• Cosmetic Surgery For Men – We’re Not Just Talking Hair Transplants

    Currently, there are more men than ever before undergoing elective cosmetic surgery, but whether it’s hair transplantation or a nose job, many still struggle with the idea of being judged by their family and peers for taking such “drastic” steps to improve something about their appearance that is negatively impacting their lives. Spencer Kobren and Joe Tillman discuss the hypocrisy of plastic surgery shaming and speak with caller, Tim from Boston, about his concerns of how he’ll be perceived if he chooses to go under the knife.

    ‘s The Bald Truth is internationally syndicated through the GFQ Network

  • Hair Loss Hurts, And There’s No Shame in Admitting It

    We’re constantly being told not to “judge a book by its cover,” however, the truth is, we live in a society that places tremendous value, both interpersonally and professionally, on a person’s appearance. Spencer Kobren discusses the social hypocrisy that balding men face every day when those not suffering with hair loss insist that going bald is a non-issue and anyone who is concerned about it is just being vain.
    This is a powerful show you won’t want to miss!

    ‘s The Bald Truth is internationally syndicated through the GFQ Network



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