• Accidently Reversing Baldness in Mice Might Lead To Cure for Humans

    Veterinary digestive disease researcher Dr. Million Mulugeta had no idea that his research on mice might one day effect countless millions of human beings and the world as we know it.

    Dr. Mulugeta and his team were were studying digestive function in mice that coincidently suffered with alopecia (hair loss) due to an increase in corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF), a compound that seems to play a role in how the body responds to stress. When the team injected an antagonist, a compound that blocks CRF, once daily for five days, the mice regrew all of their hair. It was a surprising response that lasted for four months.

    Although some types of hair loss have long been linked to stress, Dr. Mulugeta had no idea that inhibiting key receptors in a stress response pathway would have such a dramatic effect on stimulating once dormant hair follicles.

    “This was totally unexpected,” said Mulugeta, co-director of the UCLA/CURE Digestive Diseases Research Center. “We do not work on hair; we did not set out to study hair growth.”

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