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  • Geoff’s Hair Loss Story – I Started To Lose My Hair At 17

    Hi Spencer,

    I am writing you to tell you about the experience of losing my hair. At the age of 17, I began to notice my hairline receding. A girl at school teased me during an assembly about a bald spot I had on the back of my head. Others began to tease me as well. At work, the same thing began to happen. I desperately tried to cover up my hairline by combing the hair downward. Before work, I would cut hair from the top of my head and put it on the front.That didn’t work so well. I had to drop out of school as a result. To make matters worse, I had a very young looking face at my age. I did not have the capacity to deal with the teasing at that age. What choice did I have? Balding at such a young age was devastating. Absolutely brutal! Read more ›



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