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  • Currently Using Propecia, Minoxidil, Saw Palmetto, Nisim Etc. – Should I Stick With This Program?

    I have recently read your book “The Bald Truth” and a lot of the information contained is what I had already have been doing over the year, but it was good to have it reinforced (Great book by the way). I am a 32 year old male currently using Propecia, with minoxidil (periodically) and an assortment of supplements including saw palmetto, B vitamin complex , silica, zinc, EFA’s etc.. along with treatment shampoos such as Nisim and a 2% ketoconazole prescription one. I have been on this regime for about a year and a half and have been really strict with the Propecia, and on and off with the rest.

    I have noticed that although I have hair on top, it is really thin compared to the rest. When it’s wet it looks like plugs of hair which I never had a few years ago. It is also in the classic balding pattern on the entire top section of my head. I was just having doubts with what I am doing as it dosent seem that the medication is doing anything and I don’t feel I have regrown any hair to noticeable degree.

    I just wanted to ask if you recommend I should stick with this program, and if there was anything else I could do to aid my battle as I thought it would have had some effect by now. I was considering trying to switch to Avodart, as it seems to be more potent, but then it is still pending approval from the FDA which makes me cautious.

    Any information you would have would be greatly appreciated as I find looking on the Net, a bit of a mindfield of contradicting arguments. It really gets me down some days that I feel I have no control over this.

    Thank you in advance,


    Dear Paul,

    You are correct concerning researching hair loss treatments on the internet, it is a minefield. The vast majority of hair loss information that’s provided on the web is complete crap. In my opinion and in the opinion of most experts, the products and services being promoted, even on websites appearing to be legitimate, are questionable at best.

    Before I continue, I would like to make clear that I am NOT a physician and this information is my opinion based on over a decade of experience being a consumer advocate for men and women suffering with hair loss.

    A simple rule of thumb when researching hair loss on the web would be to look for the American Hair Loss Association seal before taking the time to read the information provided on the site. The AHLA does not accept any financial support from companies in the hair loss industry, and only provides its certification seal to websites that provide legitimate information about hair loss and its treatment. Be VERY aware that hair loss websites, for the most part, are businesses and some have even lifted the AHLA seal in hopes of misleading vulnerable hair loss sufferers into believing that they are selling a legitimate product. Even if you see the American Hair Loss Association seal, always check with the AHLA before buying any product or service to treat your hair loss.

    As far as your treatment is concerned, the question is, have you lost any ground since you began treatment? If the answer is no, than you’re in good shape.

    After years of research and anecdotal information provided by my readers and listeners, I have come to the conclusion that the use of saw palmetto for the treatment of hair loss is a waste of time. In fact, we have found out over the years that by coupling Propecia and saw palmetto, some men experience an increase incidence of adverse sexual side effects. That’s not to say that will happen to you, but it has been reported.

    I’d like to reiterate that I am not a physician, but again if your hair loss has not progressed since starting Propecia then you are in a very good position, and one of the lucky 86% who respond well to the drug.

    We all want more hair and many hair loss sufferers have what I call “hairorexia.” If your hair is still looking pretty good I wouldn’t push the envelope in the hopes of thickening your hair up to where you were before you began the balding process. I think Propeica is truly a miracle drug for many, the problem is that we get greedy and forget how wonderful it is just to keep what we have.

    I’m not a fan of the kitchen sink approach, but if you are currently using Rogaine, I would not stop using it since this could throw you into a pretty bad shed. My advise would be to stick to the program unless you are really getting worse. If you find you are losing ground, you can always talk to your doctor about increasing your dosage of finasteride.

    Hope this helps!

    Spencer Kobren
    Host of The Bald Truth Radio Show
    Founder, American Hair Loss Association
    Founder and Director of Consumer/Patient Affairs, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS.ORG)

  • I Won’t Give Up The Fight: Jarrod’s Hair Loss Story

    Dear Spencer Kobren,

    I thought I’d share my hair loss story with you. You might remember me from You-Tube. I asked you a question once and showed you some pics of my hair. I’ve called into the show one time before too. Thanks again for making such a great show. I watch it all the time on Stickam.

    I heard about your MTV Hair Loss Documentary special and I would love to be apart of it. Here’s my information. If you need any more info, just let me know.

    My Hair Loss Story

    I’ve been losing my hair for the past year or two. I was diagnosed with Male Pattern Baldness in 2007. My dad and his brother were both bald, their father was bald too. So I guess I got those bald genes too. I started to lose my hair at 19. It didn’t get worse until I turned 20 though. I’m currently 21 now. I first tried Rogaine & Rogaine Foam, but that irritated my scalp and caused my psoriasis to flare up again. So I quit that. My dermatologist then put me on Propecia 1 mg. I tried Propecia for a year, I never missed one dosage. When ever I took a shower or combed my hair it would just fall out like crazy. I’ve heard Propecia can cause you to shed when you first start on it. I took it over a year and still lost my hair. My hair loss is all in my crown area and near my hair line. From what I’ve read online the type of hair loss I have is called diffuse male pattern baldness.  I still have hair, but it is very thin. It’s getting to the point were it’s hard to cover it up now. I try my best to make it look like I don’t have any bald spots. When the wind blows I’m pretty much screwed! My friend’s keep telling me to shave my head, saying it will grow back thicker. I think they are idiots, if I shave my head I’d look like an alien.

    So of course I freaked out and tried all kinds of things to get my hair back. So far I haven’t had any luck with any of them. I worry about my hair loss constantly. I feel like everyone is just looking at it. I know it could be a whole lot worse. To me though it’s just horrible and like a horror movie! I feel like my youth has been drained away.

    I won’t give up the fight just yet. I’m currently taking Proscar 5 mg and cutting it in half. I still lose hair, but still have some left to work with. Hopefully one day I’ll get some luck and get my hair back. If not then I guess I better get use to wearing hats. I could save up for a hair transplant, but those look way to risky. I wouldn’t want someone sticking thousands of holes in my head.




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