• The Hair Transplant Black Market – UK Consumers Are Prime Targets

    While the entire hair transplant field is a difficult place for consumers to navigate, there are few markets that are as dangerous and confusing as the UK hair transplant industry. Cosmetic surgery tourism has all but overtaken the market offering UK consumers inexpensive and in many cases, dangerous alternatives to staying local and finding a truly qualified physician and a state of the art facility. Spencer Kobren and Spencer (Spex) Stevenson, speak to a prospective patient who was set to travel to Turkey for his hair transplant until he discovered the truth behind the flashy marketing and appealing pricing of the unregulated cosmetic surgery tourism industry.

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  • Hair Transplants 101 – Go With Your Gut

    If you’re scheduled for hair transplant surgery, but are having second thoughts for any reason, the rule of thumb here at TBT is “go with your gut.” Spencer Kobren and Joe Tillman take a call from Alex, a BTT forum member who was minutes away from boarding a plane to Istanbul and chose to turn around, get back in his car and cancel is scheduled procedure. While state of the art hair transplant surgery has positively and profoundly impacted the lives of of many, there is nothing wrong with waiting and if things don’t feel right, sometimes leaving that deposit on the table is money well spent.

    ‘s The Bald Truth is internationally syndicated through the GFQ Network



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