Hair Loss Video Q&A | Have Your Questions Answered by American Hair Loss Association Experts! the official online message forum of American Hair Loss Association, The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons and The Bald Truth Radio Show, is proud to announce the launch of the first and only Video Q&A consumer/patient forum dedicated to the education and empowerment of hair loss sufferers around the world.

Never before have hair loss sufferers been afforded the opportunity to utilize an online message forum and know with certainly that the responses to their questions are being furnished by truly qualified physicians and industry experts.

Learn more about The Hidden Dangers of Online Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Message Forums

Please note that we can not provide a video response to every question we receive, but we will do our best to answer as many as possible.

Here’s a brief introductory video by our founder Spencer Kobren to better explain the process as well as a link to the Video Q&A Forum including instructions on the different ways users can submit their questions.

We hope you take full advantage of this opportunity to interact with many of the most respected members in the field.


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"Spencer Kobren's nationally syndicated show "The Bald Truth" has a dedicated listenership that would have Rush Limbaugh pulling his hair out in envy." --Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


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