• Spencer Kobren Speaks With Dr. James Harris About The Development of The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System

    IAHRS accepted hair transplant surgeon, Dr. James Harris is known worldwide for his role in the development of innovative technology that has helped to advance FUE surgical hair restoration to where it is today. Dr. Harris’ S.A.F.E. System is described as a three step process that utilizes both sharp and blunt instrumentation in order to rapidly and safely extract intact follicular units during the FUE process.

    During the development of the ARTAS system, Restoration Robotics turned to Dr. Harris and his breakthrough FUE technology to further improve their already cutting edge follicular unit extracting system. According to those who have used the ARTAS system in practice, the result of merging these technologies is an incredibly efficient robotic tool, that so far has proven to significantly lower graft transection rates while improving the overall consistency of FUE hair transplant surgery.

    >>Listen to Spencer Kobren’s Interview With Dr. James Harris

  • Robotic Assisted Hair Transplants – Will Restoration Robotics’ ARTAS System Revolutionize Surgical Hair Restoration?

    Inventing devices to automate surgical hair restoration is nothing new. Both hair transplant physicians and patients alike recognize the tremendous potential in developing machinery that can make the hair transplant process more efficient, and more patient friendly.

    In a perfect world, the ability to automate hair transplantation would not only create more consistent and possibly superior surgical outcomes for patients, but it would also lower the cost to a more universally
    palatable price point.

    Not too long after Spencer Kobren introduced the work of Australian hair transplant pioneer, Dr. Ray Woods, to the North American hair transplant community, the race was on to evolve and to improve upon a surgical technique which would prove to revolutionize the field of hair restoration surgery, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

    For many in the field, changing the infrastructure of their practices and taking the time to learn this labor intensive technique, was not practical. However, as FUE evolved, more physicians were willing to slowly incorporate the technique, offering patients broader options in their quest to restore their hair. Read more ›



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