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It was a week or two before my 23rd birthday and while at work, I finally took a closer look in the mirror at what I believed were two extremely small bald spots at the temples. I thought it had something to do with my haircut, or the way my hair was combed, but even after my co workers told me it was nothing, I knew deep down that something bad was going on.

All my life I looked at my father’s side of the families terrible male pattern baldness. Growing up however, I never ever once thought that baldness could happen to me. I just felt that I wasn’t the type, and certainly didn’t have the “look” to go bald. Over on my mothers side, along with my maternal grandfather, it’s 100% full heads of hair. But fast forward a little over a year from that day at work, while having just turned 24, and my temples have now receded drastically to the point where I can barely cover them up anymore. Everyday is a struggle, having to worry about fixing my hair. Looking in the mirror (which is now becoming harder and harder to do), and seeing my destroyed hair line, is almost surreal. Sometimes I really think its a dream, or maybe a nightmare. My baseball cap has literally become a part of my head, as getting the full head of hair look is now a procedure that I am too lazy to do each time I go out.

Ok but I’m sure you are thinking to yourself, this is just a story about receded temples and how it’s nothing compared to some of you guys. The thing that makes this story very upsetting is this… For almost the last 2 years, I have done everything in attempts to better my appearance. Every single thing from nicer clothes, to better haircuts, to mastering the art of shaving, all the way to paying $5,000 to straighten my crooked teeth with Invisalign braces. Sometimes I would look in the mirror and feel so happy and proud of myself that I didn’t think anything could possibly bring me down. I was even doing a lot better with women. Then, when this tragedy began to happen, halfway through the process of straightening my teeth (which would be the final enhancement of my looks), I became so devastated that it started to take over my life. All my hard work, now for nothing if I don’t have any hair obviously!

If my hair loss becomes any worse, I don’t know what I am going to do. But if these last few months are even any indication, I’m in for the worst experience of my life in the near future. I finally have made an appointment to see a doctor and whether it be Propecia or another med, I can only pray that it somewhat restores my now badly receded hair line. Pray for me, everyone.


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  • Don’t let social media and pharmaceutical corporations fool you and convince you that hair loss is the end of your life. I did, and I’m miserable because of it. I got a hair transplant when I was 25. Big mistake. When I did, I stopped using rogaine because I didn’t want it to infect my transplant wounds. I ended up loosing a full 3rd of my density on my head, instead. Then, I spent the next 7 years of my life on propecia, suffering from lowered libido, mood swings, and a shitty, weird looking hair line that won’t go away with the rest of my hair. I also have a huge scar across the back of my head so that if I ever actually decide to just go bald and be proud of it, I have a nice big scar line to show to the world.

    I just stopped using Finasteride about 2 months ago. I’m now loosing a lot of hair, but I am much more sexually charged. Unfortunately, I’ve since lost my wife because of my inability to reach a fulfilling sex life with her…likely a result of propecia.

    Dont damage your scalp, your libido, your life. Deal with the fact that you are a man, and you will loose your hair. Your hair does not define you, its what you do with your challenges as they arise. Hair loss is not the end of the world, but going down the permanent path of transplants and propecia certainly can make things worse.

  • thomas

    Hi I’m 24 years old and I’ve been losing my hair since my early 20’s,I used to die my hair lighter so u wouldn’t notice the thinning of my hair but made it worse.I can’t stand the fact people think its ok that you going bald it really isn’t ok and has had a a big effect on my life I used to model and be abit of a ladies man and was a very confident man since losing my hair I have lost my confidence and have became a recluse and don’t even wana leave the house I’ve used every drug on the market dutasterdie finasterdide regaine minoxidle its all aload of bollocks,there must be a drug out there which can help regrow hair I just need to get my hands on it. Anyone out there can u help basically desperate and it will change my life



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