Hair Transplant Success And The Anxiety That Follows

Many hair transplant veterans believe that undergoing surgical hair restoration is one of the best decisions that they’ve ever made. These patients explain that the restored confidence that comes with their new and improved hairlines makes them feel as though they have a second chance in life, and that the costs involved are worth every penny. However, for some, this new found confidence also comes with the new found anxiety of eventually losing more hair and needing more surgeries to make them feel whole again.

Spencer Kobren speaks with one very happy hair transplant patient who is experiencing these all to common concerns.

Listen to the segment:


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  • This is a great topic because I think a surprising number of men & women who are considering a hair transplant do not realize that it is not only a great solution but also a permanent solution for permanent hair loss.

    However, as with any other surgical procedure, problems can certainly arise during and after the procedure. However, most problems can be avoided by the patient making sure they’re well qualified for a hair transplant, and one of the best ways to do that is to be first informed about what a well qualified hair transplant patient is and to ask a lot of doctors a lot of questions. Most reputable hair replacement surgeons will offer free consultations.

    One common scare for patients is to experience sudden hair loss years after a hair transplant. In just about every case, however, this is telogen effluvium, but fortunately, it is a temporary condition. However, it can scare the heck out of hair transplant patients



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