MatriStem® Micro Matrix – Hair Loss Breakthrough or Hair Loss Hype? Updated Commentary

On January 6, 2010 The Bald Truth reported on what appears to be an exciting scientific breakthrough in the fight against hair loss, and the response to our interview with IAHRS hair transplant surgeon and researcher, Dr. Jerry Cooley, has been overwhelming. We’ve received correspondence from around the world from desperate hair loss sufferers in search of real hope.

Unfortunately, the original press release that was distributed on January 6th, 2010 by New York hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Gary Hitzig, has left many individuals confused.

See: “Researchers Develop First Successful Hair Cloning Technique – Major Advancement in Hair Restoration”

Based on this press release many men, women and the parents of children in need believed that their prayers had finally been answered. This clearly isn’t the case, and Dr. Jerry Cooley provided clarification in his interview with The Bald Truth.

Based on direct correspondence from several experts in the field, and on our own assessment of this technology, it is clear that the original press release could be construed as misleading.

Dr. Jerry Cooley has been kind enough to send a statement to The Bald Truth in order to clear up any confusion. It is important to note that Dr. Gary Hitzig’s surgical hair restoration techniques have not been assessed by our organization in many years, and he is currently not recommended by the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons or The American Hair Loss Association. If you believe you meet the criteria to be a candidate for this experimental corrective procedure, we suggest that you contact Dr. Cooley directly for an assessment.

Spencer Kobren comments and reads Dr. Cooley’s statement:

* The Actual Date of the original Post and Interview was January 6, 2010, not January 10, 2010 as mistakenly stated.


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