The Maximum Hair Results are in: Women Want Men With Hair!

As if we didn’t already know this, apparently women searching for love on the net are five times more likely to go for the guys with good hair than for those who are losing it, a recent study revealed.

The UK company Maximum Hair, not currently recommended by the AHLA, conducted an interesting social experiment that helps to solidify the notion that hair does matter to women looking for Mr. Right, or “Mr. Right now.” 

The two month experiment entailed posting two profiles on various well known internet dating sites. The pictures were identical images of the same man,  except one image was photoshopped to make the guy appear to have a receding hairline.

Both profiles were identical as well, stating that this 30 year old male was a professional living in London with interests in music, travel and athletics.

The profile with the full head of hair pulled 108 responses while the balding twin profile received 22 responses. One thing that wasn’t noted in the experiment was the attractiveness level of the women who responded to either profile.

While this is far from a scientific study, this experiment does point to the depressing fact that, in our world, with all things being equal “hair does matter.”

Women Prefer Men With a Full Head of Hair 


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  • all this proves is that the man in the photo was perceived to be more attractive with a full head of hair rather than thinning receding hair.

    it does not prove women prefer men with hair (although this is probably true)

    stupid experiment.

  • TeeJay

    Oh no … when you mix this study with the studies done on short men (proving women prefer taller men over short men), well, it means I’m doomed! Ugh.



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