Spencer Kobren Tells The Bald Truth To The Washington Post

Washington Post reporter Cathy Alter, documents one man’s effort to find a solution to his hair loss through non-surgical hair replacement, and discuses the emotional aspects of hair loss that society still seems to overlook. The article titled “What Lies Beneath,” also discusses our inability to mourn the loss of our hair due to society’s perception of hair loss and hair replacement.

It’s a fraternity that no one wants to belong to,” says Spencer Kobren, founder of the American Hair Loss Association. “It’s almost like ‘Fight Club.’ The first rule about our club is: Don’t talk about our club.


David Maciukiewicz sits in a leather swivel chair and regards himself in the mirror. He rotates slightly into profile and pats down some errant hair at his temple. He moves his hand slowly around the perimeter of his head, fluffing up certain sections and smoothing down others, until he’s completely satisfied with the condition of his coif. The result: a thick helmet with slightly poofed bangs.

“Ready?” asks a man in a white lab coat who is standing behind Maciukiewicz and holding a long black comb.
“I’ll do it myself,” he responds.

Leaning into the mirror, Maciukiewicz grabs the hair at the top of his head and in one fluid jerk, like he’s plucking the top off a jack-o’-lantern, removes it entirely. Before placing it in the technician’s outreached hands, Maciukiewicz brings the hair to his face and, impulsively, sniffs it.[…]

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