ACell, Stem Cells and PRP- Are We Really Getting Closer To a Cure For Hair Loss?

According To Gary Hitzig, M.D., if Acell’s Matristem for hair restoration works as predicted, many men and women suffering with common androgenic alopecia will no longer be forced live their lives feeling uncomfortable in their own skin.

His prediction: in one to two years it will all be over. However, many experts in the field have far less exuberance when it comes to these “miracle breakthrough” treatments.

Listen to Dr. Hitzig as he discusses his findings on last weeks broadcast of The Bald Truth:

Read What The Experts Have To Say and Join The Discussion:

ACell, a Current Review of Applications in Hair Transplant Surgery


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  • mustafa cetiner

    Hi Dr.

    i want to ask about acell+prp treatment. Could you give me informations about the cost and procedure. Thanks a lot



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