• FUE Hair Transplant – First Live YouTube Surgical Event

    IAHRS accepted member Dr. Alan Bauman will perform the first-ever hair transplant broadcast live on YouTube TODAY November 18 at 1pm EST. YouTube “Weblebrity” Kevin “Nalts” Nalty, whose videos have been viewed more than 240 million times is going in for a second time and has been kind enough to participate in this live event.

    This interactive broadcast will be co-hosted by Spencer Kobren and GFQ Broadcasting Network’s, Andrew Zarian and can be viewed worldwide on YouTube, thebaldtruth.com and through the GFQ network.

    The broadcast can also be viewed and listened to on most smart phone devices and tablets through recourses including Itunes radio, Stickam,.com, Ustream.com or by going to www.GFQlive.tv.

    Call our studio line 1-888-659-3727 to speak with Dr. Bauman and Nalts during the procedure or join us in the chat room to interact with other hair loss sufferers and industry experts watching the broadcast.

    Hope to see you there!

  • This Week On The Bald Truth 11/1/09 – Actor, Writer, Director Greg Benson

    Actor, writer, director Greg Benson joins the guys to discuss his upcoming hair transplant with IAHRS Accepted Member Alan Bauman, M.D.

    With a background in sketch comedy, Greg Benson has become one of YouTube’s most well known personalities. You also might recognize Greg from his appearances in countless television commercials including a series of memorable KIA spots.

    Behind the camera Greg directs the decidedly un-PC comedy “Retarded Policeman,” “Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show” (distributed by Sony), and “The Guild” (winner of Best Online Series at the YouTube, Yahoo & Steamy Awards)

    Dr. Alan Bauman will also be joining us along with Youtube Celebrity Kevin “Nalts” Nalty to give us the 411 on his recent hair transplant with Dr. Bauman.

    This is a show you won’t want to miss!

  • Tonight on The Bald Truth 8/16/09 – The Future of Surgical Hair Restoration and Patient Education Is Here

    Tomorrow, August 17th 2009, hair loss sufferers from around the world will have the unique opportunity to witness a live FUE hair transplant surgery performed by IAHRS accepted Member Dr. Alan Bauman of Boca Rotan, Florida. The recipient of the hair transplant will be none other than online video and social media marketing guru, Kevin “Nalts” Nalty.

    Nalts, a YouTube legend with more than 90 million views on over 800 videos (YouTube.com/Nalts) has chosen to share his hair transplant experience with the world in order broaden hair loss awareness and the idea that it’s okay to care about your hair loss and to do something about it. Read more ›



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