Hot Bald Chicks

Men are no strangers to hair loss. In fact, as men age, male pattern baldness is  par for the course. But what about women? Are they getting off easy?

Statistics show that over 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women. In fact, you probably know a woman who’s coping with hair loss and doing a good job of hiding it. But if you knew that a woman was sporting a slick scalp and wearing a wig to conceal it, would you look at her in a different way?

Would you date her?

What if your girlfriend or wife started losing her hair? In our society we hold men and women up to different standards. Guys can get away with a receding hairline, even if it’s not our ideal look. Girls, on the other hand, can’t really pull it off. Or can they?

Here are four women who shaved it all off and still managed to turn us on.

Natalie Portman – To play a terrorist in the 2006 flick V for Vendetta, Natalie shaved her locks and shocked her fans. But she was just as hot in Vendetta as she was in Star Wars.

Sinead O’Connor
– She hit the music scene in the early 90s with her ode to lost love “Nothing Compares 2 U,” and the buzz began. The voice! That song! Her hair! Wait – she doesn’t have any hair! And she’s a beauty anyway.

Britney Spears – For some reason, Britney was compelled to grab the clippers from her hairdresser’s hand and shear her long tresses. She went on to conceal her naked scalp with a vast collection of wigs and hairpieces, but the truth is that she didn’t look all that bad between the razor and the wig.

Demi Moore – Demi set tongues wagging when she shaved her head to play the first female Navy SEAL in GI Jane. Never mind her ultra-hot bod, shaving off her hair only emphasized her gorgeous face, making her thrilling to look at from head to toe.

Can Bald Really Be Hot?

Well for some guys, bald chicks are’nt  just hot, they’re an obsession. Bald chick fettish sites are popping up all over the internet with thousand upon thousands of devoted fans who cant wait to see the next sexy girl shave her head. Perhaps it’s their inner confidence, which allows them to shave their heads in the first place that makes them so attractive. In any case, these girls might just be able  teach us guys who are dealing with hair loss a thing or two.

They prove you don’t need a full head of hair to be attractive. Sure, good looks always help, but a little confidence goes a long way.

If you’re a woman dealing with hair loss check out The Woman’s Hair Loss Project. You’re not alone.


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  • Even assuming that the statistic is accurate as far as it goes, that 40% number is extremely misleading.

    The hey word is “suffering”. Most men don’t consider just a little bit of thinning, or a small amount of receedinging at the temples, a serious problem. For women, almost ANY hair loss is considered cause for alarm.

    So surely it’s not the case that women go bald at nearly the same extent, and simply hide it better. There aren’t 40 chrome-dome women for every 60 cue-ball men. It’s that there are 40 women made unhappy by hairloss for every sixty men made so.

  • Spencer Kobren

    Actually the statistic is completely accurate, and the truth is that the 40% includes both androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata (complete chrome dome as you put it)

    The much higher percentage of women with common female pattern hair loss(AA) might not lose hair in the typical male pattern, but diffuse hair loss is a true silent epidemic amongst our female population. Since most women choose to cover their hair loss, we as a society are not used to seeing as many balding women walking around as we are balding men.

    “Most men don’t consider just a little bit of thinning, or a small amount of receedinging at the temples, a serious problem.”

    You would be surprised to learn just how many men truly “suffer” during the early onset of hair loss.

    Spencer Kobren

  • Dave Solazzo

    That is so true about diffuse hair loss being an epidemic among women. I never really noticed it before I got into this field. But now that I have eyes for it I see it literally everywhere.

  • willow

    i shaved my head when the love of my life was killed in a motorcycle accident.i wasangry and depressed and took it out on my cant control the world around but i can control what i do to my hair.what an experence it has been it has changed my life.he will be forever missed.

  • bald females are a bsolutly hot ! there should be no shame in being bald and beautiful !!!!!

  • Natalie Portman and Demi Moore are incredibly beatiful with GI haircuts.Shaved is NOT the same. Not all women are hot with the cut. Britt looks like a inbred redneck crack addict. It certainly helps if the woman was beautiful to start with.



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