Dr. Gary Hitzig Responds To Dr. John Cole’s Recent Analysis of The Use of ACell MatriStem In Surgical Hair Restoration

Surgical hair restoration expert, Dr. John Cole, recently published a post on BaldTruthTalk.Com titled “ACell, a Current Review of Applications in Hair Transplant Surgery.” In his final summary, Dr. Cole writes:

1. There is evidence that ACell improves FUE healing and full thickness 4 mm punch graft healing in terms of skin color.

2. There is evidence that ACell can regenerate hair in FUE extraction sites, but more work is necessary to insure this is not an isolated anecdotal occurrence.

3. There is no evidence that ACell improves the growth of plucked hair.

4. There is no evidence that ACell makes the growth of transplanted hair more “Robust”.

5. There is no evidence that ACell improves strip scar appearance.

6. There is qualitative evidence that ACell improves the feel of a strip scar in some instances, but it is difficult to understand how Dr. Cooley arrived at this conclusion .

7. There is no evidence that ACell induces transected hairs to regrow, but it might.

8. There is no evidence that plucked hairs regrow in the donor area, but they might.

9. There is evidence that plucked hairs will grow finer and result is poorer coverage than transplanted hair.

10. There is no evidence to conclude that “autocloning” occurs.

This review has evoked several questions, concerns and criticisms about the use of ACell MatriStem in surgical hair restoration.

This week Spencer Kobren spoke with with Gary Hitzig, M.D. about his impressions concerning the recent questions and criticism expressed by CIT/FUE pioneer, Dr. John Cole.

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