• AOL’s StyleList Speaks With Spencer Kobren About Women’s Hair Loss

    Hair Loss in women is a silent epidemic of tremendous proportions. More than forty percent of hair loss sufferers in the U.S are women and a large percentage of these women are between the ages of 18 to 35.

    As disturbing as male pattern baldness is for men, for women, hair loss can be downright devastating.

    This week AOL’s StyleList takes a closer look at this growing epidemic.

    Read the story:  Women’s Hair Loss: Top Reasons Your Hair is Falling Out

    For complete online support check out the AHLA recommended Women’s Hair Loss Project and WHLP message forums.

  • Genes May Predict Treatment Efficacy For Women Suffering With Hair Loss

    A six month pilot study conducted by molecular dermatology and research innovator Hair DX, suggests that certain genetic mechanisms can help predict if the breakthrough hair loss drug Propecia (Finasteride), primary prescribed to men, could actually be effective in the treatment of female pattern hair loss in post menopausal women.

    “Results of our pilot study are very encouraging, as it appears we have found a key piece of the genetic puzzle which identifies women who can benefit from Finasteride therapy in the same way men do. Our findings suggest these women actually have a female corollary to male pattern hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia), and that is an important finding,” says IAHRS Accepted Member Dr. Sharon Keene, Chief Medical Officer of HairDX. “Once these results are confirmed, it can usher in a new era of treatment for female Androgenetic Alopecia.”

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  • Hot Bald Chicks

    Men are no strangers to hair loss. In fact, as men age, male pattern baldness is  par for the course. But what about women? Are they getting off easy?

    Statistics show that over 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women. In fact, you probably know a woman who’s coping with hair loss and doing a good job of hiding it. But if you knew that a woman was sporting a slick scalp and wearing a wig to conceal it, would you look at her in a different way?

    Would you date her?

    What if your girlfriend or wife started losing her hair? In our society we hold men and women up to different standards. Guys can get away with a receding hairline, even if it’s not our ideal look. Girls, on the other hand, can’t really pull it off. Or can they? Read more ›



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