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A very personal matter…

What is more important than understanding the problem… understanding how to fix it…

Modern Hair Restoration has come a long way and many doctors are now well trained in and by the industry to advice or perform corrective procedures. Hair Restoration surgery is much more than a technical operative procedure… it is an art and a very personal matter… a personal creation by the surgeon, using fine surgical techniques combined with artistic flare and interpretation.

Many doctors trained to perform the technical procedure, but outstanding natural results are mainly achieved by those practicing Hair Restoration as both a science and an art.

The best way appraising this lies in the before and after studies and results achieved and by personally contacting clients of this particular doctor to get an understanding of expectations and results achieved. Making an informed decision and forming a concept of what can be achieved by whom is indeed a very personal matter…

Dr. van Eeden and his team at the Hair Loss Restoration Institute (HRInstitute) and the MHS Clinic (Scalp Micro Pigmentation Clinic) in Dublin follows a culture of transparency and high level best practice of international standard. Interested parties are encouraged to contact clients of similar age and concern who had a Hair Restoration procedure performed by the clinic.

Simplicity of effective surgical technique is the key when a formal hair restoration procedure is indicated. The back ground training, experience and fine motoric skills of the surgical team are key to a successful natural result. In the HR Institute we perform only one procedure per doctor per day and the doctor personally conduct all of the procedure – harvesting and transplant. In this way we ensure that the patient’s personal expectation and well-being is best cared for.

An excellent result start with a good and thorough consultation, assessment and understanding the expectation and whishes of the client. Add to this a fine surgical team under the direct care of a well trained and qualified doctor and you can expect a very successful hair restoration and a natural appearing head of hair.

Dr. van Eeden and his team is well experienced in welcoming clients from the USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Brasil and the U.K.


Dr. Sam van Eeden completed his basic medical degree at the University of Pretoria in 1986 and was awarded the degree MBChB. He further completed a research degree in Science and was awarded the degree BMedSci by the University of Pretoria. Dr. van Eeden worked as an SHO in rural South Africa where he gained extensive experience in General Surgery, Dermatology , Plastic Surgery and burn wound management.

He was appointed Superintendent of the Hospital before opening his own private clinic where he worked as the Senior Medical Director until he moved with his family to Ireland n 2002.

In 2007 Dr. van Eeden joined the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons and started his training under the personal direction of Professor NorEldin, Professor in Plastic Surgery. Dr. van Eeden further attended numerous personal training courses and sessions with a number of leading Hair Restoration Surgeons worldwide including Dr. Bijan Feriduni, Belgium.

Dr. van Eeden dedicated his further training to specialise in the FUE technique from October 2010 and has qualified to become one of the leading FUE specialist Physician Hair Restoration Surgeons in Europe. Dr. van Eeden pursued his further continuous medical education and followed a strict academic program to prepare himself for the international examination of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Dr. van Eeden successfully passed the ABHRS / IBHRS board examination in 2013 and became a Diplomate of the ABHRS / IBHRS. Dr. van Eeden became the first Irish Doctor with this qualification and one of only a handful of Doctors in Europe with this international qualification. The ISHRS recognises the ABHRS/ IBHRS qualification as the only formal qualification in Hair Restoration Surgery. To comply with the criteria for the examination the candidate has to present 50 detailed cases performed and list 100 case studies to be reviewed by the Board. Only candidates complying with the highest standard and results are then allowed to do the oral and written examination. This prestigious award is conferred to only a very few Surgeons in the world that distinguished themselves as leaders and ethical practitioners in the field of Hair Restoration Surgery and that passed the ABHRS/IBHRS examination.

Dr. van Eeden is the Medical Director and Head Surgeon of the Arte Novi Clinic. Dr. van Eeden is registered with the Irish Medical Council and is personally managing all Hair Restoration consultations and procedures.

The consultation and procedures

During consultation specialized imaging equipment is used to record and assess your particular concern. The Folliscope is further used over the following months to scientifically measure your progress made and to measure the progress of each treatment. Following a scientific assessment of your concern Dr. van Eeden will provide you with best practice advice on medical and or surgical options of treatment. As a qualified Physician Hair Restoration Surgeon Dr. van Eeden offers best practice advice on non-invasive therapies including Finasteride, Dutasteride, Pantostin, Minoxidil and other therapies.

Dr. van Eeden and his team specializes in the high density FUE procedure and performs 3500 FUE in a single day procedure or 4500 in a two day session.

Daily transplant procedures vary from 1500 FUE grafts to 3500 FUE grafts. It is now possible for the team to perform high density transplants of 65 FUE per cm2 for eyebrow transplants.

The importance of a natural looking hairline and framing of the face enjoys special attention in the Clinic. Dr. van Eeden would as part of the pre-operative preparation discuss, design and confirm all aspects and particularly that of the natural frontal hairline with the client. Designing and creating a natural looking end result needs an artistic and imaginative mind and fine surgical skill. Our many happy customers would gladly share their impression and satisfaction in this regard with you.

Although aesthetic hair restoration procedure for male and female pattern baldness makes out the gross part of our work, we would perform eyebrow restoration, beard and moustache, sideburns, sports injury scalp scar restoration, scar camouflage after facelift procedures and accident scalp loss injury repairs very regularly on a monthly base. Restoration of FUT scars makes out 10 % of our restorations. These are brilliantly restored using the FUE method combined with specialized techniques to reduce the actual scar size during the procedure.

Our female hair restoration program is hugely successful and makes up 15% of our restoration work. Again the specialized skin restoration techniques offered pre- and post operatively has made a significant difference to reduce the risk of shock loss commonly experienced in females. These techniques applied in mature males further increased qualified transplanting success of the follicles. These techniques are currently formally researched in the Clinic as part of a regulated academic program.

Dr. van Eeden and his team attended the New Hair Institute in Los Angeles. Dr. W. Rassman and Dr. Jae Pak conducted the personal training of Dr. van Eeden and the staff in the Scalp Micro Pigmentation techniques in 2013. This very new and exciting treatment using SMP as a stand alone treatment or in combination with hair restoration surgery is providing excellent results and enhances a natural head of hair appearance.

The clinic was exclusively built for Cosmetic Surgical procedures and the needs for Hair Restoration services. This provides clients with privacy, care and high level medical service.The clinic and staff

The Clinic and Theatres comply with the new EU Standard CEN/TC 403 for Class II and Class III facilities and you can be assured of the highest level of regulated technical and medical care.

Dr. van Eeden consciously decided in 2010 to create a facility to provide exclusive FUE procedure techniques for the growing demand for this type of procedure. The dedicated team of advanced trained staff were handpicked in 2010 and has since became an integrated part of the success of the HR Institute FUE mega session team. The team has gradually improved in skill, technique and knowledge base and can compete with confidence with the best of FUE transplant teams in in Europe.

It is possible for Dr. van Eeden and his team to deliver on a par as many FUE grafts per session as can be delivered with the FUT strip method in a session.

Our Clients

Who are our clients? Mainly clients who demand or whish to have small or large mega sessions of FU transplants done using the FUE graft method. Clients who do not want or are not interested in the FUT strip method.

About 60% of our client base is from outside Ireland. Our outstanding standard of best practice, historic reputation of excellence, friendly staff and ease to access our services have made us a popular destination for Europe, the U.K and the USA.

With the recession in Ireland our market offering has became extremely competitive and attractive to clients in Europe and the U.K. Our first Clients from the USA arrived in 2012 and the ease to fly from the USA with a direct flight to Dublin has made the USA market a very feasible target for our competitive pricing and service delivery. We also welcomed our first visitors from South Africa and Brazil in 2012.

Arriving in Dublin, you will be collected at the airport by one of our friendly representatives speaking the language of your choice. The clinic is just 15 minutes away from the airport and located in one of the most beautiful traditional Irish villages, Malahide. With the Malahide Castle walking distance from the Clinic and Hotel your company and you can enjoy the best of Irish tradition right where you recover. The Grand Hotel in the center of the village offers you traditional Irish hospitality on the doorstep of the Clinic with our doctor calling to your room daily during your recovery.

We have advanced the transplant techniques and post operative management to the effect that very little swelling occurs post operatively. The skills and experience of Dr. van Eeden with burn wound management and advanced skin restoration training is playing a major part in excelling wound recovery post operative. This allows our Clients to be up and out on day two post operative and ready to travel with no bandages or swelling on day three.


The principles of the “State of the art” hair transplantation surgery were well taught by Dr. Feriduni. Dr. van Eeden and his team would like to give credit to the teachings and techniques taught by Dr. Feriduni and Professor Nor-Eldin and their unselfish sharing of knowledge and skill to establish the reputable standard of practice found in clinics like this.


Member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)
Member of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery (IAHRS)
Member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
Member of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ESHRS)
Dr. van Eeden is recommended by The American Hair Loss Association

Dr. van Eeden is recommended by The American Hair Loss Association and The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. .



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