Beyond Facebook: The Future of Social Networking For The Hair Transplant Community Is Here

Whether you are a fan of online social networks or not, the truth is they’re enormously popular for one simple reason, they make it easier for people to connect and share information. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the likelihood of you being a member of at least one online social network is pretty high.

We first became involved in hair loss social networking when our sister site, The Women’s Hair Loss Project (WHLP) launched it’s all female hair loss network in January 2008. Today, The Women’s Hair Loss Project site and Social Network is the most recognized site in the world for women suffering with hair loss, and ranks #1 in Google and Yahoo. WHLP has been featured in several publications and by media outlets including the New York Times, The The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and Dermatologists from around the world are now recommending The Women’s Hair Loss Project to their female patients as a place to find support, compassion and understanding from those who can relate to their suffering most, other women dealing with hair loss.

As the first and most successful online social network in the hair loss industry, The Women’s Hair Loss Project Network pioneered the concept of niche social networking in our field. While others have attempted to duplicate the Network, even utilizing the exact same software, The Women’s Hair Loss Project has been the only hair loss focused social network to experience such mainstream success.  We are proud that our sister site has made such a groundbreaking splash and have been inspired by this success to create an online social Network for a niche community as well. We are proud to announce the launch of! is the first and only social network dedicated entirely to surgical hair restoration. This community is a safe and empowering place for hair transplant veterans, physicians and those considering hair restoration surgery to share their experiences, their struggles, their strength and their hope with others who understand. Share your hair transplant journey through video, blogs, and photos. is your personal hair restoration network! I look forward to seeing you there.

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Spencer Kobren


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