Misleading Hair Transplant Advertising: The Before and After Con Job

Have you ever seen a set of before and after photos and thought to yourself, Wow, that product must really work! It’s difficult to find fault in a product’s effectiveness when the evidence is so compelling. Yet the hair loss industry has been duping consumers for decades with photographs that tell stories of extreme success, but are based in nothing more than sheer and utter deception.

Nowadays, most consumers are aware of photo-retouching software and understand that images can easily be manipulated and touched up to resemble something other than reality. However, when an ad proudly declares that the photos haven’t been altered in any way, what’s a consumer to think? The photos must be real, and therefore the product or service must really work!


Even without high-tech software, it’s very simple to mislead the public. False impressions are easily created through simple lighting techniques, and angle changes.

We recently uploaded a video that depicts how easy it is to dupe the hair loss consumer. Take the time to check it out. This two and a half minute video will forever change the way you look at before and after photos, and it will definitely affect how you make choices when buying products and services that promise to change the way you look.


While completely false and deceptive marketing is rampant in the hair loss industry, it is common in many other industries as well. Please share this video with family and friends and help others to become smarter consumers. Also, take the time to comment, rate and subscribe through Youtube in order to help us spread the word, visit: http://www.youtube.com/baldtruthradio


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  • Tee Jay

    Great article. I know I fell for deceptive marketing techniques in my early hair loss fighting days – I fell hook, line, and sinker! You’re the man, Spencer.

  • Spencer Kobren

    You’re not alone Tee Jay. The hair transplant industry was built on deceptive advertising. We’re doing our best to change things.




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