• Hair Loss and Politics: Joe Biden’s Hair Transplant

    Politico.com is talking about vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. They’re not discussing his policies or evaluating his level of experience on foreign policy, and they didn’t even mention his running mate, presidential candidate Barack Obama.

    Well, maybe that’s because Barack still has a full head of hair.

    What the Politico article is talking about is Biden’s Helmet, the term they’re using to describe the senator’s current hairstyle. Apparently, Biden had a hair transplant when he was younger, with less than aesthetically pleasing results.. The initial procedure was performed a long time ago, and several hairstylists and hair loss experts who have followed Biden’s career provided remarks and commentary about the senator’s hairline.

    Michael Beehner M.D., IAHRS member and Medical Director of the Saratoga Hair Transplant Center in New York noted, “When he had darker hair it was pretty obvious, he had larger plugs. With the lightening of his hair, it looks much, much better now.”

    “Years ago, it was much more detectable,” said an anonymous surgeon, who also noted that the pattern of Biden’s hairline, “did not follow the normal path of baldness.” Read more ›



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