Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Loss Turn Around

From TMZ to, the speculation continues concerning Matthew McConaughey’s astonishing hair loss turn around. How can a guy who had such significant hair loss bounce back with what appears to be a completely full head of hair?

Publicly McConaughey claims to have used a “patented” all natural hair loss treatment program, but experts in the field speculate that is unlikely.

Last night Spencer Kobren and the guys from BTT  discussed what some believe to be the 8th wonder of the world…Matthew McConaughey’s hair.


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  • Hi Spencer, I am female, my gyno wants to put me on Testerone because my levels are low. I have female pattern hair and overall very thin hair. I was concerned about the dht it would produce so she put me on saw palmento. I’m very concerned if this will work. Do you know of a natural DHT blocker supplement that works? Also…have any of the women had any success with revivigen or any of the natural products? Thank you so much, Jan

  • pushups in public

    I have always suspected this guy of using steroids and/ or growth hormone, esp during the time he was hanging out with Lance Armstrong and other ppl I suspected of chemically enhancing their physiques. I think this is why he started losing his hair. And definitely that is a hair transplant, because he is such a phony.

    I do not think this guy is attractive at all (as a female.)

    The guy did pushups in public, and he also walked around with no shirt on. He is not sexy at all.

  • Night100

    The guy is totally sexy, but does anyone know what his secret is for his hair? It doesn’t look like a transplant. You can tell when its a transplant. That’s not it. Or did he simply use nothing? Not out of the question that he had a bad hair day in that arresting shot.

  • HairyOne

    Transplants are hard to detect if done right, I’ve seen thousands being in the industry. I just saw a photo of him from last year with a shaved head.
    Would he walk around with a shaved head if he had a hair restoration? Maybe his hat covered the scar (he was wearing a baseball hat), maybe he used make-up? Most FDA/organic ‘remedies’ at-best maintain the appearance not greatly enhance it esp in the corners where getting a positive response is much more unpredictable.
    If anyone has his number I’ll call and ask him these questions. 🙂



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