• My Hair Transplant Surgeon Is A Drunk…I Saw It On FaceBook

    Spencer Kobren discusses an email he received from a prospective hair transplant patient who chose to cancel his scheduled surgery after coming across his surgeon’s Facebook page. It would seem that any conscientious professional would realize the potential pitfalls of exposing one’s personal life on social media, and while doctors, like everyone else, are entitled to have fun, is it really prudent to share those personal moments with the world?

    Spencer posed the question, “Would you have surgery with a physician who posts inappropriate images of his social life on FaceBook?”…Listen to what TBT callers had to say.

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  • Hair, My Job Depends On It!

    Losing your hair can be devastating for anyone, but when you make your living based on your looks, a receding hairline can sideline even the best looking guys. Listen to UK model Colin tell his hair loss story and discuss why he decided to undergo hair transplant surgery to help keep him in the game. The guys also discuss the importance of seeking out the best resources when doing your research and the difficulties met by hair loss sufferers looking for legitimate information on surgical hair restoration.

    ‘s The Bald Truth is internationally syndicated through the GFQ Network



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