What Is Your Opinion of Kevis Hair Rejuvenation, Inc. ?

What is your opinion of Kevis Hair Rejuvenation, Inc. I have considered buying this product, is it just a snake oil?

Thank You,
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Dear Shayne,

At this point there is no conclusive evidence, that I am aware of, that shows Kevis to be an effective treatment for the prevention and treatment of hair loss. It’s important that hair loss consumers understand that there are only two FDA approved medications to treat hair loss, and that hair loss is indeed a medical condition that needs to be addressed medically. This means that you should see a doctor when seeking effective treatment for this condition.

Simple rule of thumb: If the product is not FDA approved or recommended by the the American Hair Loss Association stay clear.

Hope this helps.

Spencer Kobren
Host of The Bald Truth Radio Show
Founder, American Hair Loss Association
Founder and Director of Consumer/Patient Affairs, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS.ORG)


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  • White Karate

    Gentle Men,
    Please stop looking for hair loss cures from companies that claim they grow hair not approve by the FDA. There is no secret cure that you will find on the Internet. The only thing you should use is Propecia, Rogaine(if you must) and Nizoral since it was used in the trails for Propecia. That is it. Really!! That is it. Nothing at this point will “grow hair”. Ok. Carry on.

  • Bob Roizman

    Why are snake oil sales people allowed to sell bogus products that are proven to be scams on public TV stations and radio and magazines and billboards without being stopped by the law. When will the public be protected from all these ripoffs? Is the almighty buck more important then the rule of law? We seem to believe that money is far more important then being scamed each and every day.

  • the FDA is controlled by big pharma and other corporations, they dont care about you or your hair loss. all they care about is that you use their products.

    i’m not saying Kevis works, just saying the FDA is a total crock

  • I’ve been using kevis off and on for over 8 years. I stop every once in a while and eventually I start to notice my hair thinning again. My wife sees a difference and so does my hair stylist. However, be warned…it doesn’t always work. I recommended to a co-worker for her brother and it didn’t work at all for him.



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