• Hair Transplant Marketing – “Selling the Sizzle”

    In the world of surgical hair restoration selling the sizzle without necessarily delivering the steak has been the cornerstone of success for many well established practices. While the field as a whole is evolving, and this includes the large chain clinics, we still receive countless complaints from extremely unhappy hair transplant patients who believe that they have been mislead by unethical salesman, and unskilled and untrained hair transplant surgeons.

    Listen to one caller’s experience in dealing with “the art of the sale” and how his choices would have been different if he was armed with the information he needed to make an educated decision.

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  • Advice From A Hair Transplant Veteran – The Importance of Good Communication and Aftercare

    Hair transplant veteran Marcus calls the program to discuss his hair transplant experience, and to advise prospective patients on what to look for and what to avoid when considering hair transplant surgery. Marcus tells a compelling story of poor aftercare, and the importance of the doctor patient relationship.

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  • Sex, Lies and Hair Transplants – Former Bosley Employee Sues For Sexual Harassment

    Otis Duffy a former hair transplant salesman working in Bosley Medical’s Manhattan and New Jersey offices, filed a $3 million lawsuit on Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court citing sexual harassment.

    Duffy states that after he complained about unwanted advances from female colleagues, he was ordered to take a sex harassment course and then fired.

    “If I wanted a girl rubbing her breasts in my face, I would go to a strip club,” Duffy said.

    A part time actor who played one season of pro basketball in Ireland, Duffy said he’s been out of work since being unfairly fired.

    Duffy also stated that he complained to his bosses at Bosley about his female co-worker’s inappropriate and downright raunchy behavior, which allegedly included fondling his backside, grinding against him and propositioning him for sex.

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