Hair Loss Laser Debate

Listen to the low level laser light debate between Dr. Alan Feller and Dr. Alan Bauman

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  • I respect both opinions on this topic. I think Dr. Bauman is great as well as Dr. Feller. I’m not sure if works or does not work. If it does work, the results were not “GREAT” for me. However, it may have some effeect, I’m not sure.

  • The Bald Truth

    You’re right Joe. Both of these guys have some very strong opinions on the subject of low level laser light therapy as it pertains to the treatment of hair loss. I’m still not convinced, but you you gotta love a good debate!

    Spencer Kobren

  • Joe S.

    Yes, but I think there is some merit to LLLT, it’s just hard to prove. LLLT DOES have some effect on cells for other uses, but it’s not going to regrow much hair. It’s oversold, but I think it COULD help keep follicles healthy. I have seen REAL results with LLLT mainly in women, not men. I wouldn’t tell a young man who doesn’t have much money to go buy one, but if you have an extra $500.00 and you want to give it a try….then look for minimal results. I plan on using one again……..mainly for placebo effect….I guess. lol

  • Destin C

    I believe LLLT has some effect on helping maintain hair. Since I use my lasercomb like 2 hours 3 times a week, I feel that it has helped maintain and caused little hairs to grow in the spots I focus on. I don’t think it should be the absolute only approach to dealing with MPB, but theres nothing wrong with adding it if you want to maintain your hair, not necessarilly grow a lot. Whats funny to think about is the only reason I started using the lasercomb was because of Dave S’ videos on youtube… which also brought me to the Bald Truth…hmmmm

  • Spencer Kobren


    Where you been buddy? Check out the feature story on HairMaX. Make sure you have the real deal.


  • Why is nioxin not a prefered shampoo for treating a patient with hair loss? If so, what other shampoo would you recommend to clean the scalp and remove the DHT specifically for hair loss?

    If propecia is treated to be given as an oral durg to treat hair loss, why hasn’t there been a propecia topical treatment?



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