David Michaels Defends The Efficacy of The Laser Comb

Hairmax Laser Comb inventor talks With Spencer Kobren about several controversial topics surrounding the Laser Comb device, including the FDA clearance.
Part One

Part Two


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  • hello all

    i have been using hairmax for about 3 weeks now, but i dont think i ll be able to use it anymore coz everytime i use it my eyes n head hurtss badlyy.
    at first i thought it was becoz of some other reason but it hurts only after 5 minutess, i use it. n it happened everytime.
    i cant noway stand it for 15 minutesss. i thought it was safe… or maybe its only me. i am not worried about money but i hate it when all these big companies make fool out of people like us. i am just tired of trying all these productsss. everything is a scam. feel like nobodys gonna come out with any productss neither intercytexx , adreans nor follica… none,, if they do, it ll be another scammm. n people like usss hopee for a changeee….



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