• Dealing With Hair Loss and My Concerns For The Future | Mike’s Hair Loss Story

    It was a week or two before my 23rd birthday and while at work, I finally took a closer look in the mirror at what I believed were two extremely small bald spots at the temples. I thought it had something to do with my haircut, or the way my hair was combed, but even after my co workers told me it was nothing, I knew deep down that something bad was going on.

    All my life I looked at my father’s side of the families terrible male pattern baldness. Growing up however, I never ever once thought that baldness could happen to me. I just felt that I wasn’t the type, and certainly didn’t have the “look” to go bald. Over on my mothers side, along with my maternal grandfather, it’s 100% full heads of hair. But fast forward a little over a year from that day at work, while having just turned 24, and my temples have now receded drastically to the point where I can barely cover them up anymore. Everyday is a struggle, having to worry about fixing my hair. Read more ›



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