YouTube Celebrity Philip DeFranco Shaves His Head on a Bet!

YouTube Celebrity Philip DeFranco, better known as sxephil (Sexy Phil), recently shaved his head after losing a bet that involved a group of friends competing to see who could stay awake the longest.

The Phillip DeFranco show has almost 196,000 subscribers. This week’s video, which shows Phil getting his head shaved, has already been viewed over a quarter of a million times.

For those of us who suffer from involuntary hair loss, shaving a full head of hair is unimaginable and probably not a bet we’d be willing to make. However, Phil’s a cool guy whose looks have helped earn crazy success for his YouTube show, which features humorous news commentary and comedic antics, like his recent head shaving adventure. “I love my hair, but I am a man of my word. I lost the Insomniac Iron man competition.” Watch Phil get his head shaved in the video below: httpv://

Interestingly, there’s not much footage showing Phil after the shave. Watch to the very end – Phil is wearing a hat, presumably because he’s missing his hair and isn’t completely comfortable with his new look.  Phil’s one guy who can probably pull off going bald and still look just fine, but he obviously isn’t thrilled to be going around hairless. While the barber is shaving his head, Phil comments, “I hate my life.”

Phil’s friend Shay won the bet by staying up 47 hours live on BlogTV. Other friends involved in the bet lost too. One of them has to have his hair frosted, another has to get a red fauxhawk, and a third has to burn his Miley Cyrus.


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