Spencer Kobren Speaks The Truth, The Bald Truth 3/11/12

This week on The Bald Truth: Spencer Kobren explains to Joe from Staten that he should not worry so much about being criticized on the TBT forum, “it’s just part of the gig.” Joe also sets the record straight about a statement he said regarding Replicel. Brian from LA calls to ask Spencer about using a generic version of Proscar and informs him that he was his server in a famous steak house in LA. Spencer was very surprised and told Brian to say hi next time he waits on him. George from Mobile asks Spencer Kobren for his advice handling interruptions during a business dinner. George also confesses to never having a shamrock shake. Spencer, George and Johnny from Ohio have a discussion about steroid use. Can it affect hair loss? And TBT favorite Marcus calls to discuss manscaping. Is manscaping normal?

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