Hair Loss Consumers Beware: Double Check All Online Resources, and Then Check Again With The AHLA!

For more than a decade, Spencer Kobren has been educating hair loss consumers on the dangers that plague the $3.5 billion hair loss industry. Thousands upon thousands of unsuspecting hair loss sufferers are mislead, ripped off and even disfigured each year, all in the name of greed!

In the past, the unethical hair loss marketers and hair transplant mills were forced to spend big bucks to buy the public’s opinion through conventional media outlets, including late night television, but as the world of new media evolves, with it evolves more sophisticated and far less expensive ways of misleading the vulnerable hair loss consumer.

Listen as Spencer Kobren discusses this disturbing trend, and learn how to better protect yourself and your loved ones.


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"Spencer Kobren's nationally syndicated show "The Bald Truth" has a dedicated listenership that would have Rush Limbaugh pulling his hair out in envy." --Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


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