• Propecia Gets OK From The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)

    Zach Lund Received a One Year Ban in 2006

    Zach Lund Received a One Year Ban in 2006

    Pro athletes can rejoice in knowing that they no longer have to choose between their careers and maintaining their potential multimillion dollar image.

    News that Propecia will be taken off the World Anti-Doping Agency’s “banned” list has been received with cheers from the world’s follically-challenged athletes, but is it too little too late for those who have already suffered career shattering blows from the anti-doping agency?

    Some athletes say that it is.

    New Zealand tennis pro Mark Nelson’s career has all but grinded to a halt after being banned for two years just because he wanted to save his hair. His world ranking has dropped dramatically, making it very difficult to recoup from his forced hiatus from the sport.

    Other professional athletes who have tested positive for Propecia in recent years include NHL goalie Jose Theodore, Brazilian soccer legend Romário, Italian golfer Alessandro Pissilli, Zach Lund the U.S. skeleton racer, and German wheelchair basketball player Ahmet Coskun  who was banned  from the Paralympics after testing positive for the drug. Read more ›



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