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  • Emotional Self Defense – How Hair Loss Sufferers Can Ward Off Verbal Attacks

    In recent decades, a movement of political correctness has shifted our collective cultural attitude. From racial slurs to sexist overtures, our society has become increasingly aware of how our comments and our actions affect the emotional well-being of others. As a result, the public chooses it’s words more carefully in a show of consideration for other people.

    But hair loss sufferers haven’t come under the protection that politically correct pundits offer. Bald jokes are rampant and nobody’s calling out the jokesters, especially not in public forums. That means hair loss sufferers have to fend for themselves. But how? Read more ›

  • Geoff’s Hair Loss Story – I Started To Lose My Hair At 17

    Hi Spencer,

    I am writing you to tell you about the experience of losing my hair. At the age of 17, I began to notice my hairline receding. A girl at school teased me during an assembly about a bald spot I had on the back of my head. Others began to tease me as well. At work, the same thing began to happen. I desperately tried to cover up my hairline by combing the hair downward. Before work, I would cut hair from the top of my head and put it on the front.That didn’t work so well. I had to drop out of school as a result. To make matters worse, I had a very young looking face at my age. I did not have the capacity to deal with the teasing at that age. What choice did I have? Balding at such a young age was devastating. Absolutely brutal! Read more ›



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