• Hair Transplant Infomercials – Selling The Dream

    It is no secret that the questionable side of the multi-billion dollar hair loss industry actively preys on our feelings of desperation, vulnerability and fears about losing our hair. They are literally banking on the fact that most hair loss sufferers will do and try just about anything in hopes of effectively treating their hair loss.

    Recently a forum member of Baldtruthtalk.com voiced his concerns about surgical hair restoration infomericals in a thread titled, “Infomercials on Hair Transplants.” His post presents some thought provoking questions about society’s perception of hair transplant surgery.

    Listen to Spencer Kobren’s audio response here, or click onto the forum to read and comment on the thread.




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"Spencer Kobren's nationally syndicated show "The Bald Truth" has a dedicated listenership that would have Rush Limbaugh pulling his hair out in envy." --Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


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