• Dr. Gary Hitzig Responds To Dr. John Cole’s Recent Analysis of The Use of ACell MatriStem In Surgical Hair Restoration

    Surgical hair restoration expert, Dr. John Cole, recently published a post on BaldTruthTalk.Com titled “ACell, a Current Review of Applications in Hair Transplant Surgery.” In his final summary, Dr. Cole writes:

    1. There is evidence that ACell improves FUE healing and full thickness 4 mm punch graft healing in terms of skin color.

    2. There is evidence that ACell can regenerate hair in FUE extraction sites, but more work is necessary to insure this is not an isolated anecdotal occurrence.

    3. There is no evidence that ACell improves the growth of plucked hair.

    4. There is no evidence that ACell makes the growth of transplanted hair more “Robust”.

    5. There is no evidence that ACell improves strip scar appearance.

    6. There is qualitative evidence that ACell improves the feel of a strip scar in some instances, but it is difficult to understand how Dr. Cooley arrived at this conclusion .

    7. There is no evidence that ACell induces transected hairs to regrow, but it might.

    8. There is no evidence that plucked hairs regrow in the donor area, but they might.

    9. There is evidence that plucked hairs will grow finer and result is poorer coverage than transplanted hair.

    10. There is no evidence to conclude that “autocloning” occurs.

    This review has evoked several questions, concerns and criticisms about the use of ACell MatriStem in surgical hair restoration.

    This week Spencer Kobren spoke with with Gary Hitzig, M.D. about his impressions concerning the recent questions and criticism expressed by CIT/FUE pioneer, Dr. John Cole.

    Listen To The Segment

  • Hair Transplant Success And The Anxiety That Follows

    Many hair transplant veterans believe that undergoing surgical hair restoration is one of the best decisions that they’ve ever made. These patients explain that the restored confidence that comes with their new and improved hairlines makes them feel as though they have a second chance in life, and that the costs involved are worth every penny. However, for some, this new found confidence also comes with the new found anxiety of eventually losing more hair and needing more surgeries to make them feel whole again.

    Spencer Kobren speaks with one very happy hair transplant patient who is experiencing these all to common concerns.

    Listen to the segment:

  • Dr. Gary Hitzig Presents His Preliminary Findings Using ACell MatriStem For Hair Restoration

    Since The Bald Truth first posted Spencer Kobren’s exclusive interviews with ACell MatriStem pioneers in hair restoration Gary Hitzig, M.D. and Jerry Cooley, M.D., the hair loss world has been buzzing with excitement. The number of emails being received by The Bald Truth, the IAHRS and The American Hair Loss Association have been overwhelming, illustrating just how hungry the world’s hair loss sufferers are for accurate information regarding this groundbreaking hair restoration technology.

    As desperate as the hair loss community is to finally find a universally effective treatment for this devastating disease of the spirit, the hair loss industry recognizes this desperation and will likely find ways to exploit it. Our advice it to proceed with caution and realize that at this time, few physicians truly understand how to utilize ACell MatriStem in hair restoration correctly and that this process, even in the most capable hands, is still in its experimental stages.

    Caveat Emptor “Let The Buyer Beware”

    View Dr. Gary Hitzig’s Acell Matristem for Hair Restoration Presentation



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