• Donald Trump’s Hair Is Real, Now Let’s Move On!

    Donald Trump is certainly the definition of the American dream, and as a Republican presidential hopeful, he’s running on the platform of “Making America Great Again.” You would think that the mainstream media would have more to discuss about this non-apologetic, take no prisoners, controversial political “outsider,” than whether or not his equally famous head of hair is real or not, but sadly, the fascination with Mr.Trump’s hair continues.

    Spencer Kobren, IAHRS accepted member Dr. Alan Bauman and the original Hair Transplant Mentor, Joe Tillman discuss the truth about Donald Trump’s hair as well as the world’s fascination with it. This is a show you won’t want to miss!

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  • Brenden Fraser’s Hair Loss Attacked by Bully Reporters

    Gossip rags love to nag on celebrities for any infraction against high fashion or for committing the grand sin of stepping out looking like less than a supermodel. And it doesn’t matter if they’re male or female — gossip journalists have their weapons loaded and are ready to fire off an arsenal of harsh insults.

    Most online gossip articles are not what you’d call quality journalism. These pieces are peppered with misspellings and grammar errors, there is rarely a byline indicating who authored the piece, and frequently, these articles make broad (and false) assumptions.

    The Insider

    This site claims that Fraser has “hair plugs.”  Actually, what he’s wearing in the movies is a very natural looking lace hair system. The unknown author of the article states, “We hate to be so shallow, but we must admit that before picture really creeps us out.”

    If you hate being shallow, then don’t be shallow. Instead of badgering Brendan Fraser and calling his look “creepy,” offer some support, focusing on how great he looks in his films.

    In the words of one of the article’s commentators: “And WHO cares, HELLO? its Brendan Fraser, WE ALLLLLL know how hot he is.”


    This site claims to be “Williamsburg hipster central.” Since when is it hip to be cruel? One post in the online forum features a series of photos showing Brendan Fraser’s hairstyles over the past decade or so with the insightful introductory text: “this dude has the worst hair styles ever.”

    Ain’t it cool how on the Internet, you can make fun of other people’s hair without ever having to show your own?

    Commentators in this forum go on to rant about everything they dislike about the actor, from his face and hair to the movies he’s made, and they provide even more ammunition by posting pictures of Nicholas Cage and John Travolta, pointing out those actors’ hairlines as well.

    Bad Hair Day

    Taking aim at celebrity hairstyles is a full time job for this site, which does nothing but shine its dull spotlight on stars whose do’s don’t pass the Bad Hair Day bar.

    “What’s the surefire way to debunk rumors that you wear a hairpiece? Well according to Brendan Fraser… all you need to do is sport a hairstyle so bad there is no way anyone would pay for it.”

    The piece goes on to slam Fraser every which way it can.

    Comments on the article included:

    • “I understand why they all wear wigs…”
    • “I dont [sic] care I think he is very handsome…”
    • “Not to be shallow, but this totally alters my opinion of him…”

    Clearly, the public is far more empathetic than the gossip reporters.

    Fame and Fallout

    Hair loss is difficult and can be devastating, and the same is true for the pressure of being a celebrity, constantly scrutinized by the media and the public. Add hair loss to the stress of being a star, and it could be downright traumatic.

    Brendan Fraser wears hair well. So, why are people reacting so passionately and in mean spirits against his uncontrollable condition? It’s not like he willingly plucked the hairs on his head! He has a medical condition.

    Men don’t have the luxury of enhancing their natural looks with makeup, push-up bras, and fake fingernails. When men seek treatment for hair loss, we’re not trying to be fake or pretentious. We’re just trying to get back something that nature took away – our hair.

    If we work harder to speak out against gossipy reporters who make false claims and do little more than fling around callous and shallow insults, maybe we can draw attention to the fact that hair loss is a misfortune and an inconvenience, and let’s just be grateful that there are effective treatments and hair replacement options that we can use to look like ourselves and feel confident.

  • Jude Law’s Hair Loss Inspires Shoddy Online Journalism

    By now, we all know that gossip magazines and websites are more than happy to dish on the latest goings-on with all the stars and celebrities. Hopefully, readers are aware that a lot of what they print and publish is pure fiction. More importantly, readers should realize that sometimes these rags are too quick to publish their writers’ vicious opinions.

    Take dailygoss.com for example. In an article about Jude Law’s alleged hair loss treatment, titled “Jude Law Gets Help for His Hair Loss, Hurrah!” the site stated, “The actor’s looks have gone down the pan since he’s been sporting a seriously bad receding hairline.”

    Interestingly enough, whoever wrote the brazen comments about Jude’s hair is anonymous, since there is no byline and the site’s “About Us” page tells little about who’s running the show, although headquarters are stated as being in London.

    Even though dailygoss.com is clearly a gossip site, its ethics are questionable and its practices cruel, even by gossip standards. Why would a writer be relieved if Jude Law is seeking hair loss treatment? Instead of promoting positive body image or discussing the difficulties that hair loss presents in the lives of sufferers, they join the ranks of mean bullies who’d rather point and laugh than reach out a helping hand or actually publish content that raises awareness.

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with a little Hollywood gossip, but this is just plain bashing. Maybe dailygoss.com should change their name to dailybash.com.

    The site provides no credentials about its sources or medical knowledge, yet it encourages Jude Law’s reported use of Mesotherapy, an unproven treatment involving vitamins injected into the scalp as a means to provoke hair growth.

    Because Mesotherapy is not widely accepted and there are no conclusive studies that support or prove its effectiveness, only time will tell if the treatments help Jude Law, assuming he’s really receiving these treatments. Since the journalism in this case is clearly less than professional, the whole article may be one big ruse.

    In any case, Law might be better off going to his own doctor and getting a prescription for Propecia. Apparently the state of Jude Law’s scalp is on the tip of more than one tongue since another site, makemeheal.com, also published an article that discusses the actor’s scalp. Makemeheal.com publishes articles about “celebrity plastic surgery, news, gossip.”

    The piece, titled “Did Jude Law Get a Hair Transplant?” makes claims that Jude Law has undergone hair transplant surgery. Clearly, this is in direct conflict with the reporting over at dailygoss.com.

    There’s no way of knowing whether Jude Law is using Mesotherapy or has received a transplant unless he or his reps confirm or dispute the reports. In fact, it’s entirely possible that Law has grown his hair out a bit, colored and combed it forward. He could be using makeup or even a small frontal piece.

    The writing on these sites is poor, the claims are questionable, and the facts are somewhat twisted. And there’s no reason for anyone to be picking on Jude Law. He’s still a cool looking guy who looks great with or without his deep widow’s peak. After all, he’s one of us. And he wears it well!



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