• This Week On The Bald Truth – August 17th – 8pm Eastern

    Special guest: Master pick-up artist, seduction guru and social interaction coach, Wayne Elise.

    Wayne “Juggler” Elise is a contributing author and key character in investigative reporter Neil Strauss’ New York Time’s Best Seller, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists.

    This how-to autobiographical bible of sorts, chronicles one man’s journey from “average frustrated chump” to “master pickup artist” using techniques devised by a network of men frustrated by their incompetence in sexual seduction.

    One of the most influential members of the seduction community, Wayne Elise is revered by countless men, young and old alike, whose lives have been completely transformed by his teachings and techniques.

    Wayne Elise has also written articles and commentary for Esquire Magazine and Blender, and is the Founder and CEO of Charisma Arts.



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