• Choosing To Wear Hair and Loving It!

    For most people, the thought of wearing a hair piece is practically a fate worse than death, but with today’s advanced materials and online availability, choosing to wear hair can be a wonderful option for many.

    Listen as James, a 23 year old college student, describes how hair loss has affected his life, and how he chose to successfully treat it with a combination of medication, and yes… a partial hair system.

  • 2 Million Viewers And Counting – Hair Loss Radio Carves Huge Niche Online

    It’s been more than twelve years since the The Bald Truth’s first broadcast on New York’s 770AM WABC, and as the longest running and most successful independent radio broadcast of its kind, the program has been said to have touched the lives of countless hair loss sufferers in search of honest advice and real hope.

    This past Sunday, May 16th, The Bald Truth reached a critical milestone in the world of new media by becoming one of the most viewed, live weekly web casts on the internet, reaching more than 2,000,000 live viewers.

    As broadcasting and media evolve so has The Bald Truth, and our ability to reach and to educate hair loss sufferers around the world. This recent milestone further underscores the need and the importance of unique and forward thinking resources to help better inform and support those in need.

  • TBT “Drink and Chat” Hit’s #1 Stream Rank With More than 21,000 In Attendance

    Last night 21,588 viewers checked into The Bald Truth’s Tuesday night “Drink and Chat,” as Spencer Kobren fielded calls and video chatted with hair loss sufferers from around the world. Men and women, ages 18-35 and beyond, looking for a live interactive platform to communicate with other hair loss sufferers have helped to make The Bald Truth’s Tuesday night webcast one of the most viewed weekly live web offerings on the internet.

    Providing an anonymous platform for those in need to call in, and to listen to anything and everything hair loss has always been the cornerstone of the success of the original Bald Truth broadcast, however, as “new media” is evolving, the relationship between broadcaster and audience is becoming even more interactive. TBT fans now have the opportunity to turn on their personal webcams and become part of the video stream, while still maintaining their anonymity if they choose to, simply by finding fun and creative ways of disguising their identity.

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"Spencer Kobren's nationally syndicated show "The Bald Truth" has a dedicated listenership that would have Rush Limbaugh pulling his hair out in envy." --Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


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