workings.

    Ultimately the opinions of strangers means nothing. So I hope all people in the public eye remember this and understand that their public does not know them only a 2D version of them – a caricature. So in many ways the comments are not even about you the person but about a persona/mask etc.

    Baldness is natural. It denotes a gathering of wisdom. And anyway Is it not true that as a species we are evolving larger craniums and less hair? I am all for the evolving man!

  • Brian

    Women wear makeup to cover up their flaws. Why can’t a balding man wear a hair piece without being criticized?

    Brendan’s hair system looks great! GOOD FOR HIM!

  • lovethatdoll

    I think he’s still beautiful. For one thing, it’s never been about the hair – you can just tell the man has a great heart, and with that voice, those eyes, those lips, those hands, THAT smile! Really? Who needs hair!!!

  • Leave the guy alone, Burt Reynold wore a hair peice and so did John Wayne, And Boogy, so he is in good company. Women have been making themselves look “different for years, and I for one like it. High Heels, push up bras, girdles…So what if I guy wants to cover his head with hair, not everyone has a perfect head like M.Jordan or Bruce Willis..
    An women don’t lie, and head of nice hair attracks you, Tom Cruise with a Mr Whipple, well i don’t see most of you buying tickets to that.

  • David

    Have to say his hair system looks fantastic. I never would have known. But instead of thinking less of him, I think more of this guy now. I totally empathize with his plight. Love the comments above: if you dont want to be shallow, then dont be shallow.

  • Women wear hair pieces too. Myself included. At 35 would I rather have beautiful growing hair? Of course. Do I have it? Nope. But I am thankful for the great hair systems that are out there. Brendan wears them well and seems like such a nice guy. People should focus on the good things. Would you think less of someone that needs prosthetic limbs? Heck women get implants everyday, yet no one thinks twice about it. Why is it such a big deal that someone wear a hairpiece? I doubt they woke up one day and exclaimed how awesome their hairloss is and how they dreamed about that day. Come on, it’s not like he can help it.

  • Duane

    Brendan’s hair loss in the photo above doesn’t look too bad because his face still looks good…Take into account he looks like he just took a hat off.

    I think the main thing detracting from his general appearance is other photos I’ve seen of him out of shape and flabby…

    To a certain extent any man with hair loss could offset it with looking very healthy and physically fit…I remember noticing that (way back when I was 20 and had hair like Elvis) that many young balding guys were in great physical condition to make up for the baldness…

    Being vicious to anyone for changing their appearance in a film is idiotic because nothing in a film is real anyway…
    Travolta has been wearing something (that looks great) for years…Who Cares? The funny thing about Travolta is look at him and look at Travolta’s bald brother who looks 20 years older than John…

  • With or without hair, if a guy has MOJO then he’s FINE! Fraser has MOJO! He could’ve been bald in George of the Jungle. WHO CARES!? I wasn’t looking at his HAIR! The boy’s also got the sexiest pair of lips on a white boy! GO, BRENDAN!!!!

  • I have about 6 of Brendan Fraser’s movies. I think he’s GREAT, with or without hair. I’m sure he fells bad about it, but I still love his movies. People should look for the good in people and not try to run a person down. I,m a BIG Brendan Fraser fan.

  • I don’t mind the rumors about this man, he is handsome and a great actor. He still will be even if he loses all his hair and I’m sure his family and loved ones value him the same if not more…only empty shallow people with empty lives can inflict such nastiness on another human being…perhaps they need a heart transplant…too bad those aren’t as easy.

  • There are many actors who wear a hairpiece

    Charlie Sheen , Sly Stallone, Jon Cryer ( he was on Letterman recently and it was IMO very noticebale )

    Good for B Fraser that he has access to the finest available



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