I’m 16 and I’m Going Bald!

Hair loss at any age can be devastating, but to begin the hair loss process as a teenager is beyond the scope of what most teens will ever be forced to cope with. A larger percentage of boys deal with the early onset of male pattern hair loss than most people realize. An estimated 20% of hair loss sufferers begin the process of balding before than age of twenty one, and many begin before they even graduate from high school. What these young hair loss sufferers need to know is that they are not alone and that there is life after hair loss.

It’s important that teens confide in their parents, and  seek the advise of a physician who specializes in hair loss as soon as they notice any change in their hair. Early intervention is always the key to the effective treatment of hair loss, but immediate emotional support can be even more important during this extremely vulnerable time in a young hair loss sufferers life.

Last week a young man posted his story and plea for help on the BaldtruthTalk.com message forums:

“I am a 16 year old boy, and this is my story. For about a year now, I have been losing my hair.”

“Every single day, I dedicated it to finding a cure. But found nothing.. I discovered Hair Restoration on the internet, and went to a hair restoration company.. The lady at the consultation felt bad for me, so she sent me to see a surgeon.. Once I saw him, all he did was prescribe me Propecia, and tell me that my donor area was outstanding (really good). But I couldn’t fill it because they said I had to be 18.. I bought a very expensive wig to cover it up, but it makes me feel faker than ever when I wear it.. I can’t do the activities I wish to do with it on either, or it will just fall off.. I cry a lot because of it.. I don’t go outside anymore because of it.. And it hurts so much emotionally because of my age.. Some nights, I even cry myself to sleep because of it.” “I wish someone could fix this, and make it go away.”

Listen to Spencer Kobren’s audio response to this young man’s post:

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  • I found this really useful as I’m having a similar experience at the age of 17. My parents don’t take me seriously and I feel like I can’t talk to them so it’s really good to hear advice like this. Thanks.

  • I’m 19 and going through the same thing. Spencer, you are so wise. Thank you.

  • Dillen

    Yeah I am 16 and losing my hair.I have a receding hairline (worst on the right side). Every time i take a shower i i c a lot of hair in my hands when i shampoo. this is some real SH@# it so depressing.

  • Spencer

    Youre right on one thing:

    On loosing your hair while YOU STILL ARE A LITTLE KID!!:
    It is devasting, nauseating an gut wrenching.
    ANd you DO allow it to stunt your life.

    But, one thing: We all KNOW there is life after hair loss…….its just that YOU DON’T WANT THAT LIFE.

    I chose the life of self pity…..and to this day, I don’t blame myself one bit.
    Sometimes, feeling sorry for yourself or ANYONE ELSE is understandable.

    My advice: BEING BALD PUTS YOU WAAAAAAAY BEHIND THE 8 ball when you are young..don’t let ANYONE else tell you otherwise. Chicks will not want you JUST BECAUSE you have no hair….and a lot won’t be polite about letting you down. So, you all have one way out of this hell hole.

    Begin to better yourself. Doing great in school is no longer an option. Advancing your career is no longer an option. Going to the gym is no longer an option, becoming well versed and well read is no longer and option, traveling and becoming world wise is no longer an option

    ALL THESE ARE MUSTS. AS OF NOW, ALL THESE ARE A MUST DO. That is how hellish this can be if you allow it to, like me.

    Get A’s in school, become a black belt, go to the gymn and get ripped, make a lot of money, travel, learn to cook real well, learn an instrument or two………BECOME AN ALL AROUND SPECIAL GUY……..and you can overcome your hair loss.

  • The sooner you accept it the better, friends do make fun of you for a while, especially when its first starts to go, but once you can look in the mirror and laugh at the situation your self, they carnt touch you and you can concentrate on turning the tables on them by pointing out things such as big nose, ginger hair, or a slutty sister. ( no different to what they are doing to you, be ruthless)

    All you need to know is some girls are very attracted to bald men, if they wernt, no one would be bald. get fit and look like an ass kicker, If you do this you will bag plenty good looking girls. fact of life.

  • Thanks for this. It truly made me feel so much better.

  • im 14 years Old an Every time I Take a Shower My hair Falls Down A lot an People Says that its normal But I Doubt it I try every thing and im scared by the Age of 20 ill Be bald HELP!!!

  • David

    I was also one of those “early adopters” of hair loss. Started at 15 and was pretty far gone before propecia came on line in earnest. I am now in my 40s and it was as tough for me as what you describe. I never used to look in the mirror, and never looked at pictures of myself. It always made me sick to my stomach.

    Looking back, I let hair loss run my life – I probably missed out on a sports career and medical career because I let this problem get the better of me and convince me I wasnt good enough. Dont be that guy!

    But over time I accepted it, accepted myself and even all the silly choices I made. Now I am a NW6 but I shave the fringe away and I dont think I look half bad now. One of the things I found is that as you get older, people dont care about it, women dont care about it – unless you let it dominate you. Being the nice, confident, smart guy will get you places. I have a wife, kids (including boys upon which I have bestowed my wonderful hair genes….), and I have tons of female friends that truly like me and enjoy my company. Being someone with hair loss has enabled me to become a good listener and filled with empathy for others. I am not sure I would have those traits otherwise and now I consider them some of my best assets.

    Spencer and others have given you good advice here. Dont let this wreck your dreams, because they may be even harder to get back than your hair. And also their advice is important regarding hair transplants. I was a couple of weeks away from a hair transplant when I was about 19. Had the surgery scheduled and waited a year for it. To be fair, the doctor told me I would not ever have a full head of hair but I still realized that I was just a meal ticket for him – I was going to have to shell out 20 thousand clams and he told me: in 20 years you will be either be a guy with hair in a compact car or a bald buy in a BMW. I realized that the hair transplant was not going to give me a full head of hair and I would rather not enrich this greedy doc (hair transplants have come a long way since then and I also think you are more able to find compassionate and dedicated docs now).

    I also bought a piece when I was like 20-21. But I only wore it a few times. It cost like 600 dollars. I could have said that this was 600 bucks wasted, but I felt like it was 600 dollars of therapy all roled into one. It opened my eyes to what I did and didnt want. After that point I just decided to keep my hair short and now I shave it and I feel much better for it (not to mention saving lots of time in the morning!)

    You will find that by the time you are 25 there will be plenty of guys in your situation and the older you get the more there will be. My friends from high school and college with luxuriant locks are now slowly joining me. I find now that the only person who can let baldness stand in my way is myself. No one else. I wish I could have understood that before I was 26 (when I finally did).

    Take care man! I – and many, many others – have been in your shoes and have come out the other side a better and happier person.

  • Jordan

    hey man i know what you mean… im 17 turning 18 and ive been receding since about 15 maybe 14, it sucks concidering im going to be graduating soon and my hair myight just fall off before that

  • Gavin

    Hey guys, i feel for you. I am not balding, but i understand the struggles you enounter(ed) as young adults/teens. I actually had the opposite problem. I was an extremely late bloomer and my voice didnt begin to change till i was in my junior year of higschool. My problem was that my appearance caused me to look on average 5 years younger than i really am. at age 16 i looked maybe 12. At age 20 i looked maybe 16. Im 25 now, and i can pass for about 20, or 21, only because i have put on large amounts of muscle mass. Its hard for me to be taken seriously in the world, at my job, in public, because unless they know me, people think im possibly still a teenager.

    I know its not the the same as yalls situation, but i want to let you know being bald isnt as bad as it gets. At least when you are young you can be taken as more mature. Studies have shown that bald men do much better in the business world than non bald men. I dont know of any studies that say teenage looking mid 20 year olds tend to do better in the business world. Its quite the opposite. And if it wasnt for my physique and personality, id probably have a hard time talking to women much the same way you feel.

    Im not here to say your condition is not as bas as what i experinced(ing), in fact id choose my situation over yalls, mainly because i know how to deal with it. But if you came to me at age 16 and said you can be taller, bigger, and have a deep voice, and facial hair, but have a balding scalp i would have chose that instead of my late puberty and extreme young looks.

    Im hear to say that everyone has their own struggles and you have to find ways to deal with them. After highschool the comments should come to a stop, (cant say the same for the young looking thing), but thats because many men start balding by age 20. 20% of men who go bald start before the age of 21. By the time your 20, being bald will only be bad if you let it be. No one will care at that point. I suggest making yourself feel better by working out, staying in shape, and maintaining parts of your body that you actually have control of, like your muscles.

    Most women arent attracted based on hair. Its a mixture of personality and physical appearance. Your physical appearance is made worse or better by your body as a whole not your hair.

    All i can say is many men deal wit hall sorts of things they think are the end of the world. But really, it is all about what you make it out to be. Also, may i suggest something. Dont try combing over your hair to cover the balding areas. a short hair cut looks 1000 times better. I know you can trick yourself into thinking something is better. I used to think my pubert mustache at age 17 made me look older. All it did was make me look flat out retarded. Take suggestions from other people, and dont let your mind control you.

    God bless

  • george

    hello world
    my name is george and im 18 years old.
    i will be 19 on may and i started to loose my hair when i was about 16.
    little by little i started noticing. i was getting depressed.
    i was afraid of my friends noticing about my problem. on my 18 birthday i decided to make my hair shorter and hope to not make it that obvious of loosing my hair. eventually my friends noticed and started to make fun of it.
    i noticed my teachers and friends stare at my head all the times. as a right now maybe about 75% of my hair in front is gone. i decided that if im going to loose my hair may as well let it be.

  • xtiaan

    I know how you guys feel… I’m 21 and my hair started falling out about a year ago, I tried every thing, and have seen several doctors about this and nothing worded!!! Its like no one in my family really cares or even try to understand, I’m at the point where its making me feel so depressed that I would kill myself!! I hate the way I look and feel!!!

  • Justin

    You know, the worst thing about this is that, before you find sites like these, you think you’re alone in this whole mess. Jake, I hear what you’re saying. I’m 22 now and I noticed that my hair was thinning out in my first year at university (19 years old). I told my mom about it and she just wouldn’t take me seriously and it irritated the heck out of me. At my age would I really find something like this humorous enough to joke about? I tried all sorts of products, most with Alopecia in them, and a shampoo and conditioner called Nizim. Pills didn’t work and the shampoo gave me skin problems. It just seemed like a never ending nightmare.

    I remember I used to stand in front of the mirror and talk to myself, asking myself why something like this would happen to me. I mean, I’d just started varsity and, for some reason, girls were taking a real liking to me (something I wasn’t very used to) and then this crap happens. I’m finally coming out of my shell and now I’ve gotta deal with something most men only deal with in their forties. That’s when I started wearing caps all the time. If my hair wasn’t cut really short I’d wear a cap. I think the worst part for me though was having to tell me girlfriend. Even though I knew she loved me for me I was so scared because, let’s face it, what girl at our age wants to be with a guy who’s losing his hair? Eventually though, I told her and she was bitterly hurt that I’d even think she’s be concerned with something like that. We’re still together now.

    After nearly 3 years I’ve given up on products and just come to terms with it. I’ve even started joking about it. I’m short and bald. Now all I need to do is gain 100pounds and I’d be your regular ugly guy. But I feel like I’m not gonna succumb to what is undoubtedly a bullshit situation. I mean, I could be losing my hair for a whole other reason, like Chemo therapy. I’m alive and well. I’ve got my entire life ahead of me where my friends will have a harder time dealing with this problem when the mid life crisis comes along. We’re cruising boys. Listen to me and listen good. Girls who’ve always wanted to sound less shallow than they actually are have always said stuff like, “Oh I don’t care about the outside. As long as he’s a good guy with a great personality…” And we always knew that was a load of hogwash. Now girls can’t get enough of guys who don’t give a rat’s ass about what anybody thinks. I learned that when one day I walked into the mall without my cap and only realised, after being summed up by several girls, when I got back to the car. If you groom yourself well, take pride in your appearance and exude that air of not-giving-two-shits, the ladies will really want to get to know you.

    Now I know I’ve been talking for a long time and most of what I’ve said hasn’t really helped but it will. I sympathise with every single one of you. I was right there and it’s the shittiest place to be. You compare yourself to every guy who walks past you, asking why this crap didn’t happen to him instead. I know. I had this friend who had everything! He was 1.85m tall, as goodlooking as guys are allowed to be, built naturally well, and his dad, at age 60 still had a full head of hair (translate: this idiot would too!) But I learned to stop looking at things like that. At the end of the day he was a self-absorbed douche. These things happen to the best of us. The way you handle this situation shows your true character.

  • Daniel

    All i can say is that im not alone and what a relief it is to hear that.

    Im turning 17 and i have been beyond paranoid about my receding hair line for over a year now. i used to have the thickest hair in the world!! It was so thick that my friends would often joke about it. i started to notice when i was 15 that my hair was loosing its “thickness” and so i started to get a little concerned. Time kept going and i found myself drawn to looking in the mirror more and more to check out my changing hair. No longer was i concerned about the thickness, i was starting to take note on the receding hairline. i would constantly complain to my parents about it, but they just thought i was being crazy and wouldn’t listen. over time my hair line continued to recede and recede to the point where my girlfriend could even notice. As Justin pointed out, id be walking wherever and all i could do was take note on all the other men with fully covered heads…. why not them?.. why me?

    im still young and far from being bald however i know that its a matter of time until it does happen. i want to thank all of you for making me feel more comfortable. Its hard but im going to try my best to not let this all get to me.

    hair is not me, i am me

  • i’m 16 years old, and i’ve been taking Biotin pills and Nioxin scalp treatment. I really hate that i have to take all these medications, and i really hate showering because it seems everytime i do i lose hair, and when i dry my hair with a towel, i lose some as well. I fear that my hair loss will show before i even graduate. Somedays my hair will look a little better, and not as flat, but somedays by just feels really fragile. I just want this to stop.

  • Mason

    im 16 as well ‘ and alreadyy losing my hair. i was honestly becoming depress but once i heard this ‘ it gave me hope to not give up on life. and for this i really thank you.

    p.s is there any way i could regain my hair back ?

  • Eddie

    Well i am 15 and i was born 3 months early. I have very little hair because of that. I wear hats all the time because i live in fear of people makeing fun of me. I am so tired of wearing hats. But i just cant stop useing them because of my fear. I wish this terrible night mare would stop. Can anyone help me please!!!! Im begging you

  • Am 19 and going bald and I honestly don’t care at all, don’t know why everyone gets so worked up over it. Makes ya look more manly I personally think

  • Aaron

    Ah, balding…

    I am 17 now, and my hairline is pushing back (unevenly, I might add). I started with thin hair and a high hairline, so I fear I do not have much hair to lose. Started thining and phasing out more hair about a year and a half ago, but the recession was not noticed until about a month ago when I decided to crop my hair down pretty short. It was inevitable, though, so there is no worry over it. I come from a long line (via the mother’s side) of baldies, and though I am the earliest in memory to bald by the length of my life (I have already lost more hair than my uncle, who is 34, though my grandfather was in my state when he was his age), I have no shame. There is a certain pride involved, actually. It helps me not to look 14, and that is a good thing, and since all the hair seems to be migrating to my face, the looking young bit is even less of a problem. Just wish it would hit my upper lip dimple…but one cannot have everything, I suppose. Anyways, I guess my point is to be happy about your hair loss. Find a fun in it, and stick by it. You cannot let nature get you down….even if your head is getting colder by the minute. And think of the money you will save on shampoo! If you really love your hair, you can get a wig, or you can go through treatment to try to save it, but me? I will just let it go, wave as it passes by, and try to make the best of what life has given me.

    As a side note: I just graduated high school, and as valedictorian, I got to make fun of my hairloss in fornt of hundreds of my fellows…only one of which, that I know of, who was also balding. There was a moment of silence for the lost hair. It was great.

  • I am 16 and i have started going bald. I used to have the thickest most awesome hair that girls used to compliment me all the time and now since one year ago i have noticed it becoming much less thick and the receding hairline is unfortunately progressing quite well.

    I am really depressed and i actually had a dream where i was completely bald with little patches of hair that look completely retarded about 2 in the morning and it kept me up until now. I sought out some comfort on the internet as all of us do when we’re searching tirelessly for remedies and i really thought I was alone. Then I found this site. It really helps to know that I am not alone in the shity ass situation.

    It SUCKS ASS going bald at this age i mean what the hell ?? My best friend’s hair is long and thick and his dad is completely bald while my dad isnt and i can only help think why me and why not him.I pray and do good things and compared to my best friend I am a saint. Genes are really unpredictable and therefore really unfair; I am afraid to go on boats or stick my head out the windows because it blows my hair to show my receding hairline and taking showers suck because you see all your hair in your hand and down the drain. You dry your hair gently and treat your hair like a fragile egg while it continually and progressively looks worse and worse. I am really scared for the future because i could never perfectly talk to girls never, had the full confidence and now to break me down even more I have to go bald. What a perfectly shitty situation.

    I am so ashamed and i havnt told anyone yet. I think from what i have read on this site i will tell my parents today who i hope will take me seriously.

    The best advice that i read on this God-sent site that made me feel really better was written by Spencer. His advice does not only emanate sympathy but empathy. It is true that girls will not like you just because u have no hair and this IS a gigantic set back in our lives dont let anyone tell you otherwise. I keep asking myself what the frick is God’s reason for this and Spencer has answered my question
    he said “Begin to better yourself. Doing great in school is no longer an option. Advancing your career is no longer an option. Going to the gym is no longer an option, becoming well versed and well read is no longer and option, traveling and becoming world wise is no longer an option”

    So if this is could be our fate BECAUSE we are going bald I should thank God because he is forcing me to NOT be a shallow douche bag who gets by on looks. He is forcing me to become a very very well shaped individual. Also now when we are to focus on our studies and our careers not go out and drink and party like most teens do this will force us to. I think it was also act as a filter for shallow girls. Think about it: if we are bald then the reason that a particular girl doesnt show interest in us is because she is a shallow dumbass bitch and the ones who do show interest(there will be those because there are still bald men and natrual selection would have eliminated them if they werent genetically capable of mating) are the ones who actually have a brain and want to settle down with a guy who actually has built character and has a good life and carrer and a good looking future. It seems going bald COULD ensure that you have a good life but it depends on what you make of it. I recently went to my cousin’s wedding. my cousin is completely bald and he is 25 probably went through the same thing as me, he married this beautiful and smart girl who did not only like him for his looks which was not all he had; he is a successful lawyer and well rounded individual and now he has a beatiful wife and a bright looking future. So i can safely say that all the things that the other people typed on this site including myself is not bull shit because i have living breathing proof.

    So come on only weak people wallow in sad feelings and let them control you. Get started building muscle to boost your look and studying and planning how you are going to have a great life and how you are going to overcome this sack-of-shit situation. By the way before i typed this I was literally feeling to kill myself i implore you to speak your mind here it will make your feel better and save this site or copy paste the highlights of all the things people have written here and save them to read when you are feeling depressed.

    It might be easier said that done doing all the things i quoted from Spencer but you wont get anything good in life if you dont put in hard work (laws of equivalent exchange im afraid).And by those laws it seems we will have to work harder because we are going bald but it only mean that we must get back better things in return to complete the equation.

    I am going to start reading and studying and working out today so its up to you now. GET WORKING !!

  • Sorry, in the above post i meant to quote the person called nck, he wrote the comment that said ‘Begin to better yourself. Doing great in school is no longer an option. Advancing your career is no longer an option. Going to the gym is no longer an option, becoming well versed and well read is no longer and option, traveling and becoming world wise is no longer an option’ which I quoted in mine. Thanks.

  • Marcel

    hey guys !!! thank you so much from the advices that you gave here, im from brazil, and im very scared loosing hair (im 22 years old), everyone im my family dont think that i talk serious when im tell the im getting depressed with it. was very important read the comments and the text here !

    thank you gues !

  • Oliver

    Hey guys, I am 16, and am beginning to be bald.

    However, unlike many of you here. I am not in the SLIGHTEST bit unhappy. My parents were really upset. I just shaved my head today. looks great, so i guess this is life from now on. Bald/shaved. So what. Vin Diesel is bald/shaved, so are many men. I am getting fit anyway. So I guess women will continue to find me attractive if I work out, and stay in good shape. Don’t feel down about hair loss. You have more to live for, all of you.

  • Logan

    I’m 17 and my hair keeps getting thinner. It started my freshman year and im going in to my junior year. For a year and a half i was constantly worried about how it looked and if people noticed. It sucked and was depressing as hell. But now I’ve began to realize it doesn’t matter. Sure there are good and bad days about how I feel about my hair (or lack of it) but in the end its all about perspective. If you get past that your balding and you cant do anything about it, then you feel so much better. Still, when people comment on my balding I get really uncomfortable but I’m working on embracing it. Hair loss is not the end.

  • xtiaan

    I’m 21 and going through the same thing….. I cry myself to sleep every night!!! If I don’t get help soon I’m afraid I will do something stupid…!!

  • hey, i here you all!!!

    But my case is much worse.
    Before my hair loss, i was the guy that girls looked at, and their was this one girl which i liked, and i also found out she felt the same.Then, i started balding and stressing out which made things worse, and the now the girl that i liked doesnt look at me anymore, and everytime i talk to her, she seems quite depressed that the guy she liked lost his hair. My story is tragic also because, well, she started to date my friend who was once jealous of my genes, now belittle and teases me…And this was all at my final year of school, so becasue of the bullying and stress and hair loss, i achieved a pretty bad score, even though my parents expected me to do quite well. I was and im currently still chronically depressed.. Baldness can really take everything away from you….those guys who are complaining that they have mild baldness, dude, use propecia or rogaine….trust me, its easier to be the guy with hair then the guy with no hair. Trust me, girls are conditioned to like guys who have luscious gold locks, except if you are tall and handsome, in that case, you still have a chance, but if you are medium to short like myself, then you basically have no chance.

  • James

    Dear friend i can only say you are not alone i am 17 years old and i started noticing my hair change first when i was 14 i was so scared i didn’t even tell anyone i was depressed and afraid and it was true at the age of 15 it was starting to get visible i was angry at myself and sad. but then one day i told my grandfather and he told me how natural it was and he asked me what kind of guy do i want to be when i grow up, funny thing is i mentioned a guy but in nowhere did i mention the type of my hair. then my grandfather said well then you didn’t say anything about the hair because it doesn’t matter when you grow up but that man you told me about he matters and you should start being him. i am naturally tall and but after that i started working out and trying out all the things i have never tried before now i am a big strong well built 17 years old that looks like 25 in my school people who see me automatically assume i am on my 20s every morning i wake up and go to the bathroom look in the mirror i see me but everyone in my school sees some other guy. forget about a girlfriend i don’t even have friends of my own age but its all about me not about friends or other people so i believe i will live this life and i will make myself happier because i deserve it and if friends or people cant give me that i will take it myself. the past two years have been one of the greatest years of my life because i learnt to live with it. people sometimes make jokes about my hair then i make a more funnier jokes about it to laugh along and show them i am confident and in charge. i work out a lot so i am not victim of bullying around in the school. i am not perfect and i do not feel good all the time and if i had a choice i would change the way my hair looks but i cant so best thing for me is to live with it.
    you are not alone brother and its a good thing that you found a way to talk about it. i wish you find what you are looking for brother
    one good thing that can help you with your confidence is try out new things things like body building martial arts release stress. but most of all its all inside of you you just have to let it out and i am sure if i can make it you can make it .

  • jorge

    hi guys youre about to read the dumbest thing ever done. i was a 18 working in a company with 25-50 year olds. most of them bald. there was one characteristic i liked about these men, and it was their confidence. while growing up, ive seen so many insecure people and with their full set of here, and here you have bald guys that can give chickens ass about looks. so i had decided to be bald by pouring hot hot hot water over my head burning my scalp. now ive thinne all my hair in less than 2 years, in a way it sucks, but you really begin to be more conscious about your self and you begin to see things that people dont normally see, and begin to understand things that people with a full set of hair dont understand. also you begin to appreciate things wayyyyyyy more than when you had hair. hairloss is not in my genes, but it became i choice, im thinking about a hair restoration because it really has changed my life. ive become less social and less pursuant of my goals, because the shyness of being 22 and almost completely bald. but i can tell you life really begins to be very very different than what most people go through..its like you unock secret powers you didnt know you have, you begin to be more conscious on how you walk, talk, and think….its one amazing but a bit uncomfortable experience at times……and yea i was also thinking about suicide,,,,,but thanks to you guys we are not alone…..and all baldness is……its that you are getting more intelligent and wiser….lol

  • Everything else in my life is a disappointment, and now I’m starting to lose my hair at 16. Life is bullshit.

  • blablabla

    i dont have any genetics of hair fall but i STILL lose so much hair!

  • i m 19,i also has the same problem of hair fall, It is so embarrasing to go anywhere, because of this hair fall problem i spent my most of the time at home.. and because of this hair loss i get irritation and frustration…
    But when i came to these website, read all these comments,, felt gud
    that i m not the only one with these problem . many of them are there to share it……..

  • Dont worry about going bald. Let it happen. Girls will respect u way more if u dont hide it and kepp it real. Its not the hair girls find attracctive its the confidence that comes with looking young. Retain ur confidence and you will have girls for life. Noone ever said red foreman was unattractive

  • Im 17 and Ive been balding since 8th grade. I remember taking showers and massive amounts of hair would fall out. At the time I thought it was impossible to be balding at my age and my mom reassured me it was. Until Sophomore year is when I finally relized that I was balding and my hairline was receding. Ever since my life has been hell, especially now that its noticable. Kids at school give me awkard looks and and cant go down a flight of stairs without somebody behind me just laughing or pointing out my bald spot. Not only that but i have an underbite which means I cant smile or I look dreadful. To stack on that I have Scoliosis, a deviated septum and extreme social anxiety. This has honestly destroyed my life and any future plans that I had. I just dont know what to do.

  • I’m 23 but people say that i look like a 40 yr old man..in contrary i have a thick beard and mustache,,and to make it worse i’m obese…so i look like a retiring old man!! baldness started when i was 16 and it destroyed my self-esteem, my life! i feel sooooooooooooo UGLY! WHY ME?! Well in fact my father stiil has his hair in full volume….. BUT thanks to this website! i was enlightened that i’m not alone….and despite that we’re bald, we deserve respect and be loved like others…i just hope that girls still find me handsome.heheeh.. NOW… I’m trying to lose weight, be healthy again, love myself more,,be happy again!! Wether I restore my hair or be bald forever, still I will suceed in life, with God’s grace and support of my loved ones n frnds!

  • kid i know how you feel
    i started losing hair when i was 15 now im 16 i lost alot of my hair. i have to wash my hair with a shampoo everytime a go to school because if i dont you can see my entire scalp. this really sucks.

  • Anujan

    Hi guys,

    I am 18 and i am balding like there is no tomorrow. I started when i was 16 i think and it sucks that i was complemented on having such strong and thick hair until high school started. Presently i have a pretty big balding area with strands of hair everywhere and an uneven receding hairline. People say it isn’t “Really noticeable” but i know it is and i am still paranoid and angry about it . Well, I am still coping with it now and its hard to move on. I have never went out with any girl in my life and since i am so good at playing the friend card with girls, i am scared i will never go out with anyone. I also fear that i won’t reach my goals. But after seeing all these comments. I think i am getting a sense of hope and Spencer said, i am going to try to the best of my ability to enhance other things like my mind and body while searching for help ( my mom yells at me when i bring the topic up, my dad gets depressed and my cousin i live with just brushes off and tells me to forget it and makes it sound like the world is meaner than it really is) .. Its just nice to know at least here i am not alone. Thanks Guys

  • Tanner

    I’m 20, I first noticed my hair was thinning at about 17. I had a receding hairline for a while but that didn’t particularly bother me as it still doesn’t. its the thinning on top that really bothers me (that horseshoe shape). There’s not a day that goes by where i don’t examen my hair in the mirror. I’ve talked to a few HT doctors but all of them say that its too early to consider one, not that I’d be able to afford it anyways. I feel like it definitely took away a lot of my confidence. If someone ever makes a statement or joke about it, I think about it for days.

    My solution for the last year or so has been to never go anywhere without a hat. Its tough, every day I wish that I just had normal hair, for at least another ten years anyways.

    I’m glad I found this site. For me the hardest part is that I never see anyone else with the problem and this definitely helps to know that i’m not alone.

  • jaya vardhan

    hey. am 19 and am suffering from seviour hair loss…i hav gone through trichogram test (test which checks out the type of bald ness) and the result was that it was alpecia aroat type of hair loss which means loss of hair in the front part and the middle part of the head(round shaped hair loss). I am veryembarassed to go into the public. I feel people will laugh at me seeing my bald head. I am hurt by this kind of situation. Am using NUZEN gold herbal hair oil,but still am facing the same problem. I change my shampoo once in 2weeks. Can any one suggest me any treatment for my hair loss. plzzz…

  • sayzar

    i feel alot better that im not alone..im 18 i been lossing my hair when i was 15

  • I think i am too loosing more hair than i should and i’m 16 years old. I can’t call myself bald but combing my hair and taking showers has become kind of a challenge since large amounts of hair come of, in one morning i counted the hair that i had lost on my pillow, while showering and while combing my hair and it was around 80 hairs, the most i have ever lost. It has just started happening for a like 2 months and i can tell that my hairline is weakening, mostly on my right side, and it gets worst and worst as i’m looking back on some recently taken pictures of myself. Of course my parents don’t take me seriously when i talk to them about this… but you know what? i don’t care let whatever happen happen!

  • Nicole

    Goodness boys, I am so sorry. I had no idea this was such a big problem. My son has been going bald since he was about 15, he’s 18 now. He was recently in a car accident and will be bed ridden for the next 3 months. I believe stress is making his situation worse. I was looking for something that might help him when I found this site. I’ll be honest, I downplay the situation to him because I don’t want him to stress anymore about it. I believe stress makes it worse! This may be what some of your parents are doing.

    As for the girls, and people being mean to you……..What Kind of People Do That Anyway! You don’t NEED people like that in your life! Maybe this will help you weed out the ‘bad’ ones! I’m sure that each and everyone of you have great qualities! Concentrate on those! Just a hint, girls love confidence. Now mind you not cockiness but confidence. If you can’t find a solution cut your hair short and shine. Trying to cover your baldness never works, it just makes it look more pronounced. It also shows a lack of confidence, makes it seem like your embarrassed. I know you are but try to overcome it. Be proud, know that everything happens for a reason. Do you guys know what makes a good person good? Suffering, I know that sounds completely idiotic but trust me.

  • Hey everyone!

    I’m both sad and happy to read all of your messages and feelings, how some of you wear your baldness with pride and how others feel really depressed. I’m 24 and my hair has been thinning for the past year (receding hairline which I have had for a couple of years now + stripe of thinner hair on top of my hair). I try to cover it up with a messy medium lenght haircut (not a combover, I don’t have any bald patches, just diffuse hair). Some days I don’t even notice, other days I’m very self concious and I wear a cap/hat, but people are getting used to it. I don’t think they see me as ‘the balding guy,’. I’m thinning gradually, so people don’t really notice.

    2 months ago, I clipped my hair really short (3mm) and it wasn’t ugly, it just made me look about 10 years older than I really am, especially when I leave my facial hair untouched. Maybe I should get a tan and work out a little bit since I’m really skinny. Already adapted my clothing to my new hairstyle, though, it’s amazing what a difference clothing can make in your appearance. And maybe I’ll get a tattoo to roughen it up 😀

    I’ll grow it out for the next couple of months, but maybe I’ll shave it all off next year when I’ll be studying/teaching abroad. I guess the biggest fear I have is the reaction of other people (my friends, family, acquaintances, …) It would be more of a shock for them than it would be for me. And then, in the end everyone will have to learn to live with it since it won’t be coming back.

    I’m also going through the process of accepting and it’s not always as easy. I’ve also considered Propecia or a hair transplant (for which you have to take Propecia, too) or a wig (which would be cool if I can have at least 3 different ones so I can change it up). But I refuse to poison my body with things it does not need. I’ve always been fond of my hair, it has had every possible colour of the rainbow and every possible style you can imagine (no, not a mullet, I’d rather go bald… oh wait… :D), but it’s been a good 24 years. Like the poster Aaron, maybe I should have ‘a minute of silence’ and then burn the hair I shaved off.

    See, talking about it already makes me feel better. And I wish everyone who is feeling down about their hair (or the lack thereof) the best of luck, and may you all find peace with it in the end, be it accepting your baldness or considering one of the ‘treatments’.

  • My hair started thinning since i was 14, at first it wasnt so bad and now it gets really worst everyday. I pray to god everynight to make it stop. My parents doesnt even care that im going bald… and my friends are also starting to notice. I don’t know what to do…

  • Well i have searched and searched over 5 or 6 hours to my baldnes thing. I am 16 now and i have a lot of hair fall i down know what to do. My hairs started falling since i was 14 half or 15 dunno but i started noticing it a lot on high school. Some os my rfiends joke at me and i feel embarrasing. Didnt knew what to do. My eyes were so red to topics on other sites and i couldnt find nothing enerything was for nothing till i mistakingly clicked this page and started reading it. Thank you all at least i am not alone thank you for making me feel good. Now i feel quiet different all thanks to you i dont know how to thanks this page realy changed my maby 2 years mood cuz of my baldnes.

  • Harry

    im 16 and i have started to notice bald lines apearing, it is why i have long hair, thats my advice, grow your hair

  • Sergio

    Hi well I’ve been noticing a lot of hairs in my hand when I would shower as well since I was fourteen and now that I’m twenty turning twenty one in July I’ve notice less and less hair. I used to be able to spike up my hair and now I can’t even dothat but I expected this to happen when I was sixteen because all my uncles from my moms side went bold at twenty except two. I don’t think it matters if you have hair or not and if you really care then find something that you can better in yourself so that your head won’t be as important. Get a gym member ship become buff, go to college make a career that other people will look at and say I wish I was in his shoes, do something that will just show you don’t need your hair to be someone

  • I’ve been losing my hair since I was 15-16 (I’m turning 20 in a couple months) and now my hairline’s receded and the top of my head has very thin hair. Thankfully though, I have a pretty awesome beard which I can style to mix things up a bit and a girlfriend who loves me no matter what my hair is like.

    Honestly, I think you just need to get things into perspective. I used to be seriously concerned about losing my hair (and still am on some days) but it’s a part of life and everything happens for a reason right? Maybe you should just accept is and wait for your facial hair to come out, that’s when the real fun begins anyways xD

    ALSO, this next bit was something that helped me come to terms with what was happening and that’s the fact that this kind of balding is usually a result from the body producing above average levels of testosterone, which can weaken the hair follicles, causing your hair to fall out. But don’t forget what else the testosterone is good for! Try working out, you’ll be able to pack on muscle faster than the average guy, you’ll be able to grow amazing facial hair, you’ll be more manly generally (something which women respond to btw ;D) and lastly, guys with extra testosterone have a much more powerful sex drive. If that doesn’t give you some confidence with the ladies, I don’t know what will.

    Trust me, there’s no real shame in losing your hair, but over reacting and letting it get you down isn’t a good way to deal with it. Stay positive and remember that there’s more ways to change how you look than just your hair 🙂

  • wesley

    i have long hair (2ft), and i am going bald, my parents refuse to believe me. but my hair is not supposed to recede like it is doing, and i dont wanna look like charlie manson, but i do not want to cut my hair, as i have always wanted long hair

  • steve

    im 49 and have worn a cap for the last 20 years.My hair falling out was the most devastating thing to ever happen to me by far.I feel so ugly , i avoid looking at myself in the mirror.Ive always liked long hair , it would be really cool to look like charles manson [minus the swastika] , but now im just a bald ugly man , i cant even go out the front door without my cap.Women always say , ooh arnt you so nice and handsome , Yeah right , youll change your mind when you see me without my cap.They say it makes no difference , but its about how i feel about it.Do you think that mick jagger would be the strutting leader of the stones now if he had no hair ? No , hed be some ugly old bald headed guy . What about brad pitt with no hair ? Tom cruise?

  • Im 20 been balding since middle school and its completely controlled my life. i don’t go to beach, pool, i don’t go out, i don’t even attempt to speak to women and im 5 foot 6 skinny white kid. my life is horrible but this stuff that im going through is only gonna make me a better person but im not sure how much longer i can last. I got fired from my job because of the way i look its very depressing. I have friends but only because they know me and meeting new people isn’t an option because no one will even give me a chance. I hope i can find someone who doesn’t care but i really feel alone and i don’t see anything better happening anytime soon. its really just getting worse.

  • im and im starting to loose my hair i need help idk what to do i feel depressed im always lookin to a mirror to see if i lost anny hair during the night and everytime i take a shower i loose some of my hair and all of my confidence

  • shane

    i began to lose my hair when i was like 15 nowim almost 17 and myhair is like hals gone so i decided to shave myhead bald and let it be

  • Hey I started to notice my hair loss a year ago, I’m 18 by the way. I have thinning hair in the back and a receding hairline in the front. When should I shave it bald?

  • Is anyone trying something for the hair lost ….medication…and if you are not. Y…….Im thinking of taking medication…but am a bit scared.

  • I hate it, I’ve been going bald since I was 14 and I’m now 17. At first I didn’t care but now I notice it and it bothers me. Somedays I don’t feel like I’m balding and others I do, like when I comb my hair, it is really thick in the middle of my head and thin off to the sides. I hate it. That’s all I can say, I see kids with like 2 inch foreheads and I’m going bald. It doesn’t help that I’ve had an uncurable form of dandruff since I was like 12. I cover it up with bangs. I feel for you man, but I always look at the fact that there is always a worse scenario and you just have to look at the sunny side of life.

  • wow this is really wierd, i thought i was the only one going bald at a young age, but all these anecdotes are correct, i cant go swimming, cant even have my hood down in windy weather, then when i get inside i have to fix it. this has been happening since i was about 13, one day a friend said; why do u have thin bits at the side of your hairline? he noticed because i used to style my hair. i didnt notice for a year or so, then BAM! “hahahaha johnnys receeding, what a dick, lets judge him because of it.” i feel for every single dude on this site, and all i can say is stay strong, and dont be an angry bald guy, because its easy to be. dont over pump your muscles to compensate either, because people will amplify their fear and hatred for your scalp. i think being jewish has something to do with it. they all go bald in the end except for a couple of famous guys like david schwimmer and david badeil. but thats about it. fellow bald jews, i salute you.

  • KDogg

    I started losing my hair when I was 16. I was a big time soccer and track athlete in high school, so I was always in the spotlight. All the older guys made fun of me for awhile, and it started getting to me. I brushed it off until I got to college and said f*ck it, I’m gonna shave my head. Since no one knew me, they had no expectations. I worked out, got jacked, and had a shaved head so everyone just thought I was some meat head badass. I started rocking “bald fashion” — leather and military jackets, driving caps/scarves/peacoats, oakley shades/tank tops — nothing too crazy but somewhat aggressive styles that set me apart. I thought it was awesome to be a little different than all the other mofo’s walking around. I had a ton of friends and whatnot, but for those who were just meeting me, they thought I was some crazy hardass and some chicks absolutely loved it. I set myself apart at a school with 15,000 students. I’d go to bars and have all kinds of girls rubbing my head and whatnot — great way to give out numbers and get a few notches in the ol’ belt. Moral of the story — you can’t change it so go with it and rock it out as hard as possible — confidence is key!

  • Hey guys I’m going through the something, I keep looking to the mirror and cry it’s really bothering me my brother keeps on making fun of me when I try to look up on the Internet about how to prevent hair loss but I actually think this would help drink milk+honey, yogurt, strawberry, orange I hope it would help 🙁 I know how you guys feel

  • karandeep singh kullar

    I am taking homeopathic medicine right now. I am 21 and I have been loosing hair for last 2 years. Trust me guys: medicine does not help!

    I have been depressed about this and we all go through that. But I am speaking from experience. Let’s just stop caring. It’s just hair. Let girls reject us, let people make fun of it. What we need to do is NOT CARE and as the man in the audio said: KICK ASS!! I am stopping my medicine right at this moment and that is because it has triggered insomnia and skin rashes ans nothing more than that. I am proud to be bald!

  • Hey i’m 19 and my hair is thinning really badly, ive used propecia, dutasteride , rogaine and nothing is helping its just getting worse every week. i also have a skin condition called VITILIGO (google it if you don’t know what it is) since i was 14. I haven’t have i girl friend since i got vitiligo, it took me years to come to terms with it after serious depressing and as soon as i started getting my life back on track my bad genetics kicked in again and i started going bald.

    life isn’t fair for some of us….


    Seeing all of these comments, I feel a big relief that I’m not the only one out there. But it still doesn’t change the damn fact that I too have began this process. I’ve never discussed it with any other human being (if this can even be called discussing) because it has made me too self conscious about myself.

    I first noticed when I ran my hand trough my hair when I first turned sixteen, I saw hair fall on my desk, and brushed it off as normal. But then I looked all around my desk, and it wasn’t just one or two strands, there was at least a dozen. So still being the smug SOB i was at the time, I figured it was nothing. But this got me noticing it, I looked in the mirror, and could barely see my scalp but I still could.

    I thought I should just focus on the good things in life, so I didn’t focus on it. For about two months I started using a thinning hair shampoo which helped a bit, and never looked in the mirror. That’s right, for two months I never looked in the mirror, so I wouldn’t see what upset me. To be honest. I felt great, it felt good only caring about things that truly mattered.

    But, I’m a musician and often perform at concerts so that also means that photos are taken. I saw my photos on a website one day, and just couldn’t help but notice my high ass hairline. So I looked in the mirror again in late october, and I was horrified. It wasn’t just bits of the scalp now, I could literally see my skin, on my hair was thinner at the front.

    I feel stupid thinking that this is going to change my life for the worse forever and I won’t be happy, but sometimes I believe that it really is.
    I wouldn’t have a problem shaving my head if I was 25 or so, but I’m still in public school for the love of god! I’m sure you can relate to what I’m going through; that feeling you get when you walk in public, that even if eyes turn at you, you feel like they’re laughing. It really is heartbreaking, Life can be a total bitch sometimes.

    So yeah, if I was in my mid twenties I’d have no problem dealing with this, but I’m not. I noticed my grades have dropped too because I can’t focus as well anymore.

    I devised a plan for my future, I figured it would be right.
    I don’t know what my rate of loss is but I’d say I’m somewhere around an NR2 maybe pushing out of it even.

    So I think I’ll just start really working out right now, like really trying to improve my figure. Then, I’d improve my apparel so I look good with what I wear. I also started to really ‘hit the books’ lately, so I can get into a good school so I get more opportunities when I grow up, maybe this can boost my confidence. Basically, I figured that I would perfect everything about me other than my hair. I mean, I’d rather be a smart, confident, buff, slick guy with a shaved head rather than just some loser with a full head of hair.

    I also considered an MHT treatment, basically it’s essentially a tattoo that tints your scalp. The professionals use a needle with special ink to make individual ‘dots’ on the head to replicate shaved hairs, in the end it looks like you’re shaving by choice and I think it looks better. I’ve been going on the HISHAIRCLINIC website to read testimonials and people seem satisfied with the results, it’s reassuring knowing that it’s permanent too. I feel better for when my hair gets significantly worse.

    Sorry if this is considered a long post, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared my experiences with anyone, and this makes me feel slightly better letting this stuff out. Basically my current state in life is an average sixteen year old, who is experiencing a major set back in appearance. And in high school, everyone wants to look pretty for people.

    Like I said, if I actually knew someone with a similar problem, eve if they had a semi-high hairline I’d feel a bit better. But the thing is, I know no one! Everyone of my friends has beautiful hair!

    I’m kind of ashamed to admit that every time I see a friend’s hair fall out, I’d secretly pick it up and examine it (being the creepy friend I am lol) I was a person who was born with relatively fine hair and a high hairline so I was teased in grade school.

    If I could give any advice, it would be to focus on the important things in life, not just hair. Improve your other physical and other qualities, basically make yourself perfect in every single way despite losing hair. That’s my take on the whole situation.

    An associate of my dad’s once told him that the hair doesn’t make the man, the man makes the man.

    And I once heard a quote, “You can’t grow grass on a busy street.”

    That’s what I will strive to become in the future, one shaved, strong, smart, slick son of a bitch!

  • Casey

    I started receding around 14, and the worst part of the whole process is the first time someone notices it. I remember I wanted to puke when my friend told me I was going bald. I’m 18 years old now with a bad receded hair line and the top is thinning very bad, I can even feel the sun on my scalp during winter when my hair isn’t cut short. It’s very depressing, but just think about things that make you happy, things that can’t be taken from you. Think about things you’re good at and make a life around those things. It’s tough but, it can be done.

  • shahanoor

    I’ve been having hair loss since this year march and my hairs thinned and fallen out to 70% of what it was. What makes it worse is that i have folliculitus which will take years to keep manageable and may never go away this is accompanied by pain by touching ones hair and when the wind blows, i also have very bad dandruff which itches continuously this causes my hair to fall more then it should do know i am 19 and future looks slightly bleak. On the high note science is advancing so there’s two medications out there and many more to come 🙂

  • kelan

    i’m 25 and have significant hair loss on the top of my head. i started to lose my hair when i was 17/18, and although it was initially slow, i always noticed that i was losing too much hair then normal during my showers.

    i lost my dad at young age, so never really had any one to talk to when it started, and my mum dismissed it all the time. (and now says “just get a wig, it’s only £10! – thanks a lot mum!)

    I definitely agree with Spencer, focus on trying to be the best at everything else. hopefully over time you’ll come to accept that it’s happened and and you don’t have control over it (although i still wish i did).

    i unfortunately didn’t take the advice. at 15/16, i was very intelligent and very focused, but forward now to 25, i barely passed my degree, find work hard, and regret the fact that I could have done a lot better had I concentrated. do i blame it on my hair loss? yes i do. but at the end of the day it is as a result of my genes and so it was always going to happened. what was in my control, was how i would let it affect me. unfortunately i now know that i made the wrong choice.

    Spencer is right
    1. concentrate on your work.
    2. keep a routine in your life and stick with it
    3. if you want to achieve something, make an achievable plan and celebrate it when you complete it
    4. make friends with those who accept you for your personality
    5. never blame yourself – it is not in your control

    throughout the last ten years i never thought about my cousin, who is about 8 years old then me, and since i can remember from being a kid, he was always bald. the first recollection was when he was telling me his GCSE scores (secondary school examinations when you are 16) and he got like all A*s/As. now he is about 32, and works for this massive bank, flying between Melbourne, London and New York, and earning megabucks.

    I guess what I am trying to say, is that hair loss is depressing and can change your life and your dreams (just as it did to mine). but a strong person, like my cousin, did not let it make a difference to him, and now he has definitely won everything he wanted.

  • Sorry

    Hey guys i’m going through the samething and I’m still 16 I’m in high school as a junior I keep on punshing my self, I know it’s out of control, I keep on crying after I knew that there is nothing to do about it. I need to tell you something you guys THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO just keep on praying thats all you do

  • Was just browsing this page and thought id post my story for the first time. Ive just turned 24 , look about 17 , 5,8 and skinny ,and have been suffering with hairloss for a year and a half I guess I always had very thick hair then one day I was in the shower and noticed alot of hair on my hands and the shower floor I freaked out talked to my dad whos bald he didnt take me serious ,even my doc didnt take it serious :/ what makes it even worse was when I was younger id acne and was left with scars that I learnt to cover with my hair :)Ive had an emo sorta hair style , til last year then my hair started thinning fast, I notice it receeding and getting quite thin on top , I cant grow it long anymore if I do its like straw, I used rogaine, shampoos and pills, even home remedies ‘some are ridiculous lol’ but nothing has worked! girls dont even look at me lately I had so many hot gfs in my life the last one I was with for two and a half years,now ive trouble pulling an average girl :/ I buy this shit called toppik that hides where my scalps starting to show but doesnt really make my hair look thicker or hairline different, most of the time I wear a hat atm, its destroying my life its all ive thought of this last year and a half!im even on anti deppresents because of it .im really considering a hairpiece until I can afford a transplant and I guess that wont be for at least five years! And hairpieces look very realistic nowdays ive researched them alot they can be put on with a glue and stay on when your sleeping ,i cant really afford it but its really my only choice atm to get my confidence back:( I totally dont suit a shaved head , I wish it didnt happen to me :(all my friends have full heads of hair , only one knows of my thinning who sorta pointed it out to me one day , that kina made me feel even more ugly 🙁 , hair can really affect ones looks for sure, Im sure alot of guys pull of the shaved head look if there tall or well built , but im not one I look like a 17 or 18 yo 🙁 has anyone else considered hairpieces or a ht?i mean if I was 30 sunthin and it started to happen I guess I wudnt mind as much , its good to see that alot of other guys my age and younger are talking about it here I wish you all luck, thanks for reading my story

  • I started losing my hair at 19 and for 12 years, I have been wearing a hair system (premium ones) that are hard to tell that its fake and it feels great.

    You start to feel uncomfortable but after a few weeks of wearing it, you get used to it and your confidence comes back. Remember, hair loss you cannot stop it and I don’t recommend taking any medicines, like propecia, rogaine, or etc. Those are harmful and can cause cancer and impotence!

    If you have a nice round head, shave it all, and if your heard isn’t round as Vin Diesel, you should get an expensive hair system. Talk to one of the professionals and do a little research. Remember, take your time, and don’t fret, you are not a lone.

  • Mohamed

    Hi there guys just thought id share my story i was 22 when i started to notice i was going thin on top. But it really hit me when i was 23 i bent down to tie my laces and my sister said wtf ur going bald from that day i have never fully regained my confidence. I used to have thick hair on top now im left with more on back and sides and just a little left on top. Im not gonna i still think and feel depressed about it while im writing this now. I have not been in a steady relationship since 23 im 26 now but im slowly learning to live with it. I have a 0 cut every 2 weeks any suggestions if i get it bladed how often should i blade my head beacause with 0 it only looks ok for 2 days. At least i know im not alone 2 of my friends have the same problem plus the guys on here.

  • Zomby

    Hey guys… first off.. this site is amazing, thanks to everyone for sharing 🙂

    similar story to the rest (am 20)… and basically taking Saw Palmetto twice a day, along with a hair regrowth shampoo from perfect image solutions and some multi vitamin capsule once daily…

    so basically since I couldn’t find any reliable info about saw palmetto whatsoever, I decided to become the guinea pig… been 5 weeks into it.. hairline actually sort of receeded a bit more, but for the rest it’s pretty much the same… it will take time to show results if any so i’ll keep everyone posted and hope something helps so i can sorta help all u guys out too…

    used the shampoo only 4 times… don’t really know if it’s effective but I will admit my hair feels a little thicker and it leaves your hair nice and bouncy after the shower….

    but anyway… gonna test it out on myself for everyone here and whether i see results or not, will let u know in exactly 2 months!!

    Thank you for this forum!

  • Hey, great site,

    First of all, Steve, your 49 and have been bald for over 20 years and you still can’t get over it, and your sending post to people who are 16,17 going through the same thing who are handling it better then you, Mate, I’m sorry but you have much bigger problems than your hair, or lack thereof
    my hair started to thin when i was about 18 or 19, i can’t really remember exactly, i didn’t really freak out until i was about 21 i think, people had made comments like “your thinning a bit on top” for years but i never paid any attention to them, i just figured it was the way my hair parted as i would wear it pretty long, i’d even seen videos where i would notice it a little but denial would kick in and i wouldn’t accept it, i rememer it was about two months before my 22nd birthday and i was by myself in the house, i had just returned from travelling around the world by myself and had just started my first “real” job and i was brimming with confidince, i had relatively long thick dark blonde hair, come to think of it, it was a bit curly around the back and it looked pretty stupid 🙂 i got up for work on the monday and for some reason it was playing on my mind, my dad had mentioned something to me a few weeks earlier and i didn’t really pay much attention to it then, i got the little hand mirror and started doing some inspecting, thats when i freaked, i was definitely starting to thin, there was no denying it anymore, i rang in sick for work and spent the entire day with the hand mirror running all over the house to different mirrors inspecting the scalp from every different angle, i worried myself to sleep that night and convinced myself when i woke up things would be different, guess what, things were no different the next day, rang in sick again, this was a job i had just recently started by the way, and began repeating the same process with the hand mirror, after about an hour i grabbed my brothers hair clippers and buzzed it down to a grade 2, my mood instantly changed, i loved it , i am now 25, nearly 26, and i have the same style, i grew it out twice in that time and hated it so buzzed it back down, my hair has not gotten any worse as i have been treating it, i just keep it buzzed down, i’ll be honest it still has bothered me the last couple of years, but i do realise it is an inevitability and it doesn’t bother me nearly as much now, acceptance comes with time, i started with the buzz cut at the first sign of thinning, this not only helps make you hair look better but it also helps you psychologically as you get used to having very little hair, the buzz cut seems to suit me and i get a lot more female attention with it than i did with the long hair, even before it was thinning
    First of all, if your young and worried about this, go to your doctor, trust me, people will tell you there is no cure and to just accept it now, which is true to an extent, but there are ways to treat it. especially in the early stages of hair loss, treatment is most successful, it will not cure it but you can at least stave it off untill you are a little bit older and feel are more mature to accept it, if you feel you can accept it now, you’re better off, shave it and get on with life,
    People go online and get paranoid, they think that they will never have a women look at them, and no women likes bald guys,
    as you get a little bit older you will realise how untrue this is, some women don’t like bald guys, that’s true, some women also don’t like blonde guys, or fat guys, skinny guys, etc, whatever, you have to work with what god gives you, you have people who hide underneath caps and are scared to talk to women and they blame the fact that women won’t go near them because they are bald, that is pretty ridiculous, women won’t go near you because you have the confidence of a 14 year old schoolgirl, get in shape, dress well and walk with pride and I gurantee you you won’t have a problem, shy away and be scared to put yourself out there and you will, don’t go online and get yourself paranoid, with people complaining about no one going near them because they are bald, this is horses**t, , it’s ok to let it bother you, it bothers everyone who it happens to, but that’s about it, it doesn’t bother anyone else, the really ironic thing is that you will at one point appreciate that it started happening young, you mightn’t think it now but this will not destroy your life, not even close, you can use it to make you stronger, physically and mentally
    sorry about the long post but i’ve never actually written a post about it online before 🙂

  • hey guys…

    for ages now ive been looking in the mirror checking out my hairline…
    and everytime i check i think about all those stupid jocks you get in movies with like perfect straight hairlines.. how does that even happen?
    so iam 17 and i notice i usually get about 15 hairs that come out in the shower, ive searched it up and its “normal” but iam still freaked out by my high ass hairline that kind of makes my forehead look a bit big, and its not straight, its curved and i dont know if iam paranoid but i think my hair is getting thinner or not, when i lift it all up (my hairs kinda long) you can see the little dots in where the hairs come from.

    i have really oily skin so i tend to get random spots under my hair and i itch my head often, i’ll look about more for some avice from the internet.

    i think this site is a briliant idea, iam sorry if my comment comes of as me being really self obsorbed, i know there are many that are far worse of than me and if anything iam lucky.
    if theres one thing that might come of as usefull information to whoever might be reading this then i would say, try going for a piercing on your face to show your individuality and add to your more “rugged” look, ofcourse dont just do it purely for that… but if you were ever thinking of just getting one anyway then maybe this idea might push you towards it…
    but hey if its not your thing its no big deal, confidence is key no matter whats on your face!
    i was thinking of getting a lip piercing and now that my hairs being crazy i may aswell just go for it haha 😀

  • hey mat
    i have the sameeeee problem 15 hairs in shower that falls out
    man i swear a god im hating my life. why its gotta be me? why cant it be someone else 🙁 btw my hair curly

  • jordan

    I feel for you man…
    I was once in you’re position, i started around 19 and it was rough. I’m now almost 40 and became a doctor, have a hot wife, have 2 amazing kids. The point is I love my life and I am bald so you can too.
    Some pointers…even though it is hard, stop thinking about it and touching you’re hair constantly! Stop comparing yourself to others and staring at everyones hair lines! Seriously though that advice is good, take it.
    things will get better, stay positive, enjoy youre life.

  • I totally understand what you guys are going through. I have always had a generally high hair line, but the volume was fine right about to the time I turned sixteen, well that’s when I noticed anyway (Im still 16 as of now btw). And it does hurt, I really do get that.
    At first I could just see line of my scalp, like a regular one, but just bigger. I wasn’t worried, but literally only one month later, it grew; there were multiple lines and my temples are much softer now.
    I went to a dermatologist, he told me I had seborrhea, I was naive to think it was the only thing contributing to my hair loss. I was mistaken, after weeks of using special shampoo, the itches went away, the loss of hair did not.

    I bet some of you are thinking, “If I was 25 right now, and living on my own and up on my feet, I could easily deal with this.” I have. many times. I’m sure you also were teased in school about having a big forehead or weird hair, I have. It established my confidence at the age of 13, and when I found out I’m thinning, it has dropped even further. I guess I’m a bit lucky in the sense that nobody has caught on yet, but I fear that day will come. After the day I first realized, I have never got a haircut since (since August 2011). I’d have no problem shaving it all, but I would only look so much stupider at this age, especially in a high school.

    This may or may not help you, but this is how I’m coping with it.

    I haven’t fully accepted what’s happening, but I’m getting there all right. So I began to plan for the future, like most of you, I’ve spet countless hours researching a wonder cure on the internet, but couldn’t find jack. So I started to workout again, but REALLY hard, to not just get get a good body, but be ripped. Then I also started to hit the books, to get into a really good school after I graduate. Just today I bought a book by Dale Carnegie on “How to win Friends and Influence People” it’s supposed to be a really good self help book which teaches you how to improve your relationships with carious people. I also steered clear of shallow people at my school. I tell you, this situation totally changed my perspective on life.

    I look at some guys at my school with terrible haircuts, and just wonder why? Why do they get perfect hair and choose to make it so stupid, and “we” are in this small percentage of people who are losing hair at 16 years old!

    Basically, my aspect on life is to perfect every little thing about myself other than my hair. In other words, become jacked, make lots of money, be really smart, be an intriguing person to talk to, and to be a good friend.

    I mean seriously, it just hits you one day. The fact that there’s so much more to life than hair, and you completely understand. But the only thing wrong, is that you’re not ready to accept that path yet. And I think that’s where most of us are.

    I can’t even begin to imagine the next five years in my life. It’s depressing thinking about it. Like I said, if I was even, hell… five years older I wouldn’t mind that much. So I’ll just put the negatives out of my life, and to do so, I’ll associate myself with people who care more about intelligence and personality than shallow things like whether or not a guy has to have hair in order for him to get a date.

    I’m a musician, too. And I tell you, if you think walking down the hall at school is hard looking at the occasional grins looking at you… Imagine playing saxophone in front of 800 people with your bandmates and your 60 year old teacher whose hairline is about the same as yours.

    My advice: perfect your ever other quality. Imagine yourself in perfect form for a second. Now, take that same person, and minus the hair lol. Become that, that’s my take on it.

    ‘Cause frankly, I heard propecia causes erectile dysfunction in young men, and permanent impotence. Screw that, I’d rather my children share the same experience as me (in the future, where science is more advanced) than not have any children at all.

    I keep telling myself it will get better, I’ve yet to see it.

    There’s this one thing you might wanna consider checking out, it’s called HisHairClinic. It’s a company that pigments your scalp so when you shave all your hair you look like you’re doing it by choice. I’ve spent some time on their website. And it made me feel more confident for when it gets really out of hand. They’ve treated people who went through the same circumstances as us, so that’s always reassuring. It also costs around $2500, which is really reasonable compared to a hair transplants, and looks 99.9999% undetectable.

    Currently, my hairline has started to recede which is always lovely to see… especially after you take a shower. I think I might invest in some hair concealer, may Dermatch or Caboki. It looks cool and stays on long, the only problem is money. I’ce also considered Nioxin shampoo, but that costs like 50 bucks a bottle for one month’s use.

    This situation sucks for all of “us.” Just know that you’re not alone, and there is much more to life than hair. The hair doesn’t make the man, the man makes the man.

    Plus… If you think you have it bad, just remember that there are GIRLS in the same situation as you 😛

  • Zomby

    PERFECT IMAGE SOLUTIONS is a scam btw… i used it i think 3 times and my hairline receeded over an inch… it was completely fine before.. and thne I check for the website and it doesnt exist anymore… please steer away from it guys…

    all i’m doing for now is having Amla and Ashwagandha, 2 indian herbs and saw palmetto daily… hope it helps..

    but honestly.. i’m fed up with this hair nonsense… jujst gonna buzz it off soon.. i tried and hoped but it is what it is.. sucks but that’s life


  • Hi guys,
    Well, in my opinion balding is all a matter of three basic factors:
    1)hereditary factor —> Is the main factor responsible for hair shrinking , but does not specify the grade , or the age of baldness that a male will experience. It can be delayed by using products like minoxidil or finasteride with generally good results.
    2)Hair skin infection. About 60% of males that experience hair shrinking may experience a skin infection in the hair area… This factor is responsible for the total hair loss (complete baldness) . It can be prevented by using series that help the adjustment of hair skin conditions (ph, bacteria ) etc. These kind of infections cause the “skin” “attack ” it’s own hair, destroy new hair, and end up in complete baldness …
    3)Metabolism factor… Especially changes of the metabolic conditions of our body, might worse hair loss condition , like for example dealing with thyroid failures, could change the rate that our body produces or consumes DHT, and as a result affect our hair loss conditions.

    So if we combine all the factors above, we end up to this conclusion:
    If we experience hairloss, we must not delay to diagnose it. We must start using a product that will delay the hair – thinning process (like minoxidil or finasteride) , and at the same time most importantly, we should start using a product (like a shampoo) that will adjust our hair skin conditions, in order to prevent any kind of infections that will turn us bald in a heart beat… Finally , if we deal metabolic changes as described above, we consult our doctors and be very careful about the way that he will restore our previous metabolic conditions (eg not overdosing of medical treatment for thyroid failures) .

    So, I think that the best thing to do if we experience hair loss, is to learn living with it, adjust it by the ways described above,(vitamin based products have no major results) and out of recent researches, males that deal with hair loss, like that (early diagnosis, use of products to delay hair shrinking, to adjust skin condition, and to adjust their metabolism ) keep their hair on their head in a really good shape till their late 50s – or even their mid 60s.

  • It just totally sucks that my hair is thinning so much at a young age. My hair started to thin when I was about 13 when my school peers joked about me having a small bald patch on my head. I thought that it was only a joke until I realized A year later in 2009 when I turned 14 that all my hair was going away. It felt like the most horrible thing ever. When I asked my parents if they can let me go to a consultation and pay for treatment thy just laughed at how they both have more hair than I do. I soon got a fringe to cover up the front but the back of my head still has quite an amount that has no hair. When I turned 15 I got a part time job at a fast food restaurant and worked for a year so I can not only buy the things I wanted but also buy shampoos that will help my condition but it did not stop me from losing hair at all. I remember seeing quite a bit of hairs on my pillow whn I woke up and once when my mother was cleaning the house I saw amongst the rubbish there were quite a bit of hair. My parents never supported me and continue to ignore the seriousness of my condition, at school some people would say and laugh that I’m balding while some kept saying my hair was thin just so they can sound nicer but nevertheless I felt like crap when everyone had so much hair and I don’t. Now I’m 16 almost turning 17 in 2-3 months and my parents the other say have just said that although I’m 16 I look like a 30 year old.

    I try my best to look good by being interests in fashion and I have recieved a lot of compliments from girls about how well I dressed. I hit the gym regularly and lost around 10 kgs of weight which makes me look thinner. I have started to pack on muscle and get good grades at school although sometimes at school I still don’t do so well because I still get a bit stressed because of the lack of support from my parents, I also have no close friends so whatever bad things life throws at me I just take the full blow of it without anyone else asking me if I am ok. However at school every teacher and my friends think that I’m good at maths and English now because I have tried so hard. Although i have no close friends I generally act nicer towards people so I still have a lot of friends that hang out with me, invite me to parties and stuff.

    Although my hairless has crippled my appearance phallically and harmed me a lot mentally im still trying to find a cure and I’m still fighting. I’ll never give up. I’m trying to get less stressed over the hair problem now by doing other things like hanging out with friends, exploring fashion, reading novels and working out. I hope that there is some1 out there that can feel what I went through and what I’m going through right now. I hope that all of you who have hair loss will get better somehow so guys never give up no matter what even when all the odds are against you

  • Danny

    I used to have amazing hair, I knew all you could know about having a healthy hair… Heck I had the best hair of my school. It was long, shiny, soft, and it had an amazing natural color.

    Then, suddenly, it started falling out… I tried to change the way I styled it, and it helped for a bit… it looked good. It kept falling out… and I cut it shorter… it was less obvious that my hair was falling out… but now it keeps falling, even though I’ve started a treatment.
    It’s not falling as much now… but I notice the difference… My hair used to have so much volumn and be so strong that I hated it because of it… And my skin wasn’t that good… I’d get a few pimples and a few marks… I was all about my hair, and now that’s disappearing… I’ve talked with my mom… with a friend of mine… but I feel as if no one takes it serious… they don’t get it and it’s just desperating. Also… I’m gay, and I feel as if it’s going to make everything a lot more harder… you know, to find love. I just fear dying alone.

  • I’m in my mid twenties and had the problem since I was young. Back in high school, people always commented on seeing my scalp. I read the above, at posts made by people like Justin, and I’m proud of you guys who go out there, don’t give in to your ego, and just be yourself despite what other people may think. And, ironically, this mentality is what gives you confidence which actually allows you to make friends and get in relationships. I can testify to that, and really there are so many more important things than hair. In fact, when I shaved my head, I had more girlfriends than ever. This could have been because it gave me more confidence and I was finally happy that I went through with it, or that it makes me a lot better looking. A lot of girls like that rugged look.

    Hopefully this post helped – ultimately, you guys are no way alone. It’s how you live your life to the fullest… we are more powerful than we think we are.

  • im 18 and started receding at around 16-17. I went out wit a girl who i had obsessed about and loved deeply. The relationship ended which hit my confidence hard. My hair has thinned dramatically and had receded at the temples hugely. I have spent my whole life treating people how i would be liked to be treated and have a huge amount of friends. However this baldness has caused me to stop going out and i suffer from anxiety and even question ‘god’ why this is happening. Due to this i constantly smoke cannabis and are slowly loosing my dream at becoming a contracted football (soccer) player as my fitness has fallen. I feel depressed and even feel that im not good enough for anyone, my only wish is to be with someone who loves and respects me for who i am, and for the amount of evil people in the world who have everything, its not asking for much.My freinds joke about my hair and i get the impression that they dont realize how much it hurts me. This is also the first time ive ever posted soething on the internet oter than facebook. I needed to get this off my chest

  • Damien

    You know i started losing my hair at age 16 so you know what i did instead of feeling bad for myself, i shaved my head. I took all the abuse and jokes with stride, yea some hurt but who cares about all the shit heads in high school. i played soccer and basketball for my high school after i shaved my head i found a mature woman ( shes only a year older and was the top 10 in her graduating class ) who liked my bald head and she is now my wife. I am 22 now a Corporal in the United States Marine Corp and i am married and have a daughter please dont hide your baldness just embrace it be the person you want to be with hair is just cosmetic it says nothing about the person you really are remember that.

  • Philip

    I’m 16 years old, and my hair is thinning out on both scalps. I went to a doctor who after bloodtests proscribed me with Vitamin C concentrate, since I was lacking this particular one. In school, not many have noticed my slightly high hairline, and those who do often keep quiet.
    Going bald at 16 isn’t fun. I had already before complemented suicide, due to other motives, and after my realisation of hairloss I started to look for methods.

    Spencers statement really touched me. I’m an athlete, but I could definitely hit the gym more often, and I could definitely focus on my carrier a lot more, even though I have good grades.

    It’s never easy, to look yourself in the mirror and not recognize your own self. Having to adapt your haircut after your bald spots. It’s not something I enjoy, but it’s something I do for myself everyday. And everyday the spots get bigger, and my self esteem lower.

    It makes me glad to know I’m not alone, but it makes me so sad at the same time. To know, that so many youths have to go through this everyday, just sickens me.

    You know, people always judge others without second thoughts. They just judge them, and everybody does it.
    I am balding, and I’m coming to realise now, that it’s not the end of the world. It’s not the end of my life either, and even though it hurts to see myself in the mirror every single day: I do it because I’m me, and I’m never going to forget who I am.


  • Mario

    Don’t worry about your hair. It is dramatic when it first starts but you will get use to it. Remember that’s what men do. We have hair and then we lose our hair. I like to think Real men lose their hair. God just made the people that can look good without their hair lose it. Lol

  • Derron

    I started really noticing my hair line receding when I was about 20-21, I looked at pictures when I was 18 and noticed the difference right away. It wasn’t that bad until my mid 20’s though. I was barely holding on to the corners, that is where it really receded. I am in the Navy and I was deployed in Afghanistan when I needed a hair cut. The barber decimated any semblance of a hair line I had left, and after talking to one of my friends decided to just cut it off. So I am officially rocking the baldy lol. At first I was never to go home on R&R because I didn’t know what to expect from family and friends, but the funny thing is that everyone liked it. My sisters both said that I should have done it yrs ago because I actually look better. I get more play from girls and everyone I have talked to about it says it looks so natural, like I had a really good head for it. Word of advice, if your bald gotta be in shape, it looks better as baldness tends to be an overtly masculine thing. Thank goodness I am a gym rat as it works for me. Own your baldness, that is all I would say, as it can be a positive experience if you let it be.

    P.S. for all you young guys, girls don’t care if you are bald as long as your confident.

  • I feel bad for the boys that are losing their hair in their teenage years. I had a receding hair line in high school. I had long hair during my freshman and sophomore years in college and I was really happy. Then all of a sudden my hair started falling out rapidly when I was 19. I went to the doctor and they tested my thyroid hormone levels. It turns out that I was suffering from hypothyroidism. My hair loss stayed fairly stable until I was about 25. I’m 27 now and it’s been falling out strand after strand. I have pretty much nothing left in the front. I guess I’m somewhere between 3 and 4 on the Norwood Scale.

    Hair loss definitely runs on my dad’s side of the family. My own grandmother has bald spots on her head. I’m sure genetics are to blame for a large portion of the hair loss. I’m pretty sure my thyroid condition contributes to some of it.

    I think hair loss bothers people whether they admit it or not. It has destroyed my self-confidence and it has basically destroyed my will to live. I’m pretty much planning on getting a mail-order bride. I’m afraid to shave my head because my head is so fat. I know it won’t look good. I just don’t know. I am hoping to hell that someday I’ll be able to afford a hair transplant. They have something called hair cloning that they are working on. I am hoping that that becomes available in the next few years.

    It really bothers me that my mother doesn’t care about my hair loss. I think that she’s secretly glad about it because she never liked me with long hair. I don’t know what my dad thinks. He’s pretty much bald. My extended family probably feels glad that I’m balding too.

    Life sucks. But we only live 80 years or so.

  • What to do with life

    Man life is soo unfair. I start going bald when I was 15 but then I got used to it till I’m 16 right now. So I was sitting on the couch and brother came from behind to hit me in the head then he was like OMG I was like what ? He said man your going bald and it’s all the way to the middle and started to laugh at me. That really hurt me. Life sucks man :=======(

  • Lahkesis

    Same $hit happeneing to me
    It all started when I was 15 n now am 19 n am wearing hat 24/7
    EVEN while sleeping , I can’t cope with balding & I NEVER
    It’s disgusting n life is so fu€king unfair !
    N what I hate is when ppl spread $hit about ve confidant n whatever
    Such ppl r just as fake as dildos !
    I can’t deal with my hair loss issue since my lack of cash so I’ll just commit suicide
    It’s my life after all !!! I hate when ppl force there ideas n thoughts upon others !!! Just share ur opinion !!!!

  • Jake (Balding age 16)

    I am baliding at age 16. I see it all the time and it is embarrassing. I have a dick ass brother who always laughs at me and he is my twin. What I do is I accept by telling my friends “Hey I am going bald” and then I laugh a little. I am not fit, (I am toned) but they still seem to like me. If you let something like this affect you the way it is, dont. I understand that this is really hard, but find ways to cope with it. I used to have long hair, now I think I couldnt grow my hair back out. Find out a different way to get more people to like besides them looking at your head. For instance, I am a gringo in Dominican Republic. I dont speak very good spanish, but I get everyone to laugh because I am one of those people. Hang in there, I know it is tough

  • Man I’m 19 I’ve noticed my hair thinning back when I was 15 not thinkin anything about it I now feel so dam cursed like Im an amazing athlete I Iove cometition I play football and baseball but now my hair is so bad if it’s wet you can see the whole entire top of my head I quit sports afraid to goto college now I just got the girl of my dreams in highschool to be my girlfriend nd she doesn’t even know I don’t know how to tell her I just wanna give up really

    I have to shower nd immediatley put in hair spray so my hair can push to the side and actually look like I have a normal hairline and not almost clear bald on my head I used to be so confident man like nothin could stop me now if even the wind blows my hair will look like I’m 60 I fear It so much in public so I wear a hat almost 7/10 times I go out my gf always talks about my hat and my hair is so thin that if you took off my hat it would look so bald from the hat hair

    I don’t even wanna do anything anymore I fear spring becausemy gf loves to swim nd idk what I’m gonna do I sweat a lot so idk what im even gonna do when it gets hot because my hair curls then you can see my huge U type hairline and huge forehead from it nd my extra thin wet hair

    I’ve never cried a day past age 10 but man Now all I wanna do is giveup and cry for this curse I don’t even wannapply for jobs without hats that’s how bad it is I know my life would be a crazy ass adventure of traveling nd workin hard without it but now I feel like I have to wait till I’m atleast 26 to even walk out the door nd feel somewhat Normal about my hair no girl at this age wants a balding man no girl I love my girl to death we complete eachother in so many ways but I know if I told her it would change things not because she’s shady but because it’s no where near Normal I’m still a kid like I honestly just wanna sleep the rest of my life nd hide it sucks so bad and I probably sound like an annoying kid cryin about nothing but I honestly don’t know what to do with my life anymore and that’s the worst possible feeling.

  • Anonymous

    ohh man !
    I am 17 and have lost 30 % of hair. mainly at back and front.. front because i had an accident and this is the miracle that i am still alive.. GOD! why dint you just end my story on that day only 🙁
    the medicines that they used to give were having side effects but i didn’t know that at that time.. I have tried every medicine available on this earth.. every shampoo but none of them worked ..I am indian and thinking to go abroad for my engineering, i’ll short my hair because in foreign no one interfares.. I had been facing this problem since i was 12 but now the problem has increased..tell me any more pills or something so that I can slow this process of hairloss!

  • Guys,

    Enough is enough! We have to fight this and face the pain.

    Life sucks, I know. I’m 21 and noticed my hair diffusely thinning a year ago. I was jumped by 4 guys 2 years ago. Ever since then I was determined to get jacked and make sure no one else on campus would mess with me. 2 months later, I lost all my money gambling in the stock market (not too mention I’ve tried 6 business ventures since I was 16, including my own company and failed at all of them). 2 days later, my dad died of a sudden heart attack. And just recently, I had my heart broken by the only girl that ever understood me. She was a b**ch anyways (all girls are the same. DOn’t worry though, they mature…eventually). All for the past year I have done nothing but worry and stress over my hair. I’ve tried everything in the book from taking saw palmetto and beta sitosterol, iron, zinc, biotin, rogaine, propecia, and using nisim shampoo. I’ve even tried scalp massages with apple cider vinegar, msm, and cayenne pepper, head exercises, and sleeping with my bed at a decline all to get more blood flow to my scalp. Nothing worked. If you’re suffering from hair loss, try everything you can to stop it. At least if nothing works, you can sleep well at night knowing you tried.

    All of you teens are claiming you hate your lives and it sucks. I used to be the same way. I thought God had forsaken me. I don’t drink, smoke or party, I’m vegan so I eat well, so why did this have to happen to me? Why did all this other crap have to happen to me at a young age and none of these other dousche bags at school? Now, about to graduate from college, I have to get a job to support my mom. Yet 99% of these other kids have had a tough time like me or someone to support right after graduating- which I’m paying for my education with a ton of loans. I felt like a piece of shit and hated my life…

    but I recently came to a realization.

    I don’t hate my life. I hate the world I live in. Society has put this fear in us where we see ourselves as diseased freaks without hair- young grandpas if you will. We are afraid girls won’t like us and we will look dumb bald. Enough I say!

    F the world. I love myself. I’m a hairy guy too, with hair all over my shoulders, back, chest, stomach, and everywhere below the waist. Plus, my ears stick out. But you know what, I’m one of the most jacked kids at school and no one messes with me now. My head is shaved and I walk around like I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m still the same with everyone and all my friends. Nobody makes fun of me cuz if they did I would make fun of them back.

    Plus, look at all the people WITH hair that still look bad. I look better bald than half these kids with hair, and you all can too!

    1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are going bald, try everything you can to stop it, but if you can’t, ACCEPT YOUR FATE. Stop worrying, life is too short to worry about stuff.
    2. Shave it all off (BIC IT)
    3. Hit the weights hard. Get angry at the world that has tried to make you feel like crap. Go to the gym, don’t care what people think, and let your INNER BEAST COME OUT AND PLAY
    4. READ. I’ve read business books since I was 13. It’s true, bald men tend to be more successful. I think it is because we don’t have a choice. It is truly a traumatic experience at first that nobody understands. My mom wanted me to keep my hair until I graduated, but she had no clue of the pain I was going through. DO WHATEVER YOU NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL. Start with Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
    5. stop worrying about chicks. I’ve gotten more girls bald than with hair. I think when they saw me bald not giving a crap about anybody they all got wet. Plus I keep the body hair in control 😉 FACT-Girls do dig confidence my friends. Be yourselves with them. When you are ready to settle down, God will give you a good, young woman-not a little girl in school cuz all they’re good for is spreading their legs.
    6. Don’t blame God. He loves us. BLame the devil. He’s the one who wants you to feel like crap.
    7. Know you are not alone. WE are all in this together my brothers. NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!

    If I can get over this with my physical genes and all the other crap that has happened to me, you all can too. Remember, we have a gift nobody else has. Our bodies produce high amounts of DHT- a more potent form of testosterone that is also causing us to bald. Use it as a weapon to your advantage! BEcause it is more potent, it is more effective than regular testosterone. Thus, we can get bigger and stronger quicker than the average guy. LET YOUR INNER BEAST COME OUT AND PLAY! I’m like a bald wolverine and I freakin love it!

  • *Correction- 99% of these kids at my school have NOT had a tough time like me…

  • Jamie

    Hi Guys,

    Just came on this site and looked at all these comments, i started off feeling sorry for myself, by the end, felt great, i started loosing my hair at 14/15, now 19 and my hair is so thin and massively receded, i would love to shave it, but i feel im not at the right age to show off my patches yet, maybe in a year or two. i used to sit at the tv and think wow i would love his hair, or walk past someone and think the same, got to a point where i would look at someone even worse than me and still think the sme, then it hit me, i thought the same as their hair suited them even the receding guys, then i thought maybe mine suits me? i still hat my hair but dont dwell on it.
    i understand that hairloss is caused by testosterone, and in body building, you need testosterone. (steroids basicly = shit loads of testosterone) i started the gym wit a few friends, they have loads of hair, but for some reason, i got massive gains while they barely changed, i was being called hench after a couple months where as people didnt even realise my other friends were going gym. it might have noting do do with it and i might have just come up[ with a theory that is absolutly false, but who cares, believe that you can go gym and get better gains then the pretty boys. just believe you have what hey havent.
    and for those people that are fat… no excuse, the more mass you have the more you can lift, and the more mass you have, the more to turn to muscle. get to the gym everyone, you feel great after just a few months. people will focus on that rather than your hair.
    and yeah life might seem shit, but at the end of the day i completely agree that hairloss is just a wake up call to the people that are able to live amazing lives. and for the teenagers YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS girls may thik that the bad boys and pretty boys are hot… trust me, when you turn 19/20 and they still act like they are in school,, while you have a job and able to save money, get a car or whatever, while they ar still riding about on push bikes smoking weed. trust me, girls want someone that isnt a fag.
    being a teenager is a weird phase, and you may think that you want to end it all? forget it, get a job. can be anything, i took every job that was ging, paper round, chip shop, super markets, bar staff, i even workd at mcdonalds for over a year. but im that time my mates were smoking weed and skating…. i was at work, then bought a car, now im a paint inspector at the age of 19, because i put the effort in. i focused. i now go to the gym and have been for nearly a year. and i love it. takes alot of pressure away from you hair.
    i will be happy if this helps one person, i ran on abit but hey, hope it was a good read

    P.s this is the first forum i have ever posted in, so im a noob.
    take care guys and be happy with everything else in your life 🙂

  • Hey everyone,
    It feels great to read post after post about the exact same thing that I am going through. I’m 19 and consider myself an all around good guy-I’m doing very well at a good university, was an all-state golfer in high school, have always had a great group of friends, and have usually been pretty solid when it comes to the ladies. Ive never been insecure about myself except for one thing-my hair loss. I had a solid flowing head of hair until it began to fall out at the age of 16. I thought I was the only one who knew about my thinning hair until about 3 weeks ago when someone pointed it out to me. I kind of had a little bit of a breakdown about it-ive been doing extensive research for the past couple weeks and have come up with a gameplan that i hope someone can help me with. While I read countless reviews about Provillus being a scam, I have also seen the posts displaying the success stories. I decided that i’m going to try one product and stick with it for a while and if it doesnt work im just going to shave my head (i still have a good amount of hair but im thinking in about 6-9 months im going to be the balding kid). While i hope that I can be as strong as you guys say I should, i know that it is really going to hit my self esteem hard. Has anyone who reads these posts tried a product such as provillus to keep the hair that they have? I honestly dont care if I grow anything back i can manage with what i have now…but if there are success stories out there I would love to hear from you. I’m mentally preparing myself to give a casual FU to the person who points and laughs at my balding head, but I would like to keep my hair if i can. Anyways i hope someone can help me out but if not it is still amazing knowing that there are guys just like me out there!
    Thanks a bunch,

  • allen

    Im 19 and started going bald slowly at about 16, it decided to kick into overdrive recently. I usedd to have a long, luxurious head of hair and always said ” I will never cut my hair” but I guess my genes had other plans for me. I have had major surgery done on my kidney and my baldness is whats stressing me out.

  • Stiaan

    Hey Guys,I’m 23 now and its been 2 years now since I started losing my hair, I thought that with time ill get use to the idea of not having hair and that things will get better… Well, I am more depressed about my hair then ever!!! I cry myself to sleep every night about the way I look… Please HELP me, its killing me!!!

  • Daniel

    omg u guys are a bunch of cry BABIES! ….im balding at 24 and my head is fucking skinny looking and small too I will look totally retarded when I go 100% bald….I bet all of you people posting here got perfect sized heads and good head shape which I dont have….now stop being sad about going bald because at least YOU will look normal bald/shaved but I certainly WONT! im in ALOT deeper shit than most of you..

  • Patrick

    I started losing mine around 21. I was depressed, tried rogaine, etc.. even started getting a hair transplant around 30. Now at 59, I like it.. My wife likes it . All I can say is, I grew into it.. As I got older.. I’m physically fit, and just don’t care anymore.

  • My only advice for balding is shave your head, get in shape and your fine. Its hard I know, but once ur in shape and if you shave you really just look like your capable kicking ass and girls like that. Also smile, girls like that. If your middle eastern ill admit all of this becomes easier. And by your mid twenties it becomes even less important. Oh and dress well! And hats are ok sometimes, but make it a trendy hat not a baseball cap..

  • I think I am loosing my hair and im 21 years old and vein to say the least, because of the fact that this is the world we live in. I am trying not to get sad about this, it is not noticeable but when i run my hands through my hair it falls out…It just feels that before you can even get started in life, career and figure out what the worlds all about you have to deal with this, its hard to be young when your faced with something that everyone thinks only happens to older blokes. I’m glad im not the only one.

  • Jaysin

    Im 37, I started losing my hair at 15.
    Hairloss has made me bitterly depressed over the years. I remember a girl came up to me in class and told me not to ever have kids as I would be passing my faulty genes over to my kids. At 15 this made me feel worthless, I was destined to be alone forever.
    Good thing for you young guys is a baldness cure is not too far away.
    I may have gone through life with no hair but you guys will be getting stem cell treatment on your heads in less than 5 years.
    I’d like to say it doesn’t bother me anymore but the truth is it still affects my confidence and I still wear a cap where ever I go.
    I’m booking myself in to get micro pigmentation on my head in the next few weeks, hopefully it will mean the end to my shiny head.

  • sunny

    hey dude just chill there are crores of people in this world who are suffering in the same way as you are. Dont get depressed, look at guys like wayne rooney he lost hair very early but is a superstar footballer. My story, i m 22 years of age underweight i look barely 18 or 19, still single and i m losing my hair as well….is it not something to feel pitty about. But just dont worry 4 years or so the guys working on the STEM CELLS thing will definitely come up with something special

  • (SIB) Horseshoe

    Jaysin, please let us know how the scalp pigmentation works out for you. I would love to hear your critique of the experience. I was considering the procedure but then I was talked out of it. Best of luck and let us know.

  • Horseshoe

    Jaysin, I’m in the same boat as you. Lost my hair at a very young age (17). Right at a time where hair is probably the most important aspect of one’s appearance. Hair really makes you who you are. It is so transformative that a person with average looks and a great head of hair will out shine a great looking preson with little hair NW567. And I’m remined of this everytime I go cloths shopping and all the displays have a model or picture in a brochure with a super full head of hair. But it is what it is and we have to deal with the cards that were dealt to us. There are and always will be emotional scars from this youth robbing disorder. I deal with it not because i’m a strong person but because I have no choise but to live with it. It effects all of us in every aspect of our lives from meeting girls to getting jobs to making friends.

    Jaysin, can you let us know how the scalp pigmentation process works out for you as knowledge is power and the more we learn from each other and not just from advertisements and sales pitches the better informed we will be. I did consider having the proceedure done but was talked out of it. I still am open to the idea of it but I think in my opinion from one person I have seen up close who had it done it looked good but not great. He had a lot of hair stubble so it blended nicely. Where as I am a NW7 with no stubble to blend in. Spencer had talked about someone in Europe, I think Italy, that has a temporary scalp pigmentation that lasts approx 2 years. Just something to consider that can give you a second chance if you don’t like it.

  • vickyyy

    I have also suffering from the same prob of hairfall from last 3 yrs,
    its im 22nd yrs old,
    its now im bald
    & from last 3 yrs , its I changed alot
    before to started this problem…it was I’m different..I had different look..different thinking..overall I was so flexible to accept every challange & tasks…& had alot of fun n enjoying life.
    but now Im averting everything,,,even to go outside from home also.
    U all must know ,,how the worst feel it is when anybody laughed to u aft looking ur head,,,& frequently talking abt it
    Initially in college days,,,It I avoid somehow…but when frnds & other peoples,,,even the teachers also sometimes….then It I cant able to endure the pain & its so bad feel for me when my close one;s also did the same.
    I know …what im ,& what kind of winning instinct I have but…..But I cant able to explore it…in this kind of treatment & behaviour.
    I think im not a jester or entertainer for them who laugh on me always..
    but now Im so much in depression….& I hardly smile. this my depression already affected on my study alot.
    when I go outside, there is something invisible scary feel there in the mind.
    I really want to recover from all this hesitation & shame.& have to show them my power.

    Anyways Its I can reduced little bit of burden of my mind after sharing this thing here …where I felt ,im not alone.

  • Tee jay

    I started to loose my hair at age 15 and noe imbald age 17 i live in shame even my friends laugh at me behind my back i try t ignore everthing people say i pay for exspensive wigs also and my mom is goin broke over it im jst so tired of this life style

  • Jaysin

    I may have to wait until July to get this done now as I live in New Zealand and flights to countries that offer micro pigmentation are quite far away. I’ll give you my honest opinion on the outcome. I figure it can’t be any worse than the types of colouring I use to conceal baldness and it’s got to be 100 times better than wearing a wig no matter how good the wig looked. I don’t get how people on this forum can be so accepting about wigs but so anti scalp pigmentation, the thought of gluing a ‘template’ to my head with someone’s else’s hair on it seems far crazier than getting some tiny tattoos on my scalp. 22 years of baldness is enough for me, no one should have to go through want we went through, especially a kid.

  • Horseshoe

    Tee Jay, forget the wig. Go to the doctor and get propecia. You have a good chance of growing back your hair. If it doesn’t work at least you tried. Shave your head and hit the gym. Improve what you can improve. Get in shape, get good grades and do your best.

  • @paul

    What does being middle eastern have anything to do with it. I’m middle eastern and hairy as hell. I’m going bald at 21 and will look like a jackass with a shaved head and hairy back, shoulders, chest and stomach. Everyone else on here, be thankful most of you do not have body hair. I would give anything to be in your shoes.

  • I am 16 years old too, and I’m going what most of you are going through right now. It’s complete bullshit if you want my take on it. There’s supposed to be a very low chance of losing hair at this age, and we just so happen to fall into that percentage. I sometimes even laugh because of the odds of this happening in the first place.

    I imagine most of you searched for some kind of reassurance that you can regrow your hair, I did too. Quite frankly, lately I’ve been growing more and more pessimistic about the whole take. My part lines are pretty wide, in fact I can even see the individual hairs on my scalp when they stand.

    I think what I hate most about all of this is that it’s not socially ‘acceptable’ to be bald. I mean, of course there’s nothing wrong with it, but people wil think of you differently. I wouldn’t wish for a magnificent hairline right now, I wouldn’t wish for superb hair either, if I could wish for anything, I’d wish for society to simply not give two shits about what a person looks like.

    If you guys want any support, here’s my opinion on how to live well with your hair problems. Here’s some steps to follow:

    1) Educate yourself on human relations: find books, read articles, etc. A great book is “The Game” by Neil Strauss, I’ve yet to read it but I hear it’s great. it was also written by a bald man, and he’s essentially an expert at getting with girls, in that book he gives tips and advice. Another book is by Dale Carnegie – “How to win friends and influence people.” I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

    2) Be intelligent and interesting: at this age, do not stop learning now. Believe I know how it feels, the feeling of all hope being lost, it’s not. Think of this age as one chapter in your life that initiates the rising action, that makes your life so much more interesting. Just keep at it for a couple more years, it WILL get better. As one person said previously, would you rather be a loser with great hair, or an amazing person with amazing qualities that’s bald? Be smart, get a good job, have great qualities, that will reflect on your character and people will enjoy spending time with you.

    3) Work out. Get Jacked. Feel bad about your hair? Remember that hair isn’t your only physical quality, you can still look good. Girls appreciate a man who is strong, he makes them feel safe to be with him. Also keep in mind that majority of men will at one point in their life lose their hair to some extent. Seeing as you’ll get to that point first, you’ll have the upperhand. You’ll already know what all the remarks and insecurity feels like. Wouldn’t you want to be bald with a great body, than a typical Homer Simpson-image?

    4) Improve your look. One does not have to be handsome to look good. You have to remember that. I think a popular desire with us thinning teens is to get with girls, so I’ll focus on that. One does not have to be handsome to look good. What I’m planning to do is to invest in some hair concealer when it gets really bad. After extensive research, I think Dermatch will get you the best results for your money. When it get’s awful (your bald), shave it off, this will produce a fresh, clean look. Apparently it even makes you look younger (I don’t understand that logic, but whatever). Improve your clothing. As a teen, wear hip clothing. Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale: those are all great brands, the first three are more pricey but look good. If you want another alternative, consider a scalp pigmentation. I recommend “HisHairClinic,” people have mentioned it before in this forum. That one looks the most professional. Consider checking it out. Work on some facial hair, a goatee usually looks good, and wear some shades. This will draw attention away from your head. Get a tan too. Avoid the combover at all costs. If you still have hair like me, combing it down or to the side is good as long as it looks good. Combover is just absurd, even I laugh.

    5) Take the leap, and be confident. I find this to be the hardest. Own it, own your look. Forget swag, bring class. Bring a new element to the game, be your own character. Ever tried searching up “famous bald people” on Google? I know I have. My goal is to be one of those people. If I can’t have perfect hair, at least I can be a good figure in my ‘category.’ Remember this for the rest of your life: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE HANDSOME TO GET GIRLS. I cannot stress that enough. The best qualities of a person to a girl (from my experience) is confidence and a sense of humor. Girls do however, care how a man LOOKS. When he enters a room, do all of his bros greet him? Does he give off a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere? That’s what the girls really care about.

    Listen, I’m no expert at this, and you don’t even have to consider my advice, this is just what I think. You think you have it bad? I promise you this situation can get worse. Imagine this same situation but you have a life threatening disease, or that you’re missing a body part. (sorry lol.) Does that seem a little worse? Personally, I haven’t entirely figured out what I’m gonna do with my image, and that’s all right. My head shape is kind of weird, at least to my eyes. But I hear that almost every person with hair loss automatically thinks their head looks weird, in reality it’s not so bad.

    Imagine a muscular, tanned man. The veins are showing on his arms, and his shoulders are very broad. He’s wearing a skin-tight v neck that accents his figure. He’s sitting at the bar with a beautiful girl, they’re looking at each other, laughing at each other’s jokes. She keeps feeling his arms and smiling. He’s smiling back, you can tell the girl wants him. His smile just lights up the room naturally. He’s acquainted with the bartender, and has many friends. So they leave, he pays for her, and they go to his car. She’s impressed by the cool car he drives. They get in, and he pops the roof back to make it even cooler. As they’re driving on the highway, her hair is waving in the wind. Yours isn’t.

    What’s stopping you from achieving that? Study hard, work out, dress well, and be confident. That’s all you’ll need.

  • latinguy

    hey bros, I share the feeling, thinning hair since 14 and at 20 I went to hair club and got a hairpiece. At first I was astonished by how different and younger I looked. I was ready to take on the world, buuuuut, started having situations where people would make fun of me because I was wearing a wig… daaaaaamn it just doesnt end. First hair loss, now they say I have a wig, which is more embarrasing, my confidence has gone to the floor, Im 24 and still on hair club. You know what my psichologist said to me today, If you don’t accept your truth, you will never be set free. You can feel insecure all your life if you don’t decide to deal with it now. I was touched by those words, because right now my life is a sh$thole and got out of college, no friends, no nothing. What must I do? Accept my reality and face the truth, to hell what people think about you. Don’t waste your time on that, be the best person you can be, even if you’re bald, I’ve realized the more I try to hide it, the more miserable I get. Being 24 is worrying me cause I have not been able to get past my insecurity with this problem caused by ignorant a#$holes. I want you guys to put yourself in my position, having a wig, would you go back and shave it all off and get on with your life, knowing that people have made fun of your “wig” ? Please help me, I need to make a decision, I’m going crazy here !

  • anonymous1234

    Well I think we should all of this from a different angle… For some of us medications do work and make you look better but for some they just don’t and its ok… I was watching on tv this show about this girl who won like a big beauty contest and was completeley bald… she said something that i thought was quite imoressive about her hair “It may be short enough to cause worry, but life is too short to allow it…” and i think it’s true… we should focu on living life, having fun, get scars, have ups and downs… at the end everyone will be wrinckeld, old, and bald… 🙂 If we let baldness run our lives we will never live them fully…

  • I’ve always had a receding hairline since I was like 14 but now me at 16, nearly 17 you can notice it really bad, it’s worse because my hair is thic and Boffs out so I sleep in a hat and then apply wax to my and cover it up, but I can’t run or do sports, I want to shave it all off but I will look stupid because my head is big on the top, I’m a good looking guy but my hair just depresses me and REALLY lowers my confidence and ruins how I look, it pisses me off when I see an ugly bastard with a full head of hair, every fucking day I am pissed off with my shit hair. I wish I could shave it off but my head would look massive, maybe when I’m older and I look more manly I can shave it all off

  • DO IT

    I’m going through the same situation as everybody here & I’ve posted a comment up there. People were saying the best advice is to shave it bald. And I’m actually doing it in two weeks. By the way my ears are sticking out and my head ain’t that fixed but I look kinda handsome but decided to shave it all . I suggest you all do it too. Life Is too short to worry about some shit like this. Have a great day. This is my last time seeing or commenting in here. I’m gonna start a fresh life

  • Dodge

    There once was a time when my locks followed past my butt, cascading in masses of curls . . . . . The ladies loved it . . . I was a king crowned with a beautiful head of hair . . . . Then aw fook I started to lose my locks .. . . I hated the transition so I shaved it off . . . I have done ever since and it has enhanced my life . . . . . If Thine eye offends thee pluck it out . . . If thine hair offends then shave the fucker off and get the fuck over it! Some people lose limbs or organs . . . . . . . For gods sake hair s nothing . . . . . You will be liberated! And let’s face it richer too both financially and spiritually .

  • Matt F

    Hey Man, im Matt and im currently 20, i have had very similiar experiences that you are going through. First time someone pointed out i was balding was at 16 and it just got worse from there, the jokes, humiliation, mean girls, all that stuff that goes with it. I have been accepting it more and more over the past few months and it is far from easy. I have been wearing hats everywhere for years now and its very tough. Im a college hockey player (my xmas gag gift was womens rogaine) now so i have to wear suits for every game and that is tough with my hair but i found this product called Toppik that helps alot! Its far from easy, but listen to spencer’s advice, it even helped me to hear that from him. You can do it man were all on your side and dealing with similiar situations!

    PS: Girls love the confidence in a guy, not his hair! so get your life going in a positive direction like i have as of late and the rest will take care of itself! its only hair in the end.

  • balding to me isn’t just about my looks changing. truthfully, i really don’t care about my hair or my looks. what i care about is my life.

    balding to me is a sign of death. it is a sign that i am no longer youthful and growing, but rather maturing and dying. it’s really sad the more i think about it. the bigger picture is that balding makes us realize we aren’t as young as we thought.

  • I was a child model at age 11. It was great and then at age 15 something started to happen. My thick hair began falling out. By age 16 1/2, I had a bald spot on the top of my head. I wore a cowboy hat to keep looking kewl. By age 17, I was bald. In the mean time I stopped working out at the gym and ate. My waist grew from a 29 inch waist to …. are you ready for this … at 18, my waits size was 42!

  • Douglas


    I know there 20% of you men out there going through the same problem as I am. I feel your pain…I am 17 and have a reseeding hair line since I was 13, and have been balding since. I used to have long, thick hair but now…It’s less thick than it was before. I’m slowly becoming balder and balder…That’s part of the reason I dropped out of school…My long hair had a negative effect on me, and now I have to live my life balding in the front of my head, my high widow’s peak growing within each day, loosing more and more hair as I shower, and it’s so sad…I am going bald, and have been since I started growing my hair out. I’m afraid to cut my hair (Which is half-way down my back, in a ponytail) because it took it this long to grow this long, and it might take twice as long to grow back. I actually think my hair has stopped growing all together! It hasn’t gotten any longer since last year! And since I trimmed the split ends, thinking that will help, it DIDNT! And now it’s not growing anymore! People always ask me, “Are you wearing a wig?” And “are you balding?” I don’t respond. I am merely to ashamed to admit I’m balding at such a young age…It’s more on the left side…I just want to blend in with everyone else…I also have aspergers, (Mild form of autism that effects social skills and hand-eye coordination) So I have problems with making friends…And with my hair thinning, people always laugh at me and call me “balding” And “Wig-Man” And “You should wear a hat” I just…Want to be normal. I want a full head of hair again. I want my hair back. I’ve loved and lost in my life so much, and all my beautiful hair will be gone by the time I’m 23…I’m so sad, I deal with a lot of problems in my life, and hairloss Is just adding to all my stress…I’m always stressed out, I just…Alot of the time, I cry myself to sleep every night, knowing I’ll never blend in with anyone,and one day, I’ll be as bald as a billiard-ball. I’m so ashamed, that’s why I spend most of my time indoors…It upsets me that much. It hurts that I’m not beautiful. I just want hair again…And then I’ll be happy.

    Now, I don’t want medication. I feel that’s WAY PASSED UNSAFE. Someone told me it could give you skin-cancer.Also, I will NEVER GO TO SURGERY for cosmetic purposes. I’d rather go bald. I furthermore can’t afford things like Rogaine…I have severe dandruff and my hair just won’t grow back no matter how much I stimulate my scalp.

    Whenever I tell my parents, they say “It’s just a high widow’s peak, that’s just your hairline.” That’s more than that. They also say “You’re not balding, you’re supposed to loose that much hair” That is also untrue because I’m going to go completely bald when I reach 23…Someone help me cure my baldness! I can’t stand this anymore…I can’t go to a therapist because I feel that’s unnecessary, and besides, they’re just gonna tell me the same thing. “You should try rogaine,” “Surgery” “Wigs” “Hair transplants” I can’t take this anymore. Someone help me, I’d be very appreciative if you did. Thank you.

  • Dolph

    Good to find this site! I’m now 17 years almost 18, I realised my receding hairline at 16 , everyone was telling me ,but I didn’t really care, until one day I lifted my hair up and saw the beast! I was always hiding the hairline since, I tried to cover my hair across the hairline, it helped but until the wind was blowing and I was playing sports everyone could see my deep receding hairline with the white forehead. This took my confidence away, every time when I was talking to the girls I fixed my hair, they saw my lack of confidence because of this! What’s making it worse is the school rules, my hair is not aloud to go over my eyebrows, neck and ears! So I couldn’t really cover it that well, a week ago I decided to shave my hair of to a number 1 and just make it visible to every one. Now that everyone seas your hairline the hiding is over! And now its time for the confidence. JUst give up you can’t fight baldness! God made you like this for a reason. Life is short ! This rejection by the people is amazing, it gives you time to think about it life, and people won’t except you but the only One that excepts you is Jesus, get spiritual training cause in heaven know one would worry if you are bald, live for heaven, all this people that are making fun about you, they are sinning and making it worse for themselves! Try to hit the gym and bulk about so that no one can mess with you. Guys you can do this don’t give up on life, there is better stuff to enjoy! Good luck and share this website with your balding friends!

  • Arpit

    Hi guys , my name is Arpit i m 20 years old nd i m getting bald as hell , i m a student and very dipress these days i cant think about anything else and cant concentrate on my studies , i tried to find every possible cure and finally decided to go for hair transplant but the truth is it is a very expensive process and i cant afford it , i dont know why this is happening to me , i wish someone could fix this…………..

  • Blade

    Wow… I’m going to stop my complaining now. I just turned 38 & decided to shave my head like the old days. To my shock I noticed my hair is starting to thin in the front and a tiny bit in the back. Now that’s my hair has grown in a bit I noticed that I can’t see it as much now. It has been stressing me out because i had no idea it had started to thin. Once it grows in a bit more ill be bck to normal, but how long til i lose it? Im an actor so its been worrying me. I’m sure in the next few years there will be more options available.
    After reading these posts I realize I have nothing to complain about. I understand your concern and your pain, BUT… There is more to life than hair. The shallow women of the world! Trust me to don’t want them anyways. I know you don’t understand this yet, but all you need is ONE WOMEN! I’ve been with many. I can’t even remember them all. What did it get me? Nothing. May as well not happened. Don’t be a slave to your biology. Who fuckin cares what some stupid bitch thinks. Find one that loves you for who you are inside. We are all ugly in the end. Bald is not ugly.

  • Julio

    Hi everyone.. Life is fucked up as it can be… Im 15 and ive been losing my hair since age 14… its so depressing… i love Metal and Rock music and most of my heroes have extremely long,abundant and healthy hair. Its so unfair.. to make thing even worst im a short guy with weight problems. My father and my brother are tall and have hair. I feel Helpless and lost…

  • I need advice, please. I’ve been thinning since the moment I turned sixteen it seems. I feel like a social outcast; I was teased for having a high hairline as a kid so I guess that’s what sort of established my confidence. I would always think people are judging me, and I’m insecure. The worst part is I don’t want to be, I don’t want to have to feel like I’m obligated to impress people. This is what most of my childhood was like. Not too good with the girls either, I feel like a social outcast. I want to accept my situation, but I just… don’t want to at the same time. It’s hard for me. It’s making focusing on my grades hard too, and on my future. I would imagine I spend about 50% of all my thoughts thinking about it, that’s how it feels anyway. What can I do? Is there anything that will make the process easier? I know there’s more to life than just hair, but it doesn’t feel like it right now.

  • Hang in there buddy. I, like you and many of other posters here, started to lose my hair when just before my senior year of high school when I was 17. I figured I would lose it eventually (everyone on my dad’s side of the family is bald – even my grandma) but it was a shock to have it happen so quickly. I have come to the conclusion that a break-up with a first love at the time caused so much stress that it jump-started the process.

    At first, I was in complete despair. I hid under ball caps, I wouldn’t go to places or do activities that involved taking off my cap. I became depressed, anxious, self-deprecating and jaded. Eventually my mother noticed and she took me to the doctor but they recommended over-the-counter products. I didn’t use them.

    Eventually I went to one of the hair club places. I got fitted for one of those really expensive ($2000!) wigs that is glued to your head. I hated it. It didn’t feel natural and it left me with the same anxiety (“will they notice this is a wig?”). It was THE biggest waste of money ever.

    I would only take jobs where I could wear caps, during college I wouldn’t take classes if the teacher didn’t allow caps.

    This was my life, I let my hair control me for the better part of six years. Eventually, I realized that it was ruining my life. I was missing out on life. I finally razor-shaved my head and boy, was it liberating. At first I was concerned with having a tough-guy, skin-head image because that wasn’t me. But I quickly learned it is more about the way you dress and carry yourself that more defines your image – not what is on your head (saving wacky hair-dos and exotic colors.)

    Much like tattoos, today’s society is more lax about shaved heads. My advice to my brother (who is now also going bald – granted, at a later age of 24) that if it bothers him, take control and buzz it really short or go the distance and bic it. If you keep a tan head or are darker skinned – it isn’t very noticeable how much hair you have on top.

    As for women, younger girls are seldom more concerned with anything except boys and partying. I found that when you get into college, and later (like me, I am now 26) woman are more concerned with personality, job security, social-skills, family values etc. than with how many follicles are on top of your head. It gets easier. A lot of woman simply don’t care much about hair. Of course there are exceptions, some women just aren’t attracted to bald or balding men – much like some men just aren’t attracted to woman with no butt or small boobs …. its just personal preference.

  • Cydney

    I feel your pain, I am a 17 year old girl who has been suffering of patchy baldness since I was 15 in the back, which can be covered. However, I have recently discovered it in the front and can no longer make it go away. I am afraid that I will over time lose too much to bother keeping my hair at all. I just think, what if by the time I am over 25 I will have to resolve to wearing a wig, or even younger? How can I feel beautiful like that? It’s only on my scalp, not on my body, and I have no clue what it is or how to stop it. However, my mom is totally supportive and is helping to find the cause and then a solution. I am so lucky.
    Stay strong! I hope you can find a cure or a way to live without hair.

  • Leonard

    Hi everyone it’s so good to hear all of you share your own experiences
    I am 17 and started losing hair since 15. It’s going very rapidly, so probably I am going to lose half of the hair on my head by 18. My father started balding at 19.

    When I first noticed it I thought of medication……Then I thought again, you are not going to take pills for your entire life-it’s just so fucking disturbing and not manly at all. I say to my hair, fuck it, I am shaving you off and work out.

    I used to be obese and achieved bad scores ever since high school. But now I’ve lost weight and been doing well in academics. I have NO female friends at all but almost every male likes me for my braveness and frankness. People seldom joke about me-I guess I just scared them off!

    Now I plan to study English in college, so blessings to everyone. Just remember your appearance isn’t everything. You may suffer from words and jokes for a while but they value none. Only you can judge yourself. Never let anything so shallow to control you……Lots of girls are bitches that care about how you look, but there are those who don’t.

  • if you all want your hair to stop falling out stop eating food with soy in it. Baldness is caused by estrogen, not dht. Block your estrogen and raise your natural testosterone with maca.

  • I’m 17 and going bald too…join the club. People don’t make fun of me, but they do notice. Kids rub my head, or say “wow, you hair’s thin”. They know I’m balding. It doesn’t seem to hurt me much though, girls seem to be attracted to me and nobody makes fun of me (perhaps because I’m 6′ and pretty muscular). I’ve never been especially good looking, so it doesn’t hurt me there. I think it’s worse for short, skinny,or fat kids. My advice is to get good at stuff and you’ll be popular no matter what, do a sport or an instrument or something.



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