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  • To Transplant or Not to Transplant, This is the Danger | EP #2231

    David from NY calls to talk about his first hair transplant when he was a NW2 and 22 years of age. Three years later he’s happy but had a consultation for a second procedure “just to add density”. David admits he doesn’t look like he needs another hair transplant but wonders if he’ll mess up his result by having a second surgery. Joe and Spencer explain the reality of his position.

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  • A Great Mom Helping Her Balding Son | Ep#2229

    Marie from Washington State calls in seeking guidance for her 17 year old son that is losing his hair. Marie talks about how it started and learned that regular dermatologists and pediatricians haven’t the experience to understand how to address the issue. Spencer and Joe run Marie through a gauntlet of questions and guide her in the right direction.

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  • Finasteride Side Effects? What To Do Now??? | EP #2295

    22 year old caller from London has minor recession and after 8 months of research decided to try finasteride. He continues by telling about his first few weeks of use without any side effects. However, into the second month he feels he did have some sexual side effects compounded with early signs of gynocomastia. His side effects disappeared after he stopped using finasteride. He finally asks if there is any point in committing to minoxidil given his finasteride experience.

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