• Hair Transplants – For Some Great, For Others… Not So Much

    Hair transplantation can be a wonderful option for those who make good candidates for the procedure. With today’s state of the art techniques, surgical hair restoration can be life changing. Unfortunately, for some men and women, hair transplantation is simply not a reasonable option, and undergoing surgery after being assessed as a poor candidate can be devastating.

    For those hair transplant physicians and patients who choose to take the risk knowing full well that there is a strong possibility that things might not work out, take a step back and consider the possible consequences.

    Again, for the right candidate a hair transplant can be an incredible life altering experience, but for the wrong candidate living life as hair loss sufferer will take on a whole new meaning.

    See one man’s story:

    “That surgery ruined my life. I mean I lost an inch of my clavicle in Iraq and its nothing compared to how psychologically devastating this has been.”

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  • Hair Transplant Success Vs. “Buyer’s Remorse” – Why Some Patients Thrive and Others Don’t

    Having a hair transplant is a big step, and choosing the right hair transplant surgeon can make the difference between hair transplant success and buyer’s remorse. Listen as Spencer Kobren and the TBT crew discuss the importance of hearing from both camps before choosing to undergo surgical hair restoration.

    Listen to the segment:

  • From Hair Cloning to Celebrity Hair Transplants – 17,810 View This Week’s TBT Drink and Chat

    Close to 18,000 viewers stopped by this week’s Tuesday Night Drink and Chat to watch and listen to Spencer Kobren, IAHRS accepted Member Dr. Glenn Charles and the TBT crew discussing everything from the dangers of online hair loss message forums to hair cloning.

    Andrew Zairian, host and Executive Producer of The Guys From Queens Network stopped by to join the fun and to ask some compelling questions about women’s hair loss and why celebrities like Jeremy Piven can’t seem to get a decent hair transplant.

    Listen to the segement:



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