• Hair Loss – The Future Is Bright, But Still The Future

    Spencer Kobren takes calls about the future of hair loss and the hair loss industry, and speaks to the importance of not putting your life on hold in hopes that a “cure” is right around the corner.

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    Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth is internationally syndicated through the GFQ Network

  • Spencer Kobren – Hair Loss, A Cancer Of The Spirit

    This week on Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth, Spencer discusses an email he received from an 18 year old guy who began losing his hair at the age of 15, and who has learned to come to terms with living life as a young hair loss sufferer. Later in the show, Joe Tillman calls in to give his thoughts and to give Joe from Staten Island a piece of his mind for continuing to say that hair loss is a worse fate than cancer.

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    Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth is internationally syndicated through the GFQ Network

  • The Hair Loss Medicine Show and Smart Consumerism

    Buyer Beware

    Television is packed with them, the Internet is bursting at the seams with them, and print ads and junk mail bring them into your home en masse. They are hair loss snake oils, gimmicks promising products that will cure, stop, or otherwise end hair loss. Sadly, most companies offering such hair loss products and services are unethical and their ultimate goal is not to cure hair loss, but to finagle money out of your wallet.

    Smart Consumerism: Three Simple Rules

    The first rule of smart consumerism is don’t believe everything you hear. Many companies will tell you their product is “the number one cure” or “top selling” item in the industry. Saying something doesn’t make it so. While there are some rules and regulations about how companies can represent products through advertising, there are endless loopholes and ways in which these companies can manipulate language to present their products as effective or useful when in fact, they are neither. Read more ›



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