If Stress Leads to Hair Loss …

Some cases of hair loss are attributed to external health factors, such as when hair loss occurs right after a traumatic experience. This type of hair loss indicates that stress may have a significant impact on how and when we lose our hair. Living a stress-free life is almost impossible. However, there are plenty of ways to better manage stress. By minimizing stress, we can also lower the possibility of acquiring illnesses or physical ailments that are stress-related, including illnesses that might exacerbate or hasten hair hair loss. Here are five tips for minimizing stress:


Getting plenty of exercise not only keeps you in good physical health, it also keeps you both mentally and emotionally fit. Make sure to get a decent cardiovascular workout into your schedule several times a week!

Eat a healthy diet

Many people try to eat a balanced diet to stay trim, but eating right can also boost your immune system and help maintain strength, and these are crucial for coping with stress. Foods that are good for the brain, like tuna, blueberries, and green tea are especially beneficial for stress management.

Practice breathing

It may seem silly, but taking a series of deep breaths can calm your nerves and slow your heart rate, warding off anxiety and alleviating some of the physical manifestations of stress. Breathing exercises are also good for focus, which helps you cope with issues that are causing stress. Breathe in through your nose, slowly, and out through your mouth, letting the air vocalize upon exit.

Keep a journal or talk it out

Sometimes stress is caused more by your own thoughts than actual events that are happening in your life. Keep a journal or talk to a friend about the things that are bothering you, getting those thoughts out of your head. Then, look back on your statements. Are they needlessly negative? Are you bashing yourself (or others) without just cause? Try to rewrite or repeat your statements without negative words such as not, don’t, can’t, won’t, etc. Focus on positive actions and retrain your brain to think in positive language. This will stop stress dead in its tracks!

Seek professional help

Sometimes life throws us impossible curveballs and the only way to get through traumatic events is through professional help. Therapists and counselors are trained to help clients and patients find beneficial ways to cope with stress. These professionals will get you through stressful situations more quickly and with better results.

Living a less stressful life may not completely arrest hair loss, but it can help if stress is actually causing more hair loss. It’s also useful to practice techniques that alleviate stress if hair loss is the source of your stress. Losing your hair isn’t easy and becoming stressed out from it is normal and natural. However, dealing with hair loss in the smartest and most beneficial way doesn’t have to be impossible. Take these steps toward a more stress-free life!


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