• Speed Seduction, Ross Jeffries, and The Bald Truth About Meeting Women

    Spencer and Dave speak with the original master pick up artist Ross Jeffries, and takes a call from TBT fan Tee Jay. Tee Jay  believes he’s been having trouble meeting and connecting with women because of his height and asks Jeffries how he can overcome what he considers a life long personal liability. To learn more about Ross Jeffries and speed seduction, visit: http://www.speedseduction.biz

  • This Week on The Bald Truth – August 30th 8pm Eastern: Ross Jeffries

    Special guest: The Original Master Seduction Guru and Pick Up Artist Ross Jeffries.

    As far as the seduction community is concerned Ross Jeffries started it all. Featured in Neil Strauss’ New York Time’s Best seller,  The Game, Ross is credited for being the founding father of the seduction community.

    According to famed film director Paul Thomas Anderson, Jeffries was the main inspiration for Tom Cruise’s character Frank T.J. Mackey in the 1999 film Magnolia .

    As the author and creator of some the best known seduction books and audio series in the business, Ross Jeffries has provided countless men with the skills needed to meet women that most men only dream about.

    Jeffries has been featured on local and national television for over two decades. Some of his appearances include, The Phil Donahue Show and Montel Williams.



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