• Speed Seduction, Ross Jeffries, and The Bald Truth About Meeting Women

    Spencer and Dave speak with the original master pick up artist Ross Jeffries, and takes a call from TBT fan Tee Jay. Tee Jay  believes he’s been having trouble meeting and connecting with women because of his height and asks Jeffries how he can overcome what he considers a life long personal liability. To learn more about Ross Jeffries and speed seduction, visit: http://www.speedseduction.biz

  • Hair Loss Has Destroyed My Life: Jake’s Story

    I am writing this on a Saturday night. Even 2 years ago I would be out on Saturday nights being social and loving it. I was a senior in high school then with absolutely no signs of hair loss, and looking forward to everything the future was going to bring me.

    That was then, and now a completely different story.

    I am ONLY 20 (not 25, 26) years old and within only 2 years have almost gone completely bald with diffuse male pattern baldness. Everyday my life is a struggle and its slowly ripping me apart. To make matters worse, there are no signs of hair loss in my family. Hair loss has changed my life so much its really amazing. People started making comments my first year of college and I just ignored it, but when my hair really started going I started to have panic attacks and soon I was forced to move back home and leave that college. Read more ›

  • Misleading Hair Transplant Advertising: The Before and After Con Job

    Have you ever seen a set of before and after photos and thought to yourself, Wow, that product must really work! It’s difficult to find fault in a product’s effectiveness when the evidence is so compelling. Yet the hair loss industry has been duping consumers for decades with photographs that tell stories of extreme success, but are based in nothing more than sheer and utter deception.

    Nowadays, most consumers are aware of photo-retouching software and understand that images can easily be manipulated and touched up to resemble something other than reality. However, when an ad proudly declares that the photos haven’t been altered in any way, what’s a consumer to think? The photos must be real, and therefore the product or service must really work! Read more ›



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