Spencer Kobren – Helping Hair Loss Sufferers

This Week on Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth, Joe from Staten Island calls is with some very disturbing news about his health, but still seems to be more concerned about his hair loss. Spencer continues his crusade to help navigate vulnerable hair loss sufferers in a safe direction and fields calls from listeners around the world.
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  • Paul Buxton

    Spencer, I am writing from Australia. I have been a listener for a few years now and always receive the links via email, originally to the voice only and of recnt times the full vision broadcast. There has never been any problems but for the last ew links you have sent I can’t get on to watch the show. The latest was the Dr. Bauman and radio dj link. I went onto the website of the GFQ Network and the same happened there too. I couldn’t even get onto the Friday Free For All show.
    Strangely, I received a seemingly regular latest show email link on 12th July but it was just the replay of the April show when Joe went AWOL and everyone was worried. The reglar weekly show ones since that email haven’t worked. But the new blast from the past ones celebrating the 14 yrs on air are working ok. Anyway, can you check it out?
    Thanks for the great show


  • Spencer Kobren

    Hey Paul,
    I’ll check it out to see what’s going on. Can you view the shows if you come directly to the site?



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