• Treating Hair Loss – Spencer Kobren Discusses The Dangers of The “One Size Fits All” Mentality

    Most hair loss sufferers will try anything to treat their hair loss. Whether it’s lotions or potions, surgical hair restoration or non surgical intervention, men and women dealing with hair loss are desperate to stop the painful process, and to try to move on with their lives.

    Sadly, many in the hair loss industry prey on this vulnerability, and have no problem selling bogus products and services to desperate men, women and children searching for real help.

    Even when considering legitimate hair loss treatments, consumers need to understand that all treatments have their limitations and not all hair loss sufferers will benefit from these treatments.

    This is a harsh realty that many will refuse to accept and unfortunately these desperate consumers might be putting themselves in harms way if they choose to peruse treatment after being informed that they don’t make the best candidates.

    Spencer Kobren discusses this harsh reality and tells the story of one hair loss sufferer who just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

    Listen to the segment:

  • Spencer Kobren – Life After Hair Loss

    The emotional struggles that hair loss sufferers face can be profound. Those not experiencing hair loss can never fully grasp the difficulties associated with losing your hair. Unfortunately, our society still views baldness as the last bastion of political incorrectness and many hair loss sufferers are made to feel “less than” by their contemporaries, their love interests and the media.

    While it’s not easy, it’s important to understand that there is life after hair loss and learning to cope is key.

    Watch the segment:



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