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  • The travelling technician portion of this interview was very interesting.

    There is a reason every state requires a license to practice medicine and surgery. If you get caught doing so without a valid license, you get to defend yourself to your last penny for several years before getting thrown in jail. A miserable prospect I am sure.

    To date, the number of technicians playing the role of unlicensed “travelling professional” have been very small and as such have not gained any notice by state licensing boards or district attorny offices. Should any organization actually be wreckless enough to actually promote a service that is not performed by a licensed physician, it won’t be long until a district attorny brings criminal charges.

    In my state of New York, a technician may NOT cut skin. That is considered to be surgery, and it doesn’t matter if the actual doctor is in the other room, the same room, or joined at the hip.

    As for the Neograft machine, it has significant limitations that I’ve already discussed in great detail, not to metion a huge price tag. It would be cheaper and easier just to perform proper FUE and or strip.

    I am a practicing physician of FUE and strip surgery and have invented several HT instruments including those for FUE. I have sold all my FUE companies and have no current commercial interest in FUE manufacture. The opinions I express are as a knowledgabel and experienced HT doctor and patient.

    Dr. Alan Feller



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