• Hi Spencer Kobren,

    How are you? I recently started to hear your radio show on-line and I recently picked up your book that you wrote. I am so grateful to know that an actual succesful individual who had hairloss, battled it and is out there to help others that are going through a time of loss in their appearance. I thank you for your time and patience, God Bless you! To get started, I am about 22 years old now and have had a situation of thinning hair since I was 19. I have been going to countless doctors to ask for advice, but many have not helped. The one that I had gone a year ago was a represenatative of Hair Club who actually told me “whatever you choose to do, make sure you stay Proactive” which is one useful advice that I have been carrying out since. Aside from that one expereince, it seems like I have to be in a more wose off situation to go to any dermatologist/ hair restoration/ hair transpant physician rather than just asking them for advice of what to do to prevent further loss of hair. At the moment I have a full head of hair, but every day is a journey of feeling 1 more less day of my courage, my mainly hood, and my social being. I actually looked at one of the doctors you referered on your site (w/o mentioning a name), but I wasn’t too happy with my visit to him. Reason being was because his few words without even going through my hair was, “just take propecia”. I am guessing the reason why he didn’t even want to look through my hair is because I have an okay amount, but that’s just it, I want to keep what I have without losing more. Also I believe he was just a hair transplant surgeon and I am not sure if that’s why he didn’t want to continue the discussion. I didn’t really know what to say or do so I just walked out of the office, but now I am really hoping to seek some help through this step even if I have to go through the use of Propecia. I kind of feel alone on this although I know God is with me every step of my way and I am just hoping someone could help me through this.Could you refer me to a doctor that is in New York that can work with me to guide me through this journey with a good patient and doctor relation that makes me feel comfortable? I would have gone to Dr. Alan Bauman because of how he seems to act when he talks to his patient, but his office is in Florida. Since where on this topic of thinning hair, what shampoo would you recommend out in the market to buy that is specific for thinning hair at the moment? As you know there are so many shampoos and conditioners and many are out there to make just make business. I recently heard your not a fan of Nioxin and I wanted to know why not? If you could answer these questions, I would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Destin

    Hey Jub, I understand totally what your going through, I noticed thinning of my hair when I’m 19, and thanks to this show I became very proactive (maybe even obsessive) with finding the right solution. I wanted to know why you haven’t decided to take Propecia yet? I have been on it for almost two years now and it stopped the progression of my hairloss. I understand the feeling of everyday waking up and feeling like your losing a bit of yourself one day at a time. My advice to you, is get on Propecia immediatelly, if your worried about side effects put your mind at ease. Less than 2% of the people who take Propecia (1mg Finasteride) have any side effects. I am actually taking 7.5mg a day of Finasteride and the only side effect I have is a HIGHER sex drive. Also, have hope.. you hear advances in gene therapy and new technology that comes out and other solutions. Hope this helps


  • Thank you Destin for your words of wisdom. I am actually going to see a hair specialist (Dr. bernstein) this week to see if Propecia is really right for me! In the past, I was always scared to take an oral pill thats why I went around the bush .However, now I am at the spot where I started with. As of now, I am just holding onto faith that this is the medicine for me and if it is, there won’t be something on the news “one day” saying, “FDA has removed Propecia b/c..” I am hearing great things of it, just hope I can share that story with others as well. I just had a few questions if you don’t mind answering them.

    -Are you planning to get off of it anytime soon? Or do you see your self taking it for the rest of your life to maintain what you have? Since you been on propecia, did you also see growth of hair in the cortex, vertex, n’ front? The “higher sex drive”, isn’t that the opposite of the what the side effect is supposed to be?

  • Destin

    1) No I plan on taking it for life or until I need a better treatment. I don’t think that Finasteride will stop my hairloss forever, as soon as my genes start winning the battle against Finasteride. If/When that occurs, I will then start taking Dutaseride (hopefully it will be generic by then). I understand the idea of doing something for life.. but its not bad seriously, I’m 21 years old now with really good looking hair and its better to start sooner than later… I promise. The worst thing that could possible happen if you take Finasteride now is that you would be the one in the 2% that has sexual side effects, but they will subside if you quit taking it, so what do you really have to lose?
    2) I have seen the benefit of propecia in the front (which is why I originally started taking it) and my vertex was fine before taking the drug, the main focus for me is not to grow hair persay, but to stop the progression of my hairloss, I’m happy at what I have now, lets just keep it that way.
    3)Yes that is the opposite of what could happen, but I have a theory why I have a higher sex drive. The reason I believe is because of the Testosterone that would have been converted to DHT, remains regular Testosterone so that my Testosterone levels are higher than before the Finasteride.

    Also Finasteride is a safe drug in my opinion, its been around for more than 15 years and has not had long term side effects. Again, I think that you would be wise taking it and constantly keeping up to date with the advances in hairloss technology.

  • Hey Destin,
    Again thank you for your words of wisdom. In this battle of hairloss, to maintain cleaning your hair, do you happen to know a shampoo that you could recommend that would help me and others to clear the follicles out while taking Propecia? Right now I am currently using “Nioxin” and it has not been as useful (“useful” meaning, i guess i was hoping to slow the progession of hair loss since i know that all the sebum and particles in the air can fill within the hair follicles. I want to use a shampoo that can remove all that, but not my hair with it) as I wanted althought it does give me a fresh feeling to my scalp when I get out of the shower, but that’s just it!…Do you think I should still continue using this shampoo if/when i get on “Propecia” or is there something else that’s out there? When I use “nioxin”, i still lose about 10 -12 hairs, but now i tend to shower my hair every 3-4 days instead of every 2 days. What’s your opinion on hair that gets oily and what would be your regimen to follow in washing your hair?

  • Also i wrote this earlier on, but noone answered. If propecia is treated to be given as an oral durg to treat hair loss, why hasn’t there been a propecia topical treatment?

  • According to all available research, topical finasteride formulations have had very limited success for the treatment of hair loss. There have been some physicians who have attempted to sell their own concoctions of topical finsareide (Propecia) but I’ve haven’t heard great things about these products. Stick to what works!

  • Destin

    Well here’s the thing, most doctors say that shampoo can do nothing to affect your hair because it cannot penetrate the scalp. However, it confuses me because minoxidil works by being applied topically, so I think there is some validity to being able to add topical products. I personally use Nizoral 1% and 2%. The active ingredient is Ketoconazole, which is a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor (inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT). On Mondays and Fridays I use the over the counter Nizoral 1%. On Wednesdays and Saturdays I use the 2%, however you need a prescription for this one. As soon as I get in the shower I apply the shampoo and leave it in there for at least 5 minutes until I feel like my scalp absorbed it. Although I am sure its not the most effective treatment for hairloss, I do believe it helps and is something that should be added to your regimen. Lastly, I also use the laser comb and believe that has some effect too, I do the lasercomb every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on my “problem areas” and so far I have seen really good results and happy with what I am doing. I believe that all these treatments combined causes a synergistic effect.

    Hope this helps,

  • My friend just recently showed me an article on a research that UPENN is doing…tell me what you think..


  • Destin

    I think that we are getting closer and closer. They’re have reaatlly been an amazing advances in the science and findings of hairloss. However, good things take time, as this article that you posted was in May 2007. It will almost be the 2 year mark in a couple of months and were there any updates? I do think the big day is going to come, but how soon? 5, 10, or even 20 or more years? It is very hopeful in the future that we can end MPB, however you SHOULD take initiative as soon as possible and get on a PROVEN and effective treatment as soon as possible. My hope is that I can stop/slow down my MPB using Finasteride for as long as possible in hopes they will find a cure or a new therapy for me to add.

    I hope that your visit with Dr. Bernstein goes well and that you get on Propecia as soon as possible.


  • how much does hair restoration cost

  • 1) Hi Specner, I know you have spoken about taking Proscar for the past # of years, did your doctor prescribe taking 1/4 of the Proscar pill to take every day or do you have to take the whole entire pill?
    2)Has anyone heard of a connection between taking Propecia/Proscar (Finestride) and having a varicocele? If a patient is diagnosed with varicocele, can he still take Propecia/Proscar for the hairloss even when both have a problem with causing infertility?



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